Verizon Customers May Want to Update Their Spam Filters


Epsilon, a company that handles email databases for a large number of companies, had a bit of a security breach last week. Verizon Communications seems to be a part of the roughly 50 companies who were affected and says they have taken action to notify customers of the breach they claim has been limited to only email addresses.

Verizon has said in their email:

Epsilon has assured us that the information exposed was limited to email addresses, and that no other information about you or your account was exposed,

Oh my.

[via Reuters]

Tyler Miller

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  1. I’ve gotten few this Epsilon emails. And I’m sprint customer

  2. Comcast AND US Bank warned me about this.

  3. Got a similar email from best buy this morning.

    1. Got one from best buy rewards zone too, a couple days ago.

  4. Maybe Epsilon needs to tighten security more… I got the message from Best Buy last week

  5. and target…

  6. Not worried. Gmail has the best spam filters anyway :)

  7. No email from Verizon yet.
    I am up to 6 notifications from vendors courtesy of Epsilon… SO FAR
    Others with more????

  8. Ten to fifteen warnings so far, I am such an Internet Whore

  9. Interesting how the emails I’ve been getting aren’t the address on my VZW acct. So it seems more than just Verizon were affected by this?

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