DROID Incredible Getting Android 2.3, Says HTC


More OTA confirmation by way of online HTC support representatives. This time, the helpful bunch have confirmed that the HTC DROID Incredible (the original) will be getting Android 2.3. They offer “summer” as far as a window goes, but we’ll believe it when we see it. We’re glad to see HTC being as vocal as they can be regarding forthcoming upgrades. [via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’m going to hold my breath starting right now until my DInc gets an OTA to 2.3

    1. Can I get your mom’s, sister’s, and girlfriend’s number while your at it?

      1. Like anyone on here has a girlfriend… Thats laughable to say the least.

        1. Got a girlfriend, no sister though

          1. I have both. Well actually all three.

          2. You have a threesome? What? lol

  2. What takes so long for manufacturers to get updates out? The hack community is able to get them out almost immediately. Its good that they are still supporting older devices, but I wish Google had more authority in requiring manufacturers and carriers to get updates out in a timely manner.

    1. Becuase manufacturer releases have to be as close to 100% bug free with 100% successful installation without wiping the phone. And they do all this with, at best, half the tesing pool of community made roms. Devs have the luxury of releasing roms that will be patched, updated, and a certain level of buginess is accepted. Also, I’d wager a decent amount that Gingerbread will come with at least Sense 2.0, which requires further testing as well.

      1. Don’t forget the bloatware!

        1. True. Verizon needs CityID and VZ Navigator to be stable and unkillable. Thank God for rooting/romming.

  3. Yay! Official release means GingerSense ROMs! It’s about time!

    1. THERE ARE MANY OUT THERE ALREADY!! Do you people live under a damn rock?!
      Go to XDA

      1. There are plenty, but not with Sense and everything working. My 720p recording shall not be sacrificed!!

  4. I think it’s only right for this awesome device get this update. I am hoping 2.3 can hold me over til my upgrade in Jan.

    1. im in the same position. All these dual core phones and bigger screens are making me jealous. I got my phone last summer and i have to wait until january just like you to get a new one. Im in a struggle here though. Im getting jealous of all my friends with their top quality apps on their iphones and it makes my incredible look like a beta if you know what im saying. So should i get the iphone 6 that year if it keeps coming out in june, the iphone 5 if it comes out in september, or another droid. Please help me!

      1. Dude.. As an Incredible owner who has an upgrade on April 26th 2011 I must say I am very pleased with the device and have absolutely no plans to change my phone until something truly amazing hits the market..

        With that said.. Root your damn phone!!! It is a whole different world! I have been running perfect gingerbread on my phone for a couple of months!!!!!

        1. Mahsan988 Your in my brain man. I too am eligable for upgrade April 30th and am in no rush to get a new device. Been rooted and running CM7 for months and love my phone more each day. p Plan on moving my girl and her mom on my acco her the Dinc2 so I might do that . Later…

      2. Don’t degrade yourself with the smartphone for morons. There’s nothing “beta” about the Incredible. It still spanks the crap out of the iPhone. For more ownage, root and ROM your Incredible. (Warm Z is a good one, IMO.)

  5. Pretty exciting news…..but I have been running 2.3 for a while now.

      1. He’s running CM7 most likely.

  6. Awesome news! As another DI owner had posted today after this news came out, I have never been appreciated my Droid Incredible phone more than I do now- now also including these past several weeks as specs for new phones have been released. You can see that the DI is holding its value, even a year after its release. This phone is going to be sweet with Gingerbread and Sense 2.0!

    1. i agree. I feel that my phone is also still one of the fastest out there.

      1. So, wait, I’m confused. Above you’re complaining about how your phone feels like a beta and doesn’t match up to the iPhone, and here you feel like it’s one of the fastest out there??? Which is it?

  7. good news, but I am running cm7 already and it’s stable as hell, no crash yet.

    1. Ahh yes, but this will bring fixes to the Incredible that devs couldn’t figure out. Such as 720p recording and trackpad scrolling. May even add features that we don’t have.

      1. I do not know about 720p recording as I never take videos with my phone.. but I am running Ultimate Droid and the trackpad scrolling works normal…

  8. Yay!

  9. On the gingerbread Nightlies so unless 2.3 Sense is better than 2.2 Sense then I don’t care.

  10. Guys, if, and I’m saying IF, it will have new Sense, it will be Sense 2.1, not 2.0.

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