Send Images Shot With Your P&S Straight to Android Using Eye-Fi Direct Mode


This is pretty neat. The folks at Eye-Fi are issuing an upgrade to their wireless sharing products that’ll enable you to send new photos from your point-and-shoot to your Android device as soon as the picture is snapped. It’d be quite handy for taking a high-quality photo of a scene you don’t want to forget and sending it off right away to friends and family. Those who own the X2 Mobile cards will get an update later this week to add the functionality, while new users will simply just need to buy a new X2 card. (Which are going for as little as $80 for 8GB.) [via CrunchGear]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’m unclear. How does this work? A cell phone only has so many antennas, (cellular, wifi, blue tooth) . Which does the phone use, (and which does the eyefi use)?

    1. My understanding is the eyefi acts as a hotspot that your phone then connects to via wi-fi.

  2. I would guess that because the eye-fi is a wifi card the card would connect directly to the phone with the wifi antenna. Then you’d use the cellular antenna to send the picture(s) to dropbox, email, mms, etc.

  3. If you don’t have a newer camera with wifi capabilities, this is useless

    1. Howso? The wi-fi is provided by the card, not the camera.

  4. eclipsenyou the camera does not have to have wifi built in.. that is why eye-fi was made. The SD card has a built in wifi radio and is powered by the camera, once a picture is taken it is saved to the card, once the card connects to wifi then it transfers the pictures to a computer and/or website. It is a great invention and I’m very pleased with mine.

    1. Thanks for the clarification!

  5. The last sentence doesn’t match what the last sentence at CrunchGear says: “The new 8GB X2 Mobile cards with Direct Mode enabled cost $80, or you can download an update later this week if you already have an X2 card.”

    1. How does that not match up? Read more thoroughly.

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