Sprint Calls Tests Giving Verizon 4G Lead ‘Inaccurate’


Last week a series of 1,000 speed tests conducted in New York City by BTIG Research concluded that Verizon’s 4G LTE network outpaced Sprint’s 4G WiMAX. Today, Sprint is calling the results of the study “inaccurate.” The tests found Sprint’s WiMAX consistently delivering speeds of about 1Mbps down and up, while the LTE network of Verizon saw an average of 9Mbps down and 5Mbps up.

Sprint believes that one set of speed tests on Verizon’s relatively new network simply isn’t enough data for an accurate comparison. The company also points to reliability of the network over the long term with high traffic as another mark of quality, a test Verizon’s network hasn’t yet withstood. Here is Sprint’s full statement delivered to BGR:

“In a word, we find these tests inaccurate.

We work closely with an independent third party research company which reports regularly to us on real-world, scientifically tested speeds and the results we see do not match what Piecyk found. We’ve recently seen speeds in NYC (inclusive of New Jersey) averaging 4-5Mbps download.

The Verizon 4G LTE network is very new so no one has any fully time-tested data on it yet. As their network gets loaded and more than just one smartphone comes forward on their network, we can better assess its capabilities. In the early days of 4G for Sprint, we saw some very high speed numbers when the Network was launched (much higher than our current speed claims) but what ultimately matters to customers is a consistent, long-standing experience based on a network loaded with customers.

While speed tests will come and go, Sprint continues to offer consumers a dependable 4G network, more 4G devices and a better 4G value – with the only truly unlimited 4G – and we will continue to invest in expanding and enhancing Sprint 4G.”

[via BGR]

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  1. Of course they are going to say this when they get blown out of the water. I think all of these tests are inaccurate I mean if you really want to get a good understanding test in more then one market than compare results. All this is is for advertising anyway so they can say well x is faster than y’s 4g.

      1. So your presuming Verizon is throttling their 4g data speeds. Makes you mad that they charge the same price for unlimited 3g or 4g and its still faster. No matter how many youtube links you post your arguement is weak at best like your WIMAX speeds.

      2. You are coming off like a clown. If your self-worth relies on your network being faster, you have my pity.
        I happen to be on Verizon. I left Sprint because their coverage is spotty in the Detroit area. Still, I can accept that Sprint’s coverage may be superior in other places. If I move to one of those places, I’ll consider Sprint again. Why? Because I don’t have any loyalty to Verizon. Just as Verizon or Sprint have none to me or you.
        My point is, you need to relax. You are embarrassing yourself. You write things, like Thunderdud, and we all just feel sorry for you.

        1. I have found that a lot of these more passionate posters tend to work for said telco or are in some way connected. As the saying goes, never waste your time arguing with someone who’s income depends on them being right.

          1. I understand what you’re saying, but there is no real reason to be so fanatically biased as Richard is. Even CEO’s of big corporations know when to back down/applaud the other guy.

          2. You guys are REAL FUNNY.. I am just as FANATICAL as any of you. What makes your thoughts and support of Verizon any better than my thoughts and support of Sprint???? Get over it we have people that support our network just as much as you have the same for yours. I place Sprint against Verizon any day

          3. Since I can’t reply to your post I’m going to reply to my own. I am not “just as FANATICAL” as you. The difference between you and me is that I at least know when to back down/admit I’m wrong. I try to support all sides to the best of my ability, though I know I am liable to be biased one way or another. If both 3rd party research groups and most users are reporting barely being able to connect to/slow upload and download speeds on 4G, logically, I’d have to go with the flow and side with them. From my understanding, Wimax doesn’t work as well as LTE in buildings. If memory serves, Wimax has either a lower or higher frequency which doesn’t allow for long distance transmission. While it’s great that Sprint was the first 4G carrier (even though it wasn’t really 4G) now we are paying the price. The company behind Wimax is going broke, and Sprint now has a “plan B”. We shouldn’t have needed a “plan B” in the first place. Also, if this “plan B” does go through, current and most future 4G devices (your beloved EVO 3D) most likely won’t be able to work on the LTE network. Use your brain and THINK.

          4. CEO’s have golden parachutes. The guy up on the cherry picker stringing wire from the pole to grandma’s house does not.

