Samsung Galaxy S 2 Sets The World Ablaze With New Benchmarks


It wasn’t too long ago when we saw the Samsung Galaxy S II benchmarked but a few things have changed since then. That change came in the form of Samsung’s Exynos processor gaining a slightly higher clock speed (1.2Ghz vs previous 1Ghz). This was most likely fueled by competitor HTC and their newly announced 1.2 Ghz dual-core Sensation.

Looks as if Samsung may be trying to rain on HTC’s parade by leaking these scores online. It appears as if the Galaxy S II has almost doubled the benchmarks of rival HTC Pyramid’s in Smartbench2011 (I hold my benchmarks to a higher standard: i.e., Angry Birds).

When it comes to popular benchmarking app Quadrant, the Galaxy S II scored a blistering fast 3,053. Some people have mentioned that is faster than a Motorola Xoom but you must keep in mind that the Xoom has almost double the amount of pixels to push which would result in a lower benchmark. That being said, take benchmarks with a grain of salt as they don’t always represent a true sense of real world speed for the end user.

Finally, I will leave you with this video showing off the new Touch Whiz UI of the Galaxy S II. What truly “wowed” me was the speed of the 3D Gallery. Can’t say I’ve ever seen the normally sluggish gallery app move that quickly.

When Android manufacturers aren’t fighting directly with the iPhone, its nice to see them fighting amongst themselves. Competition is always good for consumers and things are definitely heating up this summer!

[Via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. good god, exynos is the shit! i will be getting the verizon version of this immediately. hope to god it comes out this summer

    1. I’d be very careful with Samsung if I were you. They have never really supported their Android phones since the beginning and they made the second Android phone the Samsung Galaxy in 2009. They kept saying that it couldn’t even get Android 1.6. I love my phone the Nexus S but damn am I glad that they don’t control the software. Here is a old Phandroid link that talks about their first phone: https://phandroid.com/2010/02/16/samsung-galaxy-brought-down-to-earth-stuck-with-android-1-5/

  2. wow it is even faster than a Nexus One

  3. It’s still a Samsung. No thanks.

    Side note, can anyone else tell this is the new guy writing it without even looking at the byline? I know you’re excited but tone it down just a tad. Thanks.


    2. His adjectives are the only thing keeping me interested; keep it up Chris =]

          1. I was like, WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    3. Say what you want about Samsung but at least they are attempting to support open source Android developers unlike HTC

      1. What?

  4. God damn. I dont care what everyone says, Samsung knows how to make their phones. I got the Samsung Captivate, and hopefully will get this also. If not, 100% I’m getting the Galaxy S3.

  5. Clearly this phone is ready to be put into real world use if it can achieve quadrant scores like this; as far as the HTC EVO 3D (and the Sensation) I don’t think we’ve seen the actual power of the Qualcom chip. Don’t accuse me of making excuses, I’m just thinking out loud here.

    Also, holy god; that may be my next phone.

    1. Quadrant on the Sensation is ~1500

      1. I highly doubt that, if it was i would laugh so hard. My Nexus S scored 1900 stock and 2900 with CM7.

      2. Like I said the chipset probably hasn’t been completely optimized yet; the Glaxay S II will be rolling our in less than a month while the Sensation doesn’t even have a solid release date/

    2. Is everyone forgetting the resolution advantage samsung has??? QHD devices have to work a bit harder people, but the payoff is well worth it…

      1. Yea, but that turns into real performance when using the phone… so that’s something you have to keep in mind as a user.
        Also, I hear nothing but good things about the screen on the Galaxy S 2, so even with a lower resolution, I think it will be very competitive with qHD screens.

  6. I’m so torn, and the thing looks great, but after the broken GPS fiasco that was the Galaxy S 1, it’s hard to trust Samsung.

    But then again… it looks sooo good… hope it comes in an LTE flavor and with no Bing nonsense.

    1. Don’t do it, you know how annoying the gps issue was and so do I. And don’t forget samsung didn’t resolve the issue, so about samsung we hav learned that they don’t thoroughly test primary functions, and they don’t resolve issues once they have your $. Just don’t do it, there are options. Htc is a fantastic company

      1. yeah but HTC has lousy specs. Very small amount of internal storage means you’ll be begging everyone for app2sd support.

