Carrier Pricing Revealed for Canadian Nexus S


The Nexus S will be launching in Canada very shortly, and like any proper device launch nothing can be kept a secret leading up to the handset’s release. Pricing has been leaked for two of the many carriers who will get the Nexus S, and is more pocket friendly than the other.

Rogers will have the Nexus S without a contract for $499.99. On a three-year deal the phone will cost a meager $99.99. Compare that to Telus’ price schedule, which has the phone contract-free for $549.99. The three-year deal will run you $179.99. Though the pricing is a bit steeper, we at least get word that the Nexus S could launch at Telus as soon as tomorrow, April 7th. Any of our friends north of the border looking to pick this one up?

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  1. As always its cheaper unlocked in America than carrier locked in Norway….
    499 is almost like shoplifting…

  2. Is Telus the one with 3G frequencies compatible with AT&T? It’s unlocked and stock Android, so if the Nexus S does come to AT&T, it should be exactly the same, correct?

    1. No that’s Rogers and ATT that use the same frequencies.

      1. Looks like we’re both right:

        Telus, Rogers, and AT&T all use the same 3G frequencies: 850/1900

        1. Bell and Telus share the same 3G network. Rogers is separate. All three use the same frequency (which is the same as AT&T’s).
          Fido, Solo, Koodoo, Virgin are the bigger companies’ budget brands. if you see 3G phones on them, then they use the same frequency.
          All of the above (Except Rogers and Fido) used to be CDMA, so don’t buy just any phone if you want it to work anywhere-make sure it’s a 3G phone.

    2. every carrier in canada, except the new entrants from last year, use the same frequencies as AT&T. So.. rogers, telus, bell, virgin, fido. I believe that koodo does as well, but I’m not sure. they could still be on cdma.

  3. Answer to your question from a “friend north of the border”: NOPE.

    IMO, the Nexus S is too little, too late. With the actual or pending availability of dual core phones from Motorola, Samsung and LG with bigger screens, better cameras, better batteries, better processors, and better everything else, why would I want to tie myself to 3 years of buyer’s remorse with last year’s technology???

    I’m personally holding out for the Samsung Galaxy S II, I don’t care if it isn’t available till Christmas, I’ll wait that long and limp along with what I’ve got rather than go for the Nexus S or the Galaxy S 4g, which is just another rehash of last year’s tech.

    1. Because it’s pure android, and open… unlike the milestone that i’ve been waiting for updates for since I got it, motorola can motoblow me.

    2. The only thing is the galaxy s2 is rumored to be close to $1000. So the price point is a little off between these phones

      1. Unfortunately the current pricing is just that, all rumours. In the end, Samsung will want to sell this phone if they are going to the effort build it, so by that very nature it will *have* to be cost competitive. And based on 3 year contract pricing for currently available models (ie, Roger’s $99 for the Nexus S) versus the specs of the GS2, I’d personally be willing to pay Rogers the $179 that Telus wants for their Nexus for the GS2, and let Telus sit on piles of inventory while Rogers and Samsung prosper with reasonable competitive pricing.

        1. even if it isnt that high the point is once that phone comes out another one will surpass it within months in terms of hardware specs, etc. So if having the top phone is a priority, it will be a tough trail… I think this phone is more geared towards people who want updates immediately, customization, unlocked and decent specs at a reasonable price. The direct competition for the galaxy s2 is the atrix not this phone.

          1. Good call Wippleskank, you’re dead right on all counts. Nevertheless, for about $70 more (spread over 3 years) to get a GS2 or Atrix, I wouldn’t even go look at the Nexus S

  4. Will the non-contract phones be unlocked?

  5. If you wait till christmas to get the galaxy s II wouldn’t that be basically buying last years technology since I’m sure quadcore will be out shortly after christmas of not sooner.

    1. To me Christmas is the breaking point – until then, it’s the best you can get in the current year, and it really isn’t in competition with anything else, since it’s still 2-1/2 months time (mid-Feb) before MWC will come around with a plethora of new promised products for the year that will start releasing mid to late in the current year, and the vicous cycle starts all over again. So, while it’s only actually available 10 months after it’s “announcement”, I still consider it the tail end of current tech, not last year’s.

      IMO, if Samsung and Google and all of the carriers wanted the Nexus S to be successful, it should have been available by Christmas last year in Canada, and had the market saturated *before* MWC. Then I might have bought it in blissful ignorance that it was the best currently available, not knowing what’s just around the corner.

      But to just start making the product available in the middle of the year AFTER it was developed, and 2-3 months after MWC, when the new suite of phones is starting to come to market, that’s just bad marketing and planning.

  6. I live in canada and there’s no way I’ll be picking this up. The nexus s was a disappointment 4 months ago when it first came out and it’s even more so now. Personally, if I didn’t have a nexus one and I could get a nexus one or nexus s, I would still go for the nexus one.

  7. Will it be like all the the other Nexus S phones and not have the Micro SD slot?

    If so, then who the **** cares?… <_<

  8. I can’t wait to rear-end a friend and have the accident immediately posted on Facebook! If only they could hook a back-up camera to this system my friend would also have a YouTube hit! Yay technology!

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