Android Market Rankings Now Factoring in App Engagment


Google is not confirming the matter, but it appears the Android Market ranking algorithm has been tweaked to factor in app engagement. So says Geoff Cook, CEO of social neworking site myYearbook. According to Cook, myYearbook recently saw a huge jump in its Android Market ranking, moving from #63 up to #11 in the Top Free Social category even though daily install numbers remained relatively static. Other apps seeing a big jump in the same time period? Seesmic moved from #39 to #10 and Gowalla was bumped from #78 to #18.

Cook sees only one explanation: the Android Market must now be factoring in engagement when ranking applications, a model he sees as much more accurate for ranking. The exact algorithm is a secret only Google knows, but it most likely is some combination of daily downloads, daily active users, and daily monthly users. This system of ranking helps to separate highly downloaded apps that quickly lose users from applications receiving less downloads but growing a strong user base.

Keep it as speculation for now, but a glance at the rankings in the Market shows they have definitely shifted, and mostly for the better.

[via GigaOM]

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  1. “Engagment,” “daily monthly users.”

    Good to see Google is fixing the market. Wish they’d work a little faster, though.

  2. Sorry, I’m stupid.

    What’s “app engagement?”

    1. I’d say engagement is using (app is run).

      Lot’s of people download apps, try them and then they just sit, doing nothing.

  3. I also hope they will do something about the comment spamming of those douchebags who whore themselves on Social App’s out of control!

  4. That should certainly help surface better games.

  5. How do they know when I’m using a certain app? Do they all phone home?

  6. How is it even possible for Google to measure this ‘engagement’? Are apps reporting back usage statistics or something?

    And if so am I the only person who would be uncomfortable with that? I don’t recall ever being asked to give consent to that sort of behaviour.

    I’m just about to come back to Android from WP7 and I don’t like reading stuff like this.

    1. I’d be a little bothered about it too but you have to remember this is entirely speculation.

  7. The full link to the Android App Tracker is full ranking stats on all ranked apps on the market which is around 50k atm with Google maxing out its ranks per category to 800. We also have Hot Apps page which shows the apps with the biggest movement in position.

  8. I too am concerned that google knows when I use an app.

  9. Daily monthly? lolwut?

  10. Pretty sure Google does not track any usage metrics. They leave it to developers to include Google Analytics on their own for these metrics. Google only keeps track of installs, not usage.

  11. I would still like to see TAGS used, Google. What’s their problem with using proven methods to allow you to find similar things easily? I really like how Mozilla has done discovery for addons for Firefox. I can find what I’m looking for in no time. I can’t do that with any of Google’s apps or extensions–Chrome web apps, Chrome extensions, Android Market, etc. . .

    I thought they knew a little about the web?!?!?

  12. From what I can see in the Market, myYearbook is #12, Seesmic is #4 & Gowalla is #24:

  13. nu…so when’s the wedding?

  14. Naaaah…Hairy Japanese babes would be at #9 at least.

  15. Glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what “app engagement” is. Phandroid needs better editing.

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