  7. Samsung. Where a black screen really is black.

  8. That screen and that processor are hot…but touchwiz :[

    1. use launcher pro and never see touchwiz again

  9. Sheep. It’s effin Samsung. That’s all you should have to say to ANYONE that’s owned a Behold II or any Galaxy S variant. I see a guy liked his captivate? Jesus, what did you have before that, a Razr?

    1. Galaxy S phones are still some of the best hardware on the market and with regular firmware leaks from Samsung we are all running 2.3 over here on XDA forums. So quit hating sammy, you sound jealous and petty.

      1. Nope, I had 4 samsung vibrant replacements (3 for me and my wife had 1 before we got different phones) the gps was broken on every single one. And don’t get me started on the software, I never even pulled that phone out of my pocket in public, too embarrassing. It’s also the only phone I’ve ever owned that I refused to let anyone else use because I would undoubtedly end up explaining why did it just randomly reboot? What is “force close”? Why is it frozen? Etc…yep, I haven’t forgotten how badly samsung played it’s galaxy s customers, never again will i be fooled by fancy specs so long as they are in a samsung

        1. Right, because my Droid never force closes. Or would randomly reboot. And it never lags.

          Must be completely endemic to Samsung phones, and Samsung phones only.

          1. Doesn’t happen on my incredible.

          2. Mytouch 4g rarely force closes or lags

          3. I just knew my Vibrant was the only one to encounter a Forceclose and the rare reboot.

      2. Who is this we?! surely you speak not of Fascinate owners?

    2. Galaxy S (GSM) was the phone of 2010. And yes, I know my androids.

  10. It took the home screen of my lg ally this whole to turn on, i cannot wait for this phone

    1. i meant the video by the way

      1. I still have no idea what you were trying to say

  11. Samsung is junk never again

    1. I have to say I agree samsung is horrible and i don’t care if they come out with a phone/tablet light years ahead of competition I will never buy one.

      1. Yikes! So if they come out with a Octo-core phone with 20GB of RAM and double 3D cameras you wouldn’t want to get one? =O

        1. I will answer for him. Of course not because I hate good technology lol
          i owned the behold 2 shad it was a bad experience but if samsung keeps doing goods I will move from htc to samsung.love (s)amoled(+) screens :)

  12. What I like about Apple and don’t like about Droid phones. With Apple, they annouce a product and it is out within a week, or two. With Droid, it is slow drip, loads of announcements, delays and then a product (that is probably not complete).

    Nonetheless, Samsung Galaxy S2 looks nice, whenever it get here …

    1. How is announcing a product a week before its release a good thing? How would you like to buy an iPhone 4 with no idea when the iPhone 5 is coming out and then have them announce it just when you can’t return your iPhone 4 anymore? I bet you’d be pissed.

      Besides, Android phones and Apple products aren’t much different. Generally, when an android phone is announced and given an official launch date, it’s not delayed. The delays come from rumors that turn out to be wrong. Up until a month ago, there were rumors that the iPhone 5 would launch on June 6th, but now it’s expected possibly in September. I guess by your definition, Apple delayed it.

    2. This is an Android Os based phone. Droid is a model name.

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqxKHGO9HhM

    720p flash. Flawless. This rapes the Evo 3D. THis phone with LTE on verizon is pure rape

    1. Pure. Unadulterated. Rape.

      1. I can smell the rape already

        1. Smells like….. chicken? o_O

        2. It smells like cat food and tastes like…burning.

    2. I saw this video yesterday and was blown away. Definitely leaning towards the Galaxy S II instead of the Evo 3D now. I’m just hoping the Sprint version doesn’t come with a keyboard.

      1. I will switch to Sprint from Tmo early if this beast comes without a keyboard.

    3. Lol what makes you so sure this is rape when we haven’t even seen a browser test on the EVO 3D?

  14. Nah… while this is impressive, I’m still waiting for the HTC Sensation 4g

  15. That is one fast phone! Now give us a release date for the US!


  16. I’ll wait for Anantech to get their hands on it and run the go benchmark demo then we will see. I don’t mind the Exynos chip being on this phone. As a matter of fact I implore Samsung to make all their Galaxy S2 with this chip as it is way better than the Tegra2.

