CyanogenMod 7 Stable Now Available


Finally! It’s been in the works for quite a while now, but the team behind CyanogenMod for 30 different devices have announced that version 7 is finally available. To be honest, CyanogenMod release candidates are as stable as some phones are stock, but if you were holding off until the team could deliver some stable gingerbread love then this is your lucky day. Head over to Team Douche’s mirror to get your own taste now. [via CyanogenMod]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Good Stuff – Thanks CM!

  2. almost first! …downloading now , just did the gps fix so im good : )………… lets see what we have CM ?!?!?!?

  3. Don’t forget to flash GApps!

    1. hey which apps are these? just so i know if i need them.

      1. It’s the market etc. if you don’t install gapps, you won’t have it on your phone.

  4. It’s sad they got gingerbread working on 30 plus phones before any of them got official updates. Just saying. Everything’s worked great ont my phone since RC1!

    1. Sad indeed. If Google would tighten things up like making the manufacturers give us an option to run stock Android or uninstall their skin then it would be way easier to get out updates. LauncherPro and ADW don’t slow down updates and they are way better then Motoblur, TouchWiz, and LG’s TouchWiz.

  5. It’s sad cyanogen, team douche, and other assorted developers gave gingerbread to 30 plus phones before any of them got official updates. Still awesome. Been working great since RC1.

  6. Fucking epic…. thank God for Cyanogen!!!

  7. no og droid stable yet

    1. I wonder when this will become available? I’m guessing its just a matter or hours/days?

      1. didnt they drop support for that thing?

  8. How come team douche are called by their proper name here, but in the forums mods change it to team touche because they’re not ‘ok with that word’?. someone pointed that out before but i don’t think it was answered. Just curious

    1. I would have changed the name to “Team Summer’s Eve”

      douche, iPad, mytouch, nook…what’s going on here????

    2. i can only think of a few worse names for the team

      1. Really? I can think of hundreds and I won’t hesitate to refrain from posting them here. O_o

    3. I know exactly what you’re talking about, and I wondered that myself. After reading one of the threads regarding CM7, I noticed a few people had posted something about “Team Touche”, after briefly wondering who in the nine hells “Team Touche” is, I noticed at the bottom of the posts there was notations by moderators saying “Not OK with that word” or “Don’t like that word”. Meanwhile I am thinking “Are we special four-year-olds? Really?! In forums where it’s okay to say “That’s the shit!” (One of the Mod’s words – not mine – in fact, I think it’s in the forum rules) Moderators are actually taking the time to edit people’s posts when they mention Team Douche’s name because it’s “not okay”?!?! I agree that it may not roll off the tongue very nicely, but it is what it is.
      Thank God they didn’t call themselves “Team Used Tampon”.

    4. “douche” = french for “shower.” Time for mods to grow up.

      1. Indeed.

  9. running pretty swell in Nook Color!

  10. Runs pretty swell on Nook Color! Thanks TD and CM teams. awesome work as always.

  11. Just updated to this most recent version. My quadrant standard score is blazing!

  12. Good news, thanks for sharing!!..

  13. Anyone know if this will come out for the captivate

    1. it is out for the captivate…. I’ve been running it for a month….

      1. official???? no right?

        1. yes, officially supported, in RC versions. Atinm is the maintainer: XDA link:

          1. OH well i meant as in Supported by the CM team themselves, not saying other devs can’t make it work smmoth or good, i have sseen better work from (technically) non official CM roms.

  14. Perhaps for some other phones but the comment about the RC’s being as stable as stock, for the Nexus S, is incorrect. RC1 through 4 were as flaky and unstable as the earliest Betas. I’ve been a CM fanboy since the CM5 days but 7 has been a trainwreck on my phone. I’m still giving the “Stable” release a shot but I don’t have much hope for it based on the history of this version of CM. Very disappointed to this point.

    1. We all have our own reasons but I don’t see why people take pure stock off to put a tweaked stock on. Just a few tweaks and toggles differ.

      1. CM7 has been nothing but rock solid on my Cappy.

  15. Is this update on rom manager yet? I don’t see it.

  16. If I buy rom manager, will that money go to cyanogen or a totally different developer?

    1. It is a different person, but Cyanogen says the prefered way to download his roms is through Rom Manager. Take that for what it is worth.

    2. No, that goes to Koush, who I highly recommend supporting. If you’re using ROM Manager and CMR, you should get the paid app. Koush’s CMR alone has very likely saved thousands of phones from being returned due to ‘defects’. If you like the app and use the app, support the dev, or there will be no more apps.

  17. Been using nightly30 for a while on my Nook Color – what a brilliant ROM, especially with all tablet customizations. Heading to CM right away.

  18. Does anyone know if this is available for Epic 4G?

    1. Here is a list of devices and where they stand. Looks like they haven’t updated it for stable though.

      1. Thanks man I appreciate that.

    2. There are some guys working very hard to get it CM7 officially supported on Epic 4g. They’re at the Alpha stage now. They have usable alpha builds but they are quirky and missing camera/gps support. Still, I expect they will get to a beta level sooner rather than later. (And in all honesty they got a late start due to Froyo source only becoming available last month.) Hopefully the release of the Nexus S 4g (and accompanying AOSC) will give them the boost they need to get to a stable release.

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