Must Download Game: Backbreaker Football Free at Amazon Today


If you have a Tegra 2-powered device like the Motorola XOOM, Atrix 4G, or LG Optimus 2X, you are doing yourself a disservice by not rushing over to the Amazon Appstore and grabbing today’s freebie. Backbreaker Football isn’t your typical pigskin affair, instead it combines a range of min-game style challenges such as running past defenders to score a touchdown.

The app normally retails for $4.99 through the Android Market and Tegra Zone, or $2.99 on Amazon.

Amazon Appstore Link: Backbreaker Football

[via DroidGamers]

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  1. Would this work on a Nexus S?

    1. yes

  2. Amazon reviews are horrible for this game but I think it’s pretty cool

    1. Amazon reviews for almost all apps have been horrible. I don’t understand why they are so much lower than the Market. I have seen a lot of negative reviews because the apps won’t open or people can’t figure out how to uninstall them. Amazon needs to integrate the uninstall into their App store.

      1. They are more ‘nerdier’ than the general population so if you give them a game that doesn’t work on their heavily modded no-name tablet from China, they’ll give it 1 star.

        If Amazon offers a game that’s clearly meant for kids, they’ll give it 1 star.

        If they think it is part of a grand conspiracy to take over the world, they will rate it 1 star.

  3. This game is unplayable on my Xoom. Graphic distortions make it impossible to see the action on the field. I’ll see if i can get it working, but right now I’d say get it while it’s free, but don’t pay for it, and hopefully and update will help it out for Xoom owners.

  4. Its not going to work on the xoom this is not the THD version. This is the standard which is normally $2.99 not the $5.99 HD version.

  5. it didn’t work very well on my CM7 EVO but did work very well on a HoneyComb EMMC B&N Nook Colour.

  6. Wow.. i downloaded from amazonapps… this ran on my G2, it very smooth… no lag…

  7. works on my Incredible

  8. It’s cool for a freebie. Worked perfect on my Evo 4g no lag.

  9. It won’t install on my EVO 4G…not sure why

    1. it’s for tegra2 based phones and tablets. It’s not going to work on most devices.

      1. Not only for terga2. On HTC incredible it works just fine.

        1. That’s because its an incredible….lol. does not surprise me a bit!

        2. It works fine on my Epic 4g as well with no lag… Even the Dungeon Defender works with few lags n thats bcs i have all these other apps running. bare in mind that i’m yet to Root my phone. I guess that’s why they call it “EPIC”

  10. C’mon Kevin! At least know what your writing about BEFORE writing it. THIS IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE XOOM. This is the standard Backbreaker not the Backbreaker THD.

  11. Not a HUGE fan of this game. It’s okay, but not the most fun game that Amazon’s given away.

    There is also a second (and to me, much more fun) game being given away today as well. Airport Mania: First Flight

  12. I just installed this off the amazon app store and it runs flawlessly on my galaxy s

  13. Works great on my EVO

  14. Will this work on Sprint HTC Hero running CM7?

  15. Not running on my xoom!

  16. No No No
    This is the xoom version:
    The free one on Amazon is for the non-Tegra devices

    1. Yaeh, I was thinking the same thing when I saw that too. But runs great on my inredible….

  17. I installed it on a Tmo HD2 running CM7 and it plays smoothly but the textures are all missing. It’s just the shapes so its pretty obvious a Tegra chip (or at least better GPU than the HD2 has) is required

  18. Doesnt work on xoom… major vectoring, kind of like shadows running around the screen…

  19. Works great on samsung vibrant…froyo 2.2 A8 Hummingbird processor

  20. Most reviews on Amazon for nearly every app is sour. I stopped reading that shit and just tried it for myself.

  21. Works great on thunderbolt! I recommend it

  22. I can install the amazon app store because it says it is an unknown certificate. My application settings on my Atrix don’t look like the ones that their walkthrough showed.

    Any help? Thanks

    1. Amazon apps is not compatible with AT&T phones, because it doesn’t allow “Unknown sources”. There are ways to get around this, but requires rooting the phone.

    2. It is possible to install Amazon appstore as well as their apps without rooting. I’ve been doing so on my captivate since a few days after the appstore release. It just requires a little creative use of the android central’s sideload wonder machine and a little know how. There’s more info on the android central forums about it or at the following link.

      1. sideloader wonder machine

    3. sideloader wonder machine works great. I have been installing on my Atrix with no problems

  23. * I meant to say “can’t” install the amazon app store

  24. I didnt know this game was this fun. I woulda been picked this up. Its gets funner when more defenders show up in the later levels.

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