        2. Your real funny Mr. Concerned sorry you feel the way you do guess you’ll get over it. Carriers are Carriers and they are all not the same that’s for sure. And I say thunderdud because people hoping on the thunderbolt bandwagon is funny to me. Verizon never supports there customers or devices i won’t even mention there track record on updates that’s another joke… My advice to you is be HONEST and look at your network don’t be a former customer then start talking negative SPRINT PIMP SLAPS VERIZON SILLY regardless of that crappy iphone4 and thunderbolt

          1. Wow. Grow up and use correct grammar/punctuation. You’re 40+ years old, act like one.
            This next bit is from a purely objective standpoint. If Verizon has such a poor track record on updating their phones, then how is it that the original droid has an official 2.2.x while my Samsung Moment only has 2.1? Both phones came out at about the same time. Sure, I can put 2.2.x on my Moment now, but only because the devs at SDX ported it from other devices. How about you be honest with yourself and look at the REAL FACTS.

          2. thats probably because Sprint gave up on ur moment. lol. as they do with most “last-gen” devices.. lol. we cant blame em though,, its business.
            i mean,, my Epic JUST got 2.2 last week. lol. dont get me wrong, i love my Epic, I love 2.2, and i Love my service..
            but honestly, i think all carriers have problems updating phones that they dont label as “flagship” devices..

  2. Dependable??? The WIMAX Network in Miami Sucks!!!! You hear me Sprint… Your network sucks here in Miami, as soon my contract ends, my whole family is moving over….

    1. Over to what? Another network that sucks? What are you comparing it to?

      1. Verizon…and it does not suck.

        1. Verizon 3G in our area is pulling .4Mbps, Sprint is .6Mpbs… LTE is pulling around 6-8Mbps and WiMax is 7-9.5Mbps…

          I’m not saying that Sprint is better, or blah blah blah… But do homework before you sign a 2 year contract that will set you back $350 to get out of…

          1. It all depends on where you are and the amount of traffic. As you
            said…doing your homework is key.

        2. verizon does suck

          1. Only an idiot would make that ridiculous claim.

  3. There’s no argument here. Not even WiMAX 2 can keep up with the promise of LTE. I like Sprint, but this is just pathetic.

    1. Yawn, drinking the telco koolaid I see. Why don’t you actually read the specs and get back to us when you have a clue.

      1. Yeah… LTE offers download speeds up to 100 Mbps and upload speeds of 50 Mbps. WiMAX isn’t even close. Sprint has publicly indicated they plan on upgrading to LTE in the future. AT&T plans on upgrading to LTE after HSPA+. No koolaid here. You’re the clueless one.

        1. Lte does not offer those speeds…that would be Lte Advanced AND Wimax 2.

          1. You also have to distinguish between theoretical as well as speeds intended for backhaul vs endpoint. Something I am arguing with some other know nothings further up about. Fact is WiMAX is going to be used as the backhaul for a lot of LTE networks which some people seem to be blocking out because it is like telling them there is no easter bunny or something.

          2. Speaking of theoretical, do you have any idea what spectrum efficiency means? Prob not. But FYI LTE has greater efficiency than WiMAX.

          3. And here’s your basic math Sprint tool, Spectral efficiency means greater real time speeds = Frank+Sprint+WiMAX lose out.

        2. I guess you need to take a basic math course as well.

          Get back to us then….mmmmok!

          1. Just did Sprint tool.

          2. Correction:

            And here’s your basic math Sprint tool, Spectral efficiency means greater real time speeds for Verizon+LTE = Fred+Sprint+WiMAX lose out.

    2. @Tim242
      I’m aware. For the sake of argument I didn’t feel like detailing every point.

  4. It’s no secret that LTE is the fastest there is/ever was. No use fighting it Sprint. Maybe there argument is just that it’s not as fast as they say it is. Still faster, but not THAT fast…..I don’t know though, things are looking up for Verizon 4g

    1. Please explain. You do realize that a lot of Verizons backlinks are more than likely run on WiMAX don’t you? A backlink has to have much more bandwidth than the connection to the phones themselves.

      1. Right, Verizon has been secretly using a competing technology as opposed to one they’ve been trying to push… P.S. the backbone is a fiber connected backhaul with lastmile LTE. No WiMAX.

        On the other hand 802.16m is out (WiMAX 2) and will slaughter LTE (until LTE Advanced is published). The current networks are slow and are more like a marketing push until true 4G is utilized (~75Mbps).

