Motorola Droid CommandOne Spotted in Retail Packaging


It looks like the Droid lineup is about to expand to accessories as well. More specifically, the Motorola CommandOne Bluetooth headset we first saw at CES way back in January looks to be getting some marketing help with the addition of Droid branding. The compact and sleek headset should make a perfect companion to your Droid handset or other Android phone. No release date is set as of now.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Wow. Branding something as simple as a headset Droid.

  2. & for the low price of $99.99! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and prob a contract too) /s

    1. Don’t forget the data plan!

      1. Ah yes…how could have I forgotten

        1. you forgot the most important question

          Can it Play Crysis/FroGinComb?

  3. I don’t see brand placement being that much of a sales driver. Perhaps, there are initiatives to bundle this with contracts. Retails trying to exploit the handsfree driving campaign.

  4. Looks allot like my current motto bluetooth headset. Same plastic/metal package and all, also text hands free

  5. I feel like a tool when wearing bluetooth headset. Also, penis.

  6. Probably require a tethering plan…..

  7. Another meaningless Droid branded product. How many of these do we need a year…

  8. I have got to quit reading comments on this board. The negativety by the people commenting on practically every post is unrivaled. Its a bt headset ppl, give it a rest!!!!!

  9. Im still waiting on the droid line of vasoline for when big red pipes us on data

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