Samsung Galaxy S II Gets Gently Shoved Back to May


Samsung Galaxy S II seems to have missed its intended ship date according to UK retailer Clove’s website. Originally slated for a March release date, Clove has re-listed the device for a vague May release.

Without a contract, the disturbingly thin phone will sell for £528 ($860) for the 16GB model and £708 ($1,152) for the 32GB.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve looked forward to this phone since it was announced at MWC. Despite Samsung’s poor track record of updating their handsets, something about the Galaxy S II line keeps pulling me in. Any UK Phandroids planning on snatching up this phone when its released?

NOTE: the Clove link stopped working shortly after publishing… someone make a boo boo or just a coincidence?

[Via Electronista]

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  1. I like the idea of phones with 1 gig ram, 32 gig internal storage and still allows you a 32 gig sd card.

    1. Hey, I’m sure Apple will give you a 64gb option in the iphone 5 for a ridiculous price on contract.

    2. I wish the Evo3d came with 32 gig internal storage and then 32 gig sd card that would be a dream come true but that won’t happen. Guess I will have to be happy with the 4 gigs of internal storage and the 8 gig card at least it has the i gb of ram thank god for that. I do love the Samsung Galaxy Sii great device only problem it will have only 2.2 froyo i guess.

      1. get you fact right, SGS2 use gingerbread 2.3.3

  2. tooo much id rather taking the LG optimus 3D

    1. cool but no FFC though.
      HTC EVO 3D will have a FFC and the 3d camera in back.

      1. It does have a FFC, I believe it’s 2 mp. Once you’ve used Super Amoled, it;s hard to go back to LCD, now Super Amoled plus will be even better.

        1. No, I mean the LG optimus 3D doesn’t have FFC.

  3. I’m in France and can’t wait to get it, I’m literally fed up of my HTC Desire HD and its horrible battery life, and washed out colors !

    1. yeah I really hate the washed out colors of all the other phones.

  4. Come to the US soon please. This phones rapes everything

    1. No, not really… Yes, it IS a design rip from the iPhone

      1. Facepalm…

      2. Because the iphone has a dual core processor, 1GB DDR2 ram, NFC, 8mp camera, 1080p recording, 4.3″ display, oled technology, hdmi out, removable memory, and a replaceable battery that doesn’t require shipping the phone back to Apple? Yeah, okay. At this point, anything the iphone 5 features as an upgrade would be a rip from Samsung. To be honest, I can’t see Apple hitting a spec list like that for another 3-4 iterations based on the way they ration features.

      3. No. They didn’t steal the iphone 4’s antenna. Even the Chinese KIRFers didn’t want to copy that design.

      4. so now apple patent the design? Who the hell want the easy broke piece of glass design, ifag never change, *sigh

      5. Please. You really thing the SGS just happens to look like an iPhone 3GS? And this just happens to look like an iPhone 4? The phone is completely different, IMHO a big improvement, but the visual look (which I’m pretty sure Keller was referring to) is similar. I’ve heard people mistake my brother’s SGS for an iPhone despite the size difference. And ifag? Really? That’s just pathetic.

  5. This phone will freakin rock!!!

  6. Only way I’d consider this is if it had stock. If i wanted an iPhone, I’d get an iPhone

  7. didn’t expect it until June so may is still good for me! i just wanna touch it haha

  8. Fuck y’all talking about! This phone is hott. Touch wiz will be taking off the phone on da first day like my vibrant. the only problem is, when do it come to you the U.S and will it be on t mobile?

  9. The only reason I would get it would be for movie codecs, and that makes it worth it already.

    1. LG also realized that people need their codecs.

  10. This phone will be amaizing, I can’t wait to get it.

  11. Great phone, Great specs, android 2.4 a year after release? No thank you.

  12. i must agree with those above, we need a US release date. i honestly don’t care when, if ever it comes out in some place i’ll never have the chance to get it. right now i’m stuck between this and the EVO 3D. please Samsung, don’t forfiet the match just because you want to show up to the game after halftime.

  13. I want this phone so bad I can taste it. I will wait to read and watch reviews prior to purchase, but I think everybody knows this is going to be the best, most capable phone of the year.

  14. I will probably get this but not straight away. Probably when prices drop a bit and that I can confirm it isn’t plagued by the same lag issue suffered by the original Galaxy S. Samsung have been very slow with updates to the Galaxy S but I am prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt as this is their first popular Android phone and thus they may have been hindered with the learning curve of updating their TouchWiz UI with new flavours of Android OS. Personally, I’d prefer a stock interface but if they do insist on TouchWiz UI for this phone then I am really expecting them to deliver timely updates. If I get let down this time then I will no longer be buying Samsung phones in future.

  15. What’s the point of converting to dollars in your post? Yes, to show Americans how much it would be in dollars…but why? It’s not like it will be $1100 in USA. You’re only confusing them and making them think that it will arrive with that price in USA.

    If a phone is 700 pounds or euros in Europe unlocked, it means it will be $600-$700 unlocked in USA, and most likely $200 with a contract for the 528 pounds one, and $250-$300 for the 708 pounds version.

    1. I think it is good to have a perspective on price. I bought an unlocked phone from Europe and used it on T-mobile USA.

    2. The prices shows are off contract and do not include carrier discounts.

  16. To be honest this is kinda old news… other sites such as play.com (where I have placed a pre-order) changed the release date to May ages ago…

  17. Contracted ended, was waiting for this to come out and give it a try. Oh well, maybe in May there wll be some more dual core smartphones out, waiting for the HTC HD Desire 2.

  18. I feel sorry for people in the UK if they have to pay that much for a phone off contract. $1100 is highway robbery! The most I’ve seen in the US is maybe $700 and that’s pretty high.

  19. The Galaxy S2 will have a 1,2 GHz processor. Will this influence the release date even more…?

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