        Basically, Sprint has the spectrum quantity to beat Verizon, but Verizon has better quality spectrum (low Mhz) and the cash to build out its network faster. In short, big V always wins.

        1. Good call Scifiballer24
          fred12345 has gone out of his way to dispute every comment that puts LTE above WiMAX, calls people clueless, when in fact, he himself is clueless. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

          1. Fred, I’m not sure where the argument is…

            We both know 4g is in its infancy and pales to what’s really in store. The big hurdles for the carriers isn’t really which technology, because WiMAX2 (for short) and LTE-Adv. will both allow for great speeds, it’s spectral quantity and efficiency.

            You can deploy all the WiMAX and LTE you want, but your speed will be limited by the amount of spectrum “blocks” you own.

            Sprint owns a good deal of spectrum, albeit not the best, and can pump out heaps of data in the future. Big V may not match Sprint’s speeds later on (just like they don’t today with 3g), but I guarantee it’ll be reliable as heck.

      2. You wanna find a reference to that? Because that is completely untrue.

        1. You know how to use google….and btw…already provided links in post further below. I know I can provide links and audio from industry insiders all I want and you know nothings will never accept that you are wrong no matter what.

          So now I am done with you too!

          1. You know how to use Google? You must mean, I’m full of it and have no empirical evidence.

    2. Disqus isn’t being cooperative here, but fred12345 a.k.a. I spread disinformation, this is directed at you.

      You created those articles written over a year ago? Really? The first Google search hits that pop up on your screen were in fact articles written by you?

      Know nothings? Really. You made up a story about Verizon using WiMAX back links. False!

      Tell me Fred, why would Sprint even consider switching to LTE if WiMAX is so great? Why is Sprint the only carrier to use WiMAX?

      Also, I like how your second link pinpoints a disadvantage of WiMAX. Let’s reference your second link, in the comments section, which I’m guessing you were too lazy to read, “The one problem we see is the lack of coordination with WiMAX frequency. Each operator is deploying their own licensed frequency and calling it WiMAX because it meets the conditions of OFDM and MIMO. This eliminates the idea of interoperability with various manufactures equipment. The 3.65GHz spectrum that the FCC has allowed is far too narrow of band for mass deployments.”

      Lastly, it’s obvious you use Sprint and have a bias. Me? I have AT&T and base my opinion off factual evidence.

  5. How many shills can Verizon pay in order to scaremonger anything else besides what they sell.

    1. Exactly! And how many morons on blog sites will believe their shilling.

      People who are generally quite clueless about technology and easily convinced.

  6. lulz damage control

  7. Remove the $10 “4G” Premium and STFU.

    1. I guess you missed the memos. It never was a 4G charge. To prove that, they now charge it for all smartphones.

      1. And surprise, it’s still cheaper than every other carrier and is actually unlimited as opposed to 5 GB.

        1. Cheaper, yes. But Verizon is still unlimited as well…for now.

          1. Hopefully they keep it going.

          2. Verizon and T-Mo both “throttle” at a certain limit (I think both are at 5GB right now) where Sprint doesn’t. That’s what Sprint means by “really Unlimited”.

          3. i used 10gb on my thunderbolt and have no throttling right now

          4. Let me educate you. First, Verizon doesn’t throttle. They adopted a policy
            do not automatically throttle, nor is it after a certain GB usage.

      2. it was initially charged to Evo’s as the ‘premium data fee’, but since it was only charged to the 4G device, many rationalized that it was for access to 4g Wimax. however, once Sprint users threatened lawsuits since Wimax isn’t fully deployed & paying for services not rendered or available, Sprint backtracked and charged all users this fee to avoid a lawsuit.

        1. You say that as if it is fact.

          1. ok, from what you said earlier, verizon DO throttle, right?

        2. It was originally charged to the Evo since it was the first device that had Android 2.2 and Flash ready to go. They knew that thing was going to chew data up and spit it out. Notice that now that all the devices (sans BlackBerry’s and WebOS) are carrying that fee? It’s because Android has Flash and WinPhone has Silverlight. Data Hogs!

