Update: HTC Evo View 4G Will Release With Android 3.0 Honeycomb


When we last ran into the HTC Evo View 4G (try saying that 5 times fast) at CTIA earlier this year, feelings were a little mixed within the Android community. I remember hearing all kinds of rumblings about how disappointed people were with the fact that it was running Android 2.3, a version of Android not really optimized for tablets.

Well, it appears a lot has changed since then. According to Sprint’s website, they are listing the device as an Android 3.0 tablet. This comes as huge news to me as I had little interest in a tablet of any kind running anything short of Honeycomb 3.0. Could this is be a typo or error on Sprint’s part? Or could HTC actually be listening to feedback and redesigning their tablet accordingly? One thing is for sure, if further redesign changes the tablet to come equipped with Qualcomm’s new dual-core chipset, I will definitely be picking one up! You hear that, HTC?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Too bad, I can’t stand the lost screen resolution you get with Honeycomb’s status/navigation bar. One of the main reasons I went to CM7 on my Nook Color.

    1. lol wow

    2. Do you know how much space you are talking about? .32″ tall on a 10.1″ display. 6% of the screen in landscape, 3.75% in portrait. Even less on a nook. Is it that big of a deal, really? I’m using the tablet modified version of CM7 on my nook, and the status bar on that is the same size or slightly larger than the honeycomb one was when I used that.

    3. Too bad, I can’t stand the lost screen real estate you get with pre-Honeycomb’s need for real buttons separate from your status bar. One of the main reasons I’m looking forward to CM8 on my Nook Color someday.

    4. Then you don’t get the great benefit of it. Say you’re watching a full screen movie and you get a notification… what is it? E-mail? Text? Earthquake? Calendar event?
      Well, you’ll have to turn that movie off to find out.
      Unless you’re using Honeycomb, that is, in which case you already know what the notification is.

      1. lol…earthquake

  2. If it’s true I’ll be first in-line to buy it.

  3. I just want my friggin stylus. I could say goodbye to sharpening pencils, getting all this graphite all over my hands and dirty erasers. All my math homework could be saved to my hdd or the cloud

    1. Psh, kids these days… :)

      1. Psh, old folks these days… ^_~

  4. I call typo

  5. Hopefully this is true..definately something i will look at later down the road this year. First on my list will be the Htc Evo 3d..This is a great option to have on the tablet side.

  6. Make a slightly larger version, with the same pen input and 3.0, I might even forget that it’s not dual core.

  7. this changes EVERYTHING!

  8. richard looks like he is high or something, what a monkey

  9. HTC’s site still says 2.3

  10. Why is this a surprise? HTC have already promised a honeycomb update for the flyer in Q2. So, they’re shipping this version with it, big deal.

    1. Thanks for sharing your lack of surprise. Our lives are better for it.

  11. I really doubt there will be a huge difference between 2.3/3.0 with HTC Sense still overlaying the entire system. I would look forward to a 3.0 update but I don’t see why everyone thinks its so absolutely necessary that a tablet launch with 3.0. Either way, HTC is known to update and 3.0 is right around the corner.

  12. This is the only tablet that had a chance of taking on the iPad2 because it is the only android tablet that isn’t a freaking toy.

    1. I think they are on to something big. Every student needs this.

      1. 100 million likes for this. Give it enough juice for multimedia consumption, and practical applications for students and we’re golden. Push an update later with whatever HTC is up to with all their media acquisitions and the cake is officially iced. As a student, I would kill for this.

    2. Asus Transformer looks very good as well.

  13. This is just a HTC flyer is it not?? Like its brother, the evo view 4g will never see honeycomb unless the processor is magically swapped later on.

    1. What a load of bollocks.

    2. …what? The processor is just fine. I, myself, want a Flyer over a Xoom. Or one of the new Galaxy Tabs from Sammy. I don’t need the power of a dual core, it’d be bragging rights. I’m sure i’ts 1.5 GHz will do just fine for most games. And, since it’s HTC, it’ll probably have lighter root/bootloader restrictions. Oh, and did I mention that Honeycomb has NO-zip, zero, nada, none-hardware restrictions? It could probably be run(although very slowly) on a G1 if you tried hard enough! The only difference between a Flyer and a Evo View 4G is the included radios and the name. It’s the same tablet. Oh, and since it’s Sprint branded, it’ll likely receive updates slower.

  14. I’m pretty sure the new Asus tablet is going to meet my needs over this. I can’t see signing a 2 year contract on a this thing when a number of more powerful machines are slated for release this year.

    Maybe I’ll change my mind when I get my hands on one if the price is right.

  15. I also think it is a typo, but I would rather have a 2.3 Evo View than a 3.0 Xoom

  16. Honeycomb is overrated, only the new widgets are useful over Gingerbread and I would prefer Sense UI on top of it anyway. For me stock Honeycomb is not very polished. The HTC tablet looked great in sneak peak videos that I’ve seen.

    1. I’m guessing you’ve never used Honeycomb.

  17. Good work Chris, and I agree wholeheartedly – Android tablet without 3.0 = not even on the radar.

  18. This thing is the kind of Android fragmentation that I want! Hardware fragmentation -something that sets manufacturer apart that really adds value. And yes, it will take longer to tweak the software cause there’s this extra piece of hardware to write software for. I hate all the baked-in software layers for UI and skins that manufacturers have been doing. Time to stop and focus on creative hardware addons. One thing I’d like android manufacturers to focus on are the simple things – like docking stations and mini/micro webcam addons. How about using your tablet as a plain LCD display for other devices like digital video and still cameras. How about focusing on the camera and camera software. How about making the hardware customizable like buying notebooks online now – where you get to pick internal memory sizes, camera specs, screen sizes/resolutions, graphics chips, etc.
    (yes I know about the company that is trying to do this in Germany.) Come on
    Android hardware guys, use you’re creativity in hardware not stupid UI’s and skins!

  19. Also, way to go Chris. You successfully addressed one of the major gripes with Phandroid. Updates get overlooked and not seen. Thanks for bumping the article back up so we all saw it.

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