Verizon’s Incredible 2 Gets Pictured, Too


We just saw the RUU and PG32IMG leaked for the device, and now new shots of Verizon’s Incredible 2 have surfaced. There’s nothing too noteworthy here – it’s clearly Verizon-branded and looks very, very similar to the international version, the HTC Incredible S.

It looks like it’ll be running Android 2.2.1 at launch which we should be able to confirm once this aforementioned ROM gets finished downloading. (And yes, it’ll still have the same cool rotating capacitive buttons that its European counterpart has.) Judging from the branding we can cross 4G LTE off the list – a shame considering how good that network is. Check out the source link for more images, if you want. [via AC]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. My Incredible 1 welcomes its new Big Little Brother to the Android party

  2. Just release it with 4G and I’ll make it rain.

  3. Kinda lame, I expect it to be a great phone but it’s nothing too special.

  4. Version shoulld be releasing both LTE and 3g options. I understand that a lot of people don’t get LTE so they can get this one. I’d pay $50 more for an LTE radio so release the damn phone. I wonder if Verizon wants the TB to be the only LTE phone until they change their data plan?

  5. I want all new Android phones to be 3G until the prices for 4G data come down a bit.

    1. … but the price for 4G data is the same as 3G, unlimited for $30 a month, unless something just recently changed.

    2. They didn’t increase them, 3G and 4G are still the same price.

  6. It’s ashame this device deserves LTE but that won’t happen. Don’t expect the Droid X2 to have LTE either these devices will form a tier for 3g device. Verizon does not want anyother devices on LTE but The Thunderbolt and Droid Bionic. Another device added to this group may come this late summer/early fall in the name of iphone5.

  7. whaaat? the capacitive buttons rotate??? i just saw it in the other images. looks like i’m behind on device info

  8. Does the Incredible II have dual GSM/CDMA radios? Is it a ‘global’ phone?

    1. Update: Looks like it is a world phone. Incredible, here I come.

  9. Does anyone know if this will do Voice /Data at the sametime????

  10. Sweet looking phone. Wish it had 4g.

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