  8. I knew all that..GARBAGE..posted days ago was nothing more than an attempt of BTIG to PROP UP verizon and there new LTE service. Nothing needs to be said in my book mainly because VERIZON has proven NOTHING SPECIAL with there network SPEED means nothing. What does matter is NETWORK REAL WORLD USAGE and what you have on your network. Sprint has a INDUSTRY LEADING 22 4g devices…IE… Evo 3d, Nexus S 4g, Evo 4g, Evo shift 4g, Epic 4g, Evo View 4g, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4g, Blackberry playbook 4g, and various mifi’s and other 4g related items. All these devices on one network my questing to all you verizon fanboys how many 4g devices are on your LTE network??? Let me help you out you only have (1) device on LTE… When you have more than 15 devices on your LTE NETWORK and at least 8months WORTH OF REAL WORLD USAGE COME SEE US ON SPRINT… THEN WE WILL TALK… This post will get over 100 COMMENTS because all the bleeding red verizon fanboys will be out in force to try to defend there new shinny lte network… THEY should spend more time being HONEST WITH THEMSELVES you only have the thunderdud on your LTE network… I am happy with my 4 to 8up and 2 to 4 down in the real world with my proven service…

    1. WiMax doesn’t stand a chance against LTE. That’s fact. Having many Wimax devices is utterly useless when the network is of poor quality and it doesn’t help with Wimax either. Sprint fanboys often say Verizon LTE network is not loaded yet, but that’s not true. They already launched LTE broadband service for tablet, laptop late last year plus the Thunderbolt just released. So there are good number of LTE devices out there and it’s increasing rapidly. Verizon’s LTE network is made to handle even full load without much loss of speed. Just get over it. I predict that Sprint will ditch Wimax in favor of LTE in a few years.

      1. Just get in line for this CAUSE IT’S NOT ON VERIZON THAT’S FOR SURE…

        1. So all you have going is the gimmick of a 3d device? Pretty sure lets list the phones coming to verizon with specs just as good: Revolution, Bionic, S2 so you can keep your 3d phone when it gets blown out of the water by the Galaxy 2 what are you going to say then? Because the fascinate with a single core nearly scored as high as the dual core that is clocked at 1.5 ghz when the galaxy s was at 1 ghz. But then again you need some gimmick to keep you entertained while you sit at home and play with your thumbs.

    2. Verizon LTE like you have said has just came out. So therefore they would only have 1 phone. Also when Sprint A.k.a Clearwire bullshit 4g came out it came no where near our speeds.

      1. You said “our speeds” like you helped create Verizon 4g. For the record in cincy oh I got 12mbs with my evo 4g the first few months I had it and I have screenshots to price it

        1. You might have gotten 12 down, but you never got 2 up did you?

          1. I meant to say prove not price.. most I’ve gotten up is 5 that’s with a cm7 rom. To fight for lte, I was checking out the thunderbolt and ran a speedtest inside a best buy and got 12 down and it was in the 20s for up..

            The Guy who keeps saying thunderdud, you must have an epic, cause the thunderbolt is a slighlty upgraded evo..

          2. The Thunderbolt definitely Isn’t NO Htc Evo 4g it never will be. Can’t blame verizon for COPYING THE THOUGHT but they didn’t copy the quality of the product that we have enjoyed for almost 1year on sprint.. The htc evo 4g is the granddaddy of 4g and all 4g devices there will never be another EVO 4G ON ANY NETWORK

      2. Don’t hate verizon fanboy you need some stability in your life come join us on sprint.

        1. Yeah your right the Thunderbolt will never be a EVO 4G because the Thunderbolt is a much better phone LOSER!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

          1. its slightly better,, i wouldnt say much better.. lol.

    3. You need to stop trying to spin this. 1st, it doesn’t matter how many different devices that are offered. What matters is actual devices being used. 2nd, your device list for Sprint has products that aren’t even available yet (right off the bat, I can tell you people can’t purchase the NS 4G or the Playbook yet). Do you really want to go with an inaccurate list of products to strengthen your argument? Because when people see you’re not telling the complete truth, it makes your complete argument look like a lie.

      Instead of telling use the survey was wrong with BS, why don’t you tell us how many Verizon 4G devices are currently active in the NYC area and how many Sprint devices actually have 4G on. Remember you can’t turn off the 4G on the Thunderbolt easily and we all know, almost everyone leaves their 4G off on Sprint’s devices because it drains the battery and coverage is spotty. Even Sprint’s rebuttal didn’t just include NYC, like the original tests by BTIG, they added NJ before giving a number.

