Even More Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Ads Offer Another Take on the Gaming Handset


Sony Ericsson isn’t pulling any punches with the Xperia Play. We have already seen two sets of rather creative advertisements for the handset, including the Super Bowl “Thumbs” spot and a group of rather whacky vignettes featuring Kristen Schaal. Striking while the iron is hot, two new spots have come online emphasizing the gaming experience on the handset. Check them out below.

[via DroidGamers]

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  1. Nice, but ill stick to my DROID INC….

  2. still no sign of katamri eh?

  3. I really really wish some sort of news on the release of this thing would come out

  4. Hi John, It’s out already….in the UK.

    1. Now you know what our Verizon Droid ads are like :)

    2. I am a poor US Verizon sucker :(

  5. Man! I hope gameloft and ea port most of there best games to the play! I could use some dead space mma and hero of Sparta two in my life!


  7. I have one but on those ads its pure gingerbread not the timescape UI as it is with Xperia play…is it going to be different in US than in Europe ??

  8. No more story updates until a U.S. release date & price, this is getting ridiculous…

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