  17. I don’t know if I can wait until (most likely) September when it comes out for Verizon. I may have to get it’s fat slow ugly stepchild, the Charge,

  18. For everyone that complains about Samsung galaxy phones…I stand by the signature I once saw on XDA
    “If you don’t like your android phone, you have no one to blame but yourself”
    I have Miui 1.4.8 aka 2.3.3 on my Captivate and I’d have to say I’ve never seen or had a phone this great. Granted the one thing I dislike is the lack of a ffc and the only 5 MP camera…but that’s so minor that it doesn’t even matter.

    It comes down to the fact that if you like the way it looks and the hardware specs, then the software shouldn’t be a problem…you can (almost) always change that.

    1. if you are so friggin happy, shut up then.

      1. If you are so friggin angry, complain some more.

    2. yes you can. . . and void your warranty while doing it.

      1. Unless you put it back to stock ROM. You can always unroot. No harm, no foul…

  19. Why exactly do these benchmarks not include the Atrix and the G2X or whatever LG’s official name for it is?

    1. Optimus 2X gets ~3000 on quadrant too :)

    2. I don’t understand why this list is almost never updated anymore

  20. Dammit I want one!

  21. My Vibrant with Bionix looks just as fast.

    1. That is a custom ROM right? Imagine if/when this can have a custom ROM. Better yet, would one even need to overclock this thing?

      At this point overclocking will be just for bragging right..

      1. Bionix is a custom rom. And seriously imagine the GS2 with a custom rom and OC. It will probably score 4000+ on quadrant. I don’t know if this needs to be said again but Rape is definitely the correct word to use.

  22. Real benchmark for Galaxy S2.

    G2X is much faster than this. Go watch those youtube hands on of G2X.

  23. I’d rather have an Evo3D

  24. My Xoom benchmarks at 3,000+ with Quadrant and more pixels thanks to bigrushdog’s custom kernel stable @ 1.5ghz.

    1. G2x/O2x can do 4000+ with MCR rom and 1.4ghz overclock.
      (3000+ with just MCR)

  25. I couldn’t help but LAUGH when I saw this video made by samsung. Why would they take POT SHOTS at HTC and the SENSATION knowing full well that the top device htc has is the Htc Evo 3d.. Ok now it’s time for everyone to come back off the LEDGE and return back to reality. Last I checked HTC is the company that made SAMSUNG return back to the DRAWING BOARD when they was showing this device off at CES/MWC back in January and February why have they not RELEASED this device YET in 4months since CES???? Now they come out with these PHONEY BENCHMARK TESTS comparing there device to other smartphones that were released some 2 or 3years ago. If they were so sure of there product then why have they not brought it to market not even in the UK have they released this supposed great device. HTC is KICKING THEIR BUTT IN THE UK AND IN THE STATES. Samsung came out with a device in January that had 1ghz dualcore processor 512 of ram, and that crappy verison of touch wiz from last year’s devices. Then CTIA arrived in March and up stepped to the plate came HTC and there Evo 3d and that product was so CUTTING EDGE AND SO COMPELLING that SAMSUNG decided to go back to the DRAWING BOARD. Now you have a device from Samsung that has 1.2 ghz dualcore processor, 1gb of ram, and low and behold new touch wiz 4.0 wonder who gave them that idea??? A true comparison is EVO 3D VS GALAXY S2 and I don’t blame them for being scared to COMPARE. Bottom line HTC has made SAMSUNG LOOK STUPID the Htc Evo 3d KILLS this device period why they choose to compare the htc sensation to the galaxy s2 is only being done to make them feel good about their INFERRIOR PRODUCT. Htc Sensation and Htc Evo 3d were basically announced at CTIA or after and will make it to market in the US and UK long before this Galaxy S2 which was announced at CES and shown again at MWC let’s not forget the Samsung unpacked events all videos that can be found on youtube. I ADMIRE HTC they make a product based on the needs of their customers and make cutting edge changes and enhancements that reflect the dedication they have to remain on top in comparison to other manufacturers. There’s no doubt htc remains number one and will always be at the front of the class while samsung plays CATCH UP year after year. Bring on that Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Htc Evo 3d please do the entire world is waiting don’t hold us all up samsung……

    1. Umm at MWC the Galaxy S2 had 1 gig of ram. Lol even at 1ghz the Exynos kills that crappy chip in the Evo 3D. Samsung only did it for marketing purpose. So now the Galaxy S2 double rapes the Evo 3D. Samsung>HTC

    2. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Galaxy S2 was never shown on CES, it was announced at MWC. Oh, and Galaxy S2>EVO 3D.

