Shhhhhh! T-Mobile To Launch Even More Plus Unlimited Plan For $60


Looks as if T-Mobile will be quietly launching a new Unlimited Even More Plus Plan for their customers on April 13th. The plan will include unlimited Talk, Text and Data. Not too shabby if you’re one of those types who doesn’t mind paying full price for their handsets.

Of course, as is the case with T-Mobile, data is really only “unlimited” until you hit this plan’s extremely low 2 GB ceiling. From there you will be throttled into oblivion for the rest of your billing cycle.

I will definitely be letting my loved ones who are happy with T-Mobile know about this new offer.

[Via T-Mo News]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I believe it is a 5GB ceiling, not 2GB. Unless it has changed in the last 2 months?

    1. For this plan specifically, its 2GB. Which is like…. 2 weeks worth of data for me =/

      1. Blame at&t. Fuck the merger! Magenta or die


      ^ OK my bad, but seriously 2GB on an Android Device? I’m about ready to say **** it and go to Sprint. I’d rather mess around with a watered down CDMA than this… *facepalm*

  2. Stop tempting us AT&T-Mobile

  3. These companies should be sued for false advertising for saying ‘unlimited’ anything that isn’t truly unlimited.

    1. WHAT a company lying, I’ve never heard of such a thing.

    2. i am 120% with you on this one, where is the fucking fcc? they like to pretend that they are here to protect us from these wireless companies, but the true is that they probably get paid under the table to stay quiet and let these companies rape us.

      1. Actually you want the FTC for false advertising claims

  4. Shhhhhh! The T-Mobile chick is hot o_O. Yo Chris, if you ever do an article reguarding tmobiles 4g don’t be a duechebag like Kevin and say shit like “so called 4G”

      1. After all this time I come to find out that the love of my life is a damn Fembot… FRACK!!!

      2. All I know is after this merger they better keep the T-Mobile girl… I think she’s a lot hotter than Luke Wilson =)

      3. Thats because she just got done sucking my… uhh

        1. she’ll do anything to suck you into AT&T

    1. Anything that’s double my 3G speeds is 4G to me.. =p

      And I’m not a douche bag XD

  5. A great plan to go with their mostly 2G network, oh goodie :D

    1. Umm…Tmo has the biggest 4g network in america! As long as you don’t live in some podunk town you are good. (and I mean REALLY podunk. Even a small town like Manhattan, Kansas has 4g!)

  6. I have 3G in NW CA here from AT&T, Verizon and U.S. Cellular, however, T-Mobile is still limping along with EDGE and GPRS.

    1. Um….. maybe the problem is you live somewhere with a total population of 3

    2. I get 4G from every carrier in Texas.

  7. Yeah, whats the point of sticking with t-mobile? Midnight is coming and they will change into the big bloated orange mess. Where everything is overpriced and unlimited data doesn’t exist unless youre an old customer. I dont like sprint, but the evo 3d is looking better and better.

    1. what do you think is happening on tmobile right now? as we can see the at&t bad habits is expanding to tmobile already, and that is with out the deal been approved, now imagine when it does what is going to happen?

  8. This is great! All you people who don’t get T-Mobile are like those who don’t get android. It’s about options and freedom to use what I buy how I want. Like being able to tether or use video chatting with my data plan. It’s doing what I want with what I have. T-Mobile leads in this area and forces everyone else to follow. We’re all going to suffer if T-Mobile doesn’t blaze the path to what consumers want instead of getting away with nickel and diming us for every kind of service they can get away with. WAKE UP! They have made huge improvements in their network and their customer service is superior to ATT and Verizon. As you can tell I’m very sad at a chance this merger could go through. Didn’t realize how much I like T-mobile until I started looking at the alternatives.

    1. I used to make fun of t-mobile but now I am really concerned that it will go away

  9. I’ve had T mobile for 5+ years and loved them, but the SECOND they got into talks with AT&T I started getting dropped calls. Fuck AT&T. I’m going Virgin or Boost.

  10. what about those customers who have the even more plus family plan is that subject to change?

  11. that tthrottling down is total bullshit i use well over 2gigs and still have 4g speeds 5mbs

    1. If you are in an old plan the cap is 5 GB, not 2 GB, that is whay you do not see anything. They are trying in a nice way to do what ATT and Verizon have done, but instead to be abruupt the

      1. yeah mine must be 5 then i am a heavyyyyyyyy user i i havnt hot five only high 3s

  12. 2GB on Android is not enough. 5GB Yes (for now) but even that will be challenged as Android grows. WiFi should NEVER be an acceptable alternative.

    You gotta laugh at how certain carriers pretend to be poor, and use the same excuse to lay off their own employees as well. BTW I don’t work for them, but I have friends that do…

  13. I’m tempted to get a plan like this with the hope that I could get grandfathered in at a cheaper price than AT&T would charge, but I’d still be giving them money, which I refuse to do.

