NVIDIA Clears Up Tegra Confusion – No Devices Left Behind [PR Blunders]


A couple of days ago we were tipped off to a forum posting by an NVIDIA rep claiming that their Tegra 2 product would not be supporting Honeycomb for their Harmony and older platforms. We’re glad to say that may not be true as they have updated developers and the world over on the matter. In an update to the original post, they say they’ll support all versions of Android for all versions of Tegra 2 products until the OEMs decide they don’t want any more support.

He gave the Motorola XOOM and the Acer Iconia tablets as Honeycomb-specific examples, then went on to say the same exact thing holds true for the Viewsonic G-Tablet, the Notion Ink Adam, and other Tegra 2 tablets on the older Harmony platform. It seems the rep’s original response was more tailored to the third-party software side of things. (Which is sensible considering it’s a developers’ portal.)

And as far as “ROM’ing” goes, NVIDIA states they want to do everything they can to help custom ROM developers who own these devices, but will not be able to publish any drivers or source code until Google themselves choose to do so. Well I’m glad that’s all cleared up. Let’s proceed to go back to our happy places and put those burning pitchforks down. [via BriefMobile]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’m keeping my pitchfork handy. Nvidia has been decent lately, but you can’t trust any of these jokers.

    1. Yeah, nVidia has a sketchy past. I don’t trust em, but they’re the best we’ve got for now.

      1. That’s true, they are bringing quality games to Android.

  2. According to notion website they said went Ventana instead cause they saw this coming

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