      1. BTIG are they getting paid by Verizon??? Be honest with yourself Verizon has a long way to go before they can ever be sprint. Verizon got half of it right by asking htc to COPYING THE HTC EVO 4G that was smart but they forgot something they don’t understand there own lte technology. The end user deserves the right to control there device as they seem fit which thunderdud owners don’t have that choice to do because they have to pull out some STUPID SIM CARD TO SHUT OFF LTE. Sprint understands 4g technology much better than Verizon that’s why the true king of 4g android devices the Htc Evo 4g came with a 4g toggle switch that can be controlled by the customer. Verizon is useless and so is there welfare version of our Htc Evo 4g

        1. Their, there, and they’re. Look them up and learn when to use the right one. We don’t need to pull the sim card to turn off 4g. Its a simple dialpad input that takes us to a menu to make it 3g only. Yet again, you come off as an uneducated moron spitting out nonsense you know nothing about while clinging to Sprints tit to justify your choosing of a half asked network.

          1. Your simply stupid… Did this dailpad input come from verizon??? Please your device should’ve come with an on and off toggle switch. You need to learn more my friend about technology

          2. Actually DICK, its you who needs to learn about technology. An on/off switch is for the simple people. Like you. Most phones these days are able to use special codes input through the dialpad to do many different things. For instance, I can force my Samsung Moment to roam using the dialpad when it’s too stupid to figure out when to do it itself. The fact that Verizon didn’t feel the need to put a 4G on/off switch speaks volumes about their trust in their technology. Have you rooted your beloved EVO? If not, you’re waaaay behind in the tech world. Come back to me when you know what a kernel is, or the difference between JIT and no JIT, or even how to root your EVO. And the fact that he does know about this dialpad input only shows that he DOES know about technology. Otherwise he’d be another uneducated loser like you.

        2. If Sprint is so good why are the #3 in the industry?? If they were so good like you say they are everyone would be jumping ship!! There is a reason they are #3 in the industry, cause they suck!! You have fun talking shit with youre out dated pos EVO and evo 3D cause those are the only good phones Sprint will have all year! Im not worried cause in a years time you will be eating your own words you waste of space. Now do us all a favor and go walk into oncoming traffic you GEEK!!!

          1. You act like you have some knowledge of technology or carriers for that matter. Let me help you out with something information is power and I can see you have none so i won’t waste my time on you

          2. Thats exactly what I thought LOSER!!!

        3. If they understood 4g so well, why would they need to give their customers an option to shut it off?

          1. Uum simply for the fact that not everyone is in a 4g area why drain the battery looking for a signal in an area that hasnt gotten 4g yet.

    4. You clearly have SPEED ENVY DENIAL! Do a little research before commenting. Verizon has 3 usb modems, a mobile hot spot modem, and the Thunderbolt all running 4g. Not to mention several phones coming out within the next 2 months and the Xoom all with 4g capabilities. You sound so proud of your 3g+ network which may be going to LTE, if rumors hold true, making your 22 devices completely useless on WIMAX.

      1. ?speed envy? its called speaking the truth,,what you have?1 one phone so much less traffic on your lte network.makes sense huh,are you 12?think.!!…yeah so ,you got the the news as well as possible move to lte..thanks for breaking the old news.

        1. A 12 year old would still have better grammer than the nonsensicle ramble you just posted. Are you still going to defend Wimax so passionately when Verizon gets more 4g devices and LTE still blows Wimax out of the water. Verizon took its time releasing its 4g network because they wanted it to be faster and more reliable than any other phone carriers network.

    5. Funny you say they have 22 4g devices pretty sure on their site they dont.

        1. I watched the entirety of this video. Nowhere does it even mention the number 22, let alone that there are 22 devices available. Because there aren’t. There aren’t even 22 devices currently out, yet to be released, or rumored combined. Learn to count.

        2. I watched the entirety of this video. Nowhere does it even mention the number 22, let alone that there are 22 devices available. Because there aren’t. There aren’t even 22 devices currently out, yet to be released, or rumored combined. Learn to count.

    6. Yea… I could list a bunch of unreleased devices to combat that on VZW if I wanted to… Blackberry Playbook, galaxy s, galaxy tab 4g… not available for purchase… just as the playbook isnt available for purchase on vzw

    7. your one of only a very few,who speaks with logic and reality.ty.

