Dual-Unboxing: Motorola ATRIX 4G and HTC Thunderbolt [Video]


We just got a couple of new phones in to review. One of them has been out for a bit over a month, while the other is still just a couple of weeks old. It’s the ATRIX 4G from AT&T and Verizon’s first 4G LTE smartphone – the HTC Thunderbolt. We decided to do a dual unboxing so both phones are featured in the same video. For your convenience, the ATRIX 4G action starts at the :41 mark, while the Thunderbolt can be had at 9:41. Video is embedded above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The thunderbolt portion starts at 9:41 and the battery died at 17:26. That is why they stopped the video.

  2. I love my atrix. For those on the fence I would definitely recommend it over at&t’s other phones. My only gripe is some system instability but the ota took care of a lot of that.

  3. That was a piss poor unboxing. Did you buy that TB from someone off the street? Everything should have come bagged and without the battery installed. And if the SD card isn’t there, then someone took it out before you got the box. And they don’t come with 2 USB cables. Someone threw an extra one in the box for you.


    1. This was sent to me from Verizon. Carriers often exclude/include things in the packaging, will install SIM cards for you, will set the device up for you, etc. I did not play with the phone before unboxing it.

      1. That is how Verizon makes sure you get one that isn’t broken so your review will be pristine. You’ll never get the same result as the rest of us unless you go to the store and actually get one.

  4. Wow. Fake unboxing…. well, either that or Motorola ships those things with a TON of fingerprints already on the screen.

    1. The Motorola unboxing was indeed done after I actually played with it, but it’s not like it’s any different from what you’d get from retail. (And as you saw, I had already played around with it and installed launcherpro, setup finger print scanning, installed apps, etc.) The Thunderbolt came with fingerprints as that was the first time I held the phone.

      1. Interesting. My thunderbolt came with a piece of film on the screen that had to be removed. Additionally, the SD card was already in it (32 GB) and only a single USB cable.

        The one you got was clearly pre-owned.

  5. Has anyone ever requested an unboxing video? Do people really want to spend time watching someone else take a phone out of a box? If you’re gonna spend time making a video; please do functionality.

    1. Agree with you, though it’s nice to have some insight as to just what to expect when that shiny new toy comes to your door. (provided you don’t go directly to the carrier store where they usually un-box it for you)

  6. At least give us some initial inpressions like the high rez screen looks beutiful or the pentile matrix negates most of the benefits of the higher resolution screen.

  7. One reason for a slowdown on the Atrix besides the terrible MotoBlur is the higher resolution display but thats in benches…as far as use..Motoblur is a Hog. Pure google is the way to go like a Nexus One or Nexus S No extra UI garbage to Juice things up.

  8. 1st USB cable in HTC box looked like it is from motorola

  9. I kinda wish the Atrix was on Verizon. It’s a very solid device with some nice innovative features…but I would touch an AT&T contract with a 10′ pole.

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