    3. Incase you haven’t heard of a htc fanboy, a real good example above.
      Whether its an apple, android fanboys are just idiots who don’t have a clue what they are talking about. :

    4. 1. their* not there
      2. The SGS2 will be released WITHIN 3 months of MWC.
      3. Everybody uses that same benchmark comparison chart when using Quadrant.
      4. The SGS2 has had 1GB RAM & TW4.0 from jump.
      5. I don’t know why your so stuck on thinking the 3D is better than the Sensation.
      6. The SGS2 comes out in the UK by late April/early May. Sensation is mid May.
      7. As of January 2011 “Nokia remained the leading mobile phone seller in the last three months of 2010, followed by Samsung, LG Electronics, ZTE and Apple.”

      Dude you are one obsessed and misguided individual and I hope your posts don’t reflect your real life cuz you honestly sound like a nut case. One Phan to another.

    5. Face it Richard, you fail in your own rant. There are so many inconsistencies in it that other people have pointed them out. It’s great that you have such a high opinion of HTC/Sprint. Really it is. But you really don’t need to come on here acting like both companies comprise God. They have fallacies just like any other business. Stop spamming everything not pertaining to Sprint with your useless “facts” and at least just stick to what you know… Oh, that’s right, you don’t even know Sprint. You’re the guy who said earlier in the week that Sprint has voice and data on the same network. WRONG. That’s AT&T dipshit.

  26. I dunno if they were cutting up that vid, but watching the battery go from orange to red right before my eyes caused a few tears to seep out… Also noticed there was still a bit of lag/jerkiness which I know my vibrant had a problem with… That is before sombionix/team whiskey brought us bionix… That being said, my vibrant now seems just as fast as that s2 in those apps, especially the gallery. Except with no lag!

  27. Man just waiting on a u.s release date! But fuck that touch wizard shit

    1. Who touched a wizard?

  28. HTC Sensation will be better

    1. The Sensation gets half that quadrant score, one of the reasons is the higher res screen tho, but still…

    2. HTC Sensation is … FAT :P
      Smaller battery …
      Inferior screen technology …
      I can go on and on …

      1. SAMOLED FTW!

      2. The screen in in the sensation is superior to the samsung, a super crisp LCD always wins over overblown colors (and great contrast ratio). The only (theoretical) advantage their OLED has is outdoor legibility. Batteries on both devices are mediocre compared to the atrix.

        1. super crisp LCD? lol I see you never had a AMOLED phone in your hands before.Even with the pentile matrix fail of first two amoleds it’s still a better looking screen. SAMOLED+ kills all the other screens with it’s colors and sharpness. LCDs are washed out crap.

  29. This is why I take benchmarks with a grain of salt. Everyone gets so worked ul over them when they show no real world significance what so ever. There’s lies, damned lies, and statistics. Won’t be very long before we see a benchmark from LG showing a O3D at whopping 4788356282973 megaflipzzzz. Wait until these phones come out before you try judging which is better. For example the gs1 can double the evo in quadrant all day but in head to head tests the evo is just as fast if not faster.

  30. Motorola Atrix 4G have Benchmark score 3,251 use AnTutu. This link to prove it => http://i55.tinypic.com/2lvd6jr.jpg

  31. Man, that 4.27″ SAMOLED+ screen and TW 4.0 is a thing of beauty. I don’t even think I would slap a ROM on it like I do the Vibrant.

    I WOULD jump all over the TMO Sensation but I could not go from SuperAMOLED down to an ashy LCD screen and Sense is too overbearing for me as opposed to Vanilla or TW 3.0. The Sensation is a winner but not my flavor.

  32. Where does the Motorola Atrix compare?

    1. It doesn’t, until moto get their head straight and get back to the world market, the phone’s deadweight… Also fuckin pentile

  33. G2X will beat all with dual core on stock 2.3:)

  34. The most powerful mobile of 2011.

    And probably into mid 2012. As this phone will be at least on par with Tegra 3 mobiles coming next year. Futureproof too in tech sense.

    Specs are awesome pure rapage, and that is without considering the Super AMOLED PLUS screen that it will be shipped with.

  35. Damn! That thing is sharp! And to think…I almost swore off samsung phones because of my fascinate…..

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