      1. Thank you

    8. Ummmm wow. You obviously can’t count. Hitting the “4G” option on Sprint’s Phones section provides 8 results, all of which can be bought now. Assuming all of the devices you’ve listed are 4G and coming to Sprint (Blackberry Playbook and EVO View) on top of the CONFIRMED 4G devices (Nexus S, EVO 3D, etc), thats about 6 or 7. Bringing the total 4G devices, currently available and at least possible, to 14 or 15. For the heck of it, I’ll just say 16 to be nice. 16 DOES NOT EQUAL “a[n] INDUSTRY LEADING 22 4g devices”. Now, if you can point me in the direction of the remaining 6 4G devices, by all means do so and I’ll retract my statement. But please, stop making such wild claims that are not backed by truth or even rumor. It makes you look like a retard.

      And your partly right, your dumb ass comment gained quite some attention, but not nearly 100. Not even 20 at the time of this posting (including mine). Such a sad sad little man that you need to bolster yourself with supposed fame…

      1. Gosh not you again… I thought we ditched your bum butt. Verizon fanboy in the house you and all your fanboy friends are a waste. My suggestion to you is DON’T HATE PARTICIPATE IN THE JOY OF SPRINT AND THERE INDUSTRY LEADING 4G HANDSETS/DEVICES. Every day you breath and you look at that crappy smartphone you have I know your desire is an Evo 3d or at least a real carrier that supports there customers. You and verizon along with all the other bleeding red verizon fanboys can go stand on a crowded highway and get ran over by tractor trailer VERIZON SUCKS AND SO DOES THERE DEVICES

        1. How many times do I have to say it DICK, I have a Samsung Moment on the SPRINT network. If you want proof, look me up on the SDX forums, username “squiddy”. Pretty much all of my posts are pertaining to the Samsung Moment. I don’t think I’ve complained once about Sprint, just the phone. I haven’t used any other carrier besides Sprint. I’m currently 20 and got my first phone (Sprint) when I was around 11 or 12. I may come off as a “Verizon fanboy” but I’m just saying things that are based in at least some truth. Yeah, we might be the leader in 4G devices, but that doesn’t mean anything if over half the users, from what I understand, can’t connect to or get superior speeds on the 4G network. All I’m saying is that maybe, just maybe, if Sprint hadn’t rushed their 4G service, we might be on top. Instead, as others have pointed out, we’re in 3rd place and about to be last if the AT&T/Tmobile deal goes through. I like Sprint, I’ve really got nothing to complain about them. I’m just being objective about things. I know when to roll with the punches and admit something is amiss. You obviously don’t.

        2. I will only tell you one more. There, their, and they’re are completely different words with different meaning. You only discredit yourself further by calling people stupid when you can’t even use basic english a 2nd grader would know. If Sprint is paying you to troll on every post related to them, they are not helping their cause using a dimwit such as yourself. Get some real facts for a real arguement or GTFO.

        1. Ok, so I was wrong on the EVO View tablet. My mistake. Of the “INDUSTRY LEADING 22 4g devices” you talked about, I’m still waiting for you to tell me about 5 or six devices… Oh wait, you can’t. There haven’t even been rumors of any other upcoming devices.
          Learn basic math and how to do research before you start spouting off such untrue crap.

      2. What’s the point of having 16+ devices when their Wicrapx service sucks? and I have sprint so no I’m not a verizon fanboy.

        I was an early adopter i got the Evo on june 4th , I waited patiently for a steady and consistent 4g signal , 4 months later after it was turned on it still doesn’t connect and when it does (hardly ever) it sucks 1-2 mbps … lol my friend iphone 4 on 3g avg’s 2-3 mbps.

        Soon I’ll jump ship to VZ or ATT , if i could get out of this crappy network and contract…

  9. Sprint knows there days are numberd thats why there going out with a fight haha

    1. Please explain. Links. Rationale. Tick tock.

      1. Reporting nothing but losses year after year. Google will help you if you want to find out more…

    2. …and why they are trying to get their grubby mits on T-Mo.

    3. You wish I’m sure…. Don’t hold your breath on that one happening

  10. They’re saying that data speeds are partially a function of how many users are on the network and that Verizon’s numbers are inflated because it’s so new that they don’t have a lot of users on the network. Sprint has been the most reasonable-sounding carrier to me lately.

