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Barnes & Noble Gearing Up for Launch of NOOKcolor Apps

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Rumor: Verizon to Get Rid of 1-Year Contracts April 17th

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  1. Including IMEI in the images = deactivated before it’s activated?

  2. Pass

  3. Rip off!

  4. Sure, i’ll take two.

  5. I’ll take 3

  6. Based on the seller’s rating and the realistic pictures, this seems like the real deal. I would totally buy this if I were super rich, but I’m not.

  7. How about buy one get one free?

  8. its now down to $799.00

  9. Yeah, ebay has recently (?) overrun by people who try to sell overpriced phones. Seen Atrix sets (phone + lapdock) for $1200, even $1500! The lapdock itself is often more expensive than with retailers…

    Ebay used to be great. Now it only is for certain things.

  10. Update the Post has been sold

  11. why buy the same phone now for alot more just to say you had it first or got it early. might as well just wait the week and buy it for less. being first is not always the best thing.

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