Feb 16th, 2010

galaxyAlright Samsung Galaxy owners, be prepared to find the closest corner and begin weeping uncontrollably. Although the likes of the Samsung Moment, Sprint HTC Hero, Droid Eris and HTC Hero are all getting confirmed updates to Android 2.1, rumor has it that not only will the Samsung Galaxy NOT get a 2.1 upgrade… but they’ll be stuck on Android 1.5 for the remainder of the phone’s life cycle.

This isn’t official at ALL – initial rumors said the phone WOULD get a 2.1 upgrade but TheUnwired is reporting that out at Mobile World Congress, their sources are saying the phone will never get an upgrade. How awful would that be? The Samsung Galaxy is the company’s first ever Android Phone; how you can reward the first customers of your Android phones by leaving them stuck in the past is beyond me.

I mean… if the phone weren’t powerful enough to upgrade I would understand… but this thing doesn’t even have 1.6! We know you can do it too, because the Samsung Moment is on the upgrade list.

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