    I’d still rather have LTE.

  11. “with the only truly unlimited 4G” ummm, last time I checked my bill has me at unlimited data, both 3g and 4g for the same price.

    1. Have you hit 12GB in a single month on your phone yet? Try it some time on verizon. Their 4G dongles and hotspots are “unlimited” at 5GB, so unless they dont charge extra or throttle on their phones, you might find the $10/GB over 5 a little steep if you regularly go over 5.

      1. “dongles”, now THAT’S a fun word! ha!

  12. Again, speed means nothing if Verizon goes metered.

  13. I say those tests are about on par with what i get vs my neighbors 4g verizon dongle gets. Central Florida wimax completely sucks i can’t get over 2mbs on my evo any more.

  14. Sprint is untrustworthy. I was on the phone with a technical support rep complaining about my anemic Sprint up/down speeds here in NYC, explaining how I could barely get a signal on my phone in my living room while my brother’s brand new Thunderbolt could not only connect, but could get a 4G signal, the guy had the guts to tell me “Well, that can’t be, because Verizon’s 4G network isn’t up in NY yet”… I asked the guy, and he was somewhere in the Midwest… and he had the guys to try to tell me that I couldn’t see with my own eyes what I could see with my own eyes! Sprint’s average connection speed is like a dial-up modem. Just this weekend I missed a phone call because the phone couldn’t maintain a strong enough connection where it was — in my apartment! Anyone who defends Sprint’s network as superior is fooling themselves.

    1. Man oh man… Not you again with all this stuff again which only reflects YOUR USE AND PROBLEMS this doesn’t happen to all of us. You been harping these issues for over 2months now my question to you is why are STILL ON SPRINT??? Plus that Verizon thunderdud your friend has is a FAULTY DEVICE

      1. “All of us”? So your comments represent something *other than* “YOUR USE AND PROBLEMS”? LOL STFU, nerd, your obsessive Sprint-praise and childish attacks are annoying to everyone.

      2. Please to be explaining (in a logical manner) how the ThunderBOLT is faulty.

      3. I also have to point out, from a purely logical standpoint, that if the Thunderbolt is as you say a “FAULTY DEVICE”, then how was it getting 4G when he could barely get 3G? That doesn’t seem to me to be a faulty Thunderbolt… Use that 40+ year old logic dumbass. Stop trolling about everything Sprint and Verizon. Broaden your horizons why don’t you? Comment on something OTHER than Sprint stuff.

        Oh, by the way, good job at getting SCHOOLED by TONS of other people. Good to know everyone can see through your fanboyishness and make you look like a complete ass. +1 for you!

  15. Honestly Im glad they did that research. Hopefully it alerts Sprint to the fact that they need a faster, more consistent 4G tech that is widespread and delivers like Verizon’s 4G LTE Network. (looking at you LightSquared).

    If I get 1.5mpbs on 3G, what’s the point of 4G if it’s unreliable and I barely get above those speeds?

  16. Sprint needs to take it like a man. Man up your network sucks o well, your making it worse talking about it.

    1. And your network is unproven with only (1) 4g device… Verizon is a JOKE still wet behind the ears. Bring more 4g devices on your network BEFORE YOU TALK ABOUT ANYTHING

      1. Umm dumbass 4g been out since last December and there are1 phone device but here is also a 4g modem card that business people use. So its not q new network

        1. Wow… THAT’S so many devices

      2. hey richard if verizon network sucks so bad then why does sprint pay to use it when you roam? Thats right because they dont have near the coverage that verizon has. But your right it sucks so that means sprint must suck even worse since they dont have their own network and must use others networks.