    I was happy with Tmobile until I moved to NC. Coverage here outside of the major cities is laughable. Verizon just put up a tower in my subdivision and now I get signal in my basement while any other carrier barely allows me to make phone calls outside. I gotta go with what actually works.

  14. it has to be 5gb because im over 2gb every month and has never been capped or slow down and i dont take charleston sc as a major city and im always on 4g speeds unless im deep in the woods and can never recall a drop call

  15. Sweet. Ill buy GS2 and put it on this. I have the hspa+ and its pretty fast.

  16. I was thinking of switching to Simple Mobile so i could save some more cash, but since this is the same price i think I’m just going to change my Even More Plus plan.

  17. If/When they throttle, how slow does it get? I’m asking because on Sprint, I’m only averaging 200kb down on 3G and 4G isn’t worth using because of the battery drain and spotty coverage.

    If TMO’s throttled speed is around 1mb, I’d be in heaven, with the throttled speed, compared to Sprint’s Unlimited BS speeds!

    1. I’ve been throttled by T-Mo this cycle as I went over 5 gigs. The throttled speed is now down to dial-up speeds. 60K for f*#k sake. Was averaging 6M before the throttling…Stick with Sprint.

      1. Damn, that sux! But still, I’m at dialup speed with sprint at times too.

        What’s funny is that it seems I’ll never be able to hit 5gig on Sprint because it’s so slow to start with, even though they’re not throttling. My 4G speeds sux (almost always less then 2mb) but what really makes it sux is that WiMax drains the battery like there’s no tomorrow and coverage is spotty, causing the battery to drain while searching for a signal… This just blows!

        So far, I haven’t heard of anyone actually getting throttled on Verizon and their speeds seem much more consistent then on Sprint. Plus Their LTE service looks to be expanding FAST and getting great speed.

        Verizon… Please put out a phone with good battery life, as it looks like I will have to switch over.

    2. puts my throttled speed at 0.05 Mbps. It’s painful.
      3 more days until my cycle renews…

    3. I’ve heard from numerous people that they get throttled to somewhere around the 40kbps mark. Basically useless.
      Its T-Mobile’s way of cutting off your data while still being able to use lawer speak and say its “unlimited”

  18. Yea this plan is 2 Gb, but most, like mine, is 5Gb and I go well over 3Gb every month so this wont work for me.

    Also one of the big things that you are all missing.. again… is that it is “unlimited” data, they never said “unlimited 4G” data. So as things are with “English” wording/paraphrasing they are correct in stating Unlimited data as you do have unlimited data access it’s just not always 4G.

  19. This is what ATT and Verizon did, do not you remember that?, So T-mobile is following buty they are doing it in a more quiet way. They are lowering the price of the plan but also the cap for the amount of unlimited data before it is throttled. With current plans they slow down the speed when you reach 5GB.

    1. “This is what ATT and Verizon did, do not you remember that?”

      Verizon’s unlimited data plan for smartphones, is just that. Unlimited with no throttling or anything else. their “5GB” limit is strictly for for their USB sticks. I am well over 5GB this cycle and still no throttling or anything else.

      1. This is actually correct. Their false “unlimited” claims are limited purely to MiFi, Modems, and Tethering

  20. Unlimited my a$$ , I hate wen I get that dum txt from t mobile everymonth” due to the amount of data you used,your speed will be slowed for the rest of the billing cycle” its like wtf really??

  21. 2gb is like 1 week of data >.<

  22. I have the unlimited data+text (with a 5GB ceiling), but limited to i think 700 minutes? which is way more than i ever use anyway. so I’m good…unless the merger goes through :(

  23. The tmo unlimited is capped at 5 not 2 as I have reached this point and received there nice lil text message.

  24. Everyone is flaming for the throttling, and rightfully so. But let’s give credit where credit is due. At least they aren’t slapping you with massive overage charges.

  25. Yay! Makes my recent Nexus S purchase worth it. :)

  26. Um… Tmo Data Cap used to be at 10GB, but then it got dropped to 5GB. It aint at no krappy 2GB. It ain’t AT&T yet. Data kappin at 2GB. WT_T!? (What tha truck)

  27. I would bite if they weren’t selling themselves out to Maa Bell. Thanks T-Mobile, but no thanks.

  28. Its throttled down after 5gb not 2gb…

    1. Yup, hit that limit for the first time this month. :(
      The throttled speed is unbelievably painful. I’m getting 0.05 Mbps down :(

  29. I wanted to switch to an even more plus plan from my em, but I was informed that policy had changed and to do so would require an early termination fee. So that has pretty much sealed the deal on my relationship with tmo.

  30. TMob is goner for me now that ATandTerrible is on the horizon.

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