ASUS Publishes Eee Pad Transformer User Manual


If you can’t wait for the Eee Pad Transformer and need something to scratch the eager side of you waiting to buy the tablet up, why not take a look at something you’ll be getting inside the box when you do buy it- a user manual. Sure, user manuals aren’t always the most exciting reads but reading it now means you won’t have to mess around with it later when you need to figure out how to attach that shiny, new keyboard dock to the Android 3.0 tablet. I’ve uploaded the manual to Mediafire as it’s a very slow download from ASUS themselves. [Thanks Lau!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Uhm… can I get a release date for N. America already!!?? All this teasing and titillating that Asus keeps doing is going to drive me MAD!!

  2. man it is really goingto be a toss up between this tab and the toshiba.

    1. What are you liking about the Toshiba Tab that makes it a “toss up”?

      1. Well, Toshiba claim to have a replaceable prismatic li-ion battery, full size USB 2.0 port and an SD slot on the tablet body. However, the Xoom can’t even read microSD cards yet…

      2. I can’t speak for mnkyhead, but personally I think that the toshiba tab has an excellent, top-notch form factor. The grippy back seems like a great idea (I’ll appreciate it when holding the tab vertically) and it even looks right, not cheap. Granted, this is just from pictures, so it might be shitty in real life, but so far I’m digging it.

        But between the Asus Eee pad / transformer and the Toshiba G-something, it’s a definite win for Asus. LOVE the keyboard idea, and I might even sell my laptop to pay for it and replace it altogether (I use my computer a lot – but for almost entirely for web browsing, email, music, some videos… not exactly demanding).

        What I don’t get is why would you want the transformer over the Asus slider? They seem like the same thing, and if you had the transformer and keyboard, would you ever remove the keyboard? I feel like I’m missing something.

        I’m torn on the Asus tablets because they have extra battery juice with the dock and a keyboard, which is great, and reason enough for it to beat out Toshiba’s offering. But also we have:

        A) Samsung’s 8.9 tab looks amazing. I think it even beats the iPad 2, and the iPad 2 (and ipad, when released) looks stunning. Plus, I like the 8.9″ screen size a lot, and considering the screen has the same resolution as the 10.1″ model, I wouldn’t even hesitate between the two.

        B) The LG 3D slate has dual cameras for 3D recording (although you need glasses or something to actually see it). I know lots of people don’t dig the whole 3D thing, but I think it’s cool.

        C) What I’m most intrigued with is the 7″ asus MeMO thing (tablet?) announced at this years’ CES, that thing looks so amazing!! WHY AREN’T PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THIS ONE?! I’m afraid it will never see the light of day because I haven’t heard a word about it since CES, but damn does that thing look cool. I love the size, and I love how, unlike the HTC flier, you can use it as a phone. And get this – to use it as a phone, it has some detachable dongle thing that breaks off the pad so you don’t have to hold the tab to your face like an idiot!

        The only bummer is that it is faaaaaar from stock gingerbread, but if the skin is halfway decent or XDA supports it then I can live with it. Wait, two bummers: I don’t know if it has the 3G bands for AT&T, and it seems pretty damn unlikely (to me) that this thing will come the the good ol’ US of A.

        It’s funny that of all these devices, the XOOM got all the press, and Moto advertised the hell out of it. And even though I would love to have one, it seems like the worst: super crazy stupid expensive, it’s the bulkiest & the heaviest, and a few other little things, and what does it have going for it?? I mean, XOOM over the galaxy tab 10.1, LG 3D tab, Asus/Toshiba’s tegra 2 offerings – what is the advantage?

  3. they are going to make me hang myself! (well…)
    i sold my archos tab after i bought a xoom. it was too much and i knew it so i said i would get some more reasonable. I WANT THIS! even with the dock at $150 its still cheaper than the wifi only version of the xoom. so…im getting it.
    give us a north american version before 4/24 or acer here i come! (well…)

    1. So you have already purchased 2 tablets. One bing the Xoom, which is horribly overpriced. So you sell the tablet at a loss, and then go buy another one!

      So how does one make sensible purchases when tossing money down the drain? All you are doing is buying and selling at a loss!

      1. you can always refund it and get all your money back . its not always at a loss . in fact , costco is giving me 90 days to return it for a full refund . that gives me time to play with it and wait for something better .

  4. I am ready to pre-order whenever BB page goes online :)

  5. please don’t over price it please.

  6. Asus is acting like the slut at a party…

    1. And we’re all lining up for a turn. ;-)

      1. I am typing this one one now and its stunning.
        Xoom performance with an IPad quality screen, a working SD slot and a hundred quid less than the xoom to boot.
        Even without the keyboard dock this thing is up for amazing reviews.

  7. So when this comes out with Tegra 3 Quad Core around Christmas Time it will be at the top of everyone’s list, yeah ?

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