Apr 13th, 2011

It wasn’t too long ago when we saw the Samsung Galaxy S II benchmarked but a few things have changed since then. That change came in the form of Samsung’s Exynos processor gaining a slightly higher clock speed (1.2Ghz vs previous 1Ghz). This was most likely fueled by competitor HTC and their newly announced 1.2 Ghz dual-core Sensation.

Looks as if Samsung may be trying to rain on HTC’s parade by leaking these scores online. It appears as if the Galaxy S II has almost doubled the benchmarks of rival HTC Pyramid’s in Smartbench2011 (I hold my benchmarks to a higher standard: i.e., Angry Birds).

When it comes to popular benchmarking app Quadrant, the Galaxy S II scored a blistering fast 3,053. Some people have mentioned that is faster than a Motorola XOOM but you must keep in mind that the Xoom has almost double the amount of pixels to push which would result in a lower benchmark. That being said, take benchmarks with a grain of salt as they don’t always represent a true sense of real world speed for the end user.

Finally, I will leave you with this video showing off the new Touch Whiz UI of the Galaxy S II. What truly “wowed” me was the speed of the 3D Gallery. Can’t say I’ve ever seen the normally sluggish gallery app move that quickly.

When Android manufacturers aren’t fighting directly with the iPhone, its nice to see them fighting amongst themselves. Competition is always good for consumers and things are definitely heating up this summer!

[Via Engadget]

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