        1. How often does anyone roam on verzions network i never have that’s for sure.

          1. If you’ve ever roamed at all, it was on Verizon’s network, not anyone else’s. I know I have roamed. Mostly because the college I go to doesn’t get Sprint reception inside the building very well. And when traveling from VA to OH or vice versa, there are spots where there is no Sprint coverage

      3. Aren’t there a couple 4g usb cards and a 4g mifi? Your research is the joke.

        1. Name these products?????? I will wait for your response

          1. For Sprint, under the Shop and then Phones tabs, selecting “4G” brings up 3 results that are not cell phones or computers. The U600,the Sierra Wireless Overdrive Hotspot, and the Mifi Hotspot by Novatel.
            Verizon shows 3 different USB modems, all 4G: Verizon’s 511L, LG’s VL600, and Pantech’s UML290. They then have 1 Mobile Hotspot device that employs 4G, Samsung’s SCH-LC11.
            All of these were found from the Sprint website store and Verizon website store, respectively. That brings the total to Sprint: 3 4G devices, Verizon: 4. Don’t believe me? Look it up yourself. If that’s not research, I don’t know what the f**k is.
            It should be noted that for both Sprint and Verizon websites, I had to input my zip code, so results may vary slightly by location. I’m only reporting what I found for myself in my area.

  17. Wimax is pretty unreliable, I love my EVO but I’d love it even more of my 4G can penitrate my work building, its so spotty its not even funny. And since Wimax has been put on somewhat of a halt I’m kind of dissapointed.

  18. I get 1Mbps down, .7 up on 3G on Sprint – so I’m not sure I trust the report saying WiMAX does no better than that. Not saying it’s wrong – just saying maybe…

    1. The report above simply is a lie no way around it. Rather it’s faster or not who cares I am happy with my service and speed every day

      1. How do you know it was a lie? Were you there when they did the tests? Did you actually witness results? I’m pretty sure you weren’t. Stop acting like you’re always right. It makes you look very conceited.
        I will admit, your second point is absolutely true. As long as the user/customer is happy, that’s basically all that matters.

        (See, I know when to applaud the other guy. Even when that other guy is a highly opinionated, very arrogant person. Can you do the same?)

  19. I suggest Sprint add an additional $10 (Super Premium Fee) for the speed to match…

  20. you guys are hilarious

    1. Yeah it’s funny here… The Verizon fanboys support there network and I support mines just as openly

      1. Ummmmm I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic dumbass. You fail at reading between the lines. Good job.
        Oh, and it’s “they’re” not “there”. Go back to grade school…

        1. Actually, in that usage it’s “their.”

  21. LOl at all the Sprint apologists on here. I had Sprint for 2 years and it was god awful in both Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio. The battery on my phone would be dead in a few hours because it would lose a signal anytime I was indoors. Verizon on the other hand is the exact opposite and I ALWAYS have a signal no matter where I go.

    1. Sure you do… Stop lying verizon has crappy 3g service you must be some kind of verizon plant. Verizon fanboys are so funny

  22. I see lots of people bashing Wimax, but have you actually used it? I live in the Portland metro area and coverage here is pretty good with speeds averaging 4Mbps and never dropping below 3Mbps. LTE is nonexistent here and I’ve yet to see a Verizon roadmap that indicates when they’ll roll it out in this area. Of course I also get 3Mbps on HSDPA with T-Mobile so Wimax isn’t really that exciting to me.

  23. WOW lot of fanboys here. This comes from a thunderbolt owner. LTE is fast yes very fast but It is still very spotty. Go to the forums and see how many problems people have staying connected to the 4g network in certain areas. When I first got the phone I could not use 4g, it has gotten better over time and outside metro areas it works great but since my house is in the middle of 4g it should work great as well, but it doesn’t. Sitting on my computer I get ok signal, standing in my stairs it would drop 4g and I get no signal.

    Lot of my friends have Evo and in california, orange county, they all seem to get 3-8mb down and 1-5 up. I mean that is fast enough speed on a phone. I love verizon service but they are having their share of issues with LTE. I could hit 25mb down and 7-8 up on and few hours later I could only hit 5mb down and 1.5 up. So yea verizon is not that nice they will throttle the hell out of your service as more users sign on.

    Stop picking favorites no company is going to come and put food on your table, enjoy what works for you best. Sprint has great service where I live. From what I know in this area all my friends that have sprint have no regrets. Although I will be sticking with verizon for the time being.

    1. The clueless techno know nothings around here seem to think it’s as easy as flicking a switch and suddenly the cell signal ferries will sprinkle their magical 4g dust all over the place simultaneously. Oh, and bandwidth is limitless so one phone on a network or several million phones will not make any difference.

      1. Then they should not charge for nor advertise it as if it was!!!

  24. I have to laugh at this one again…

    Network speed and coverage depends on your location… You hear the “My service sucks” line more times than you can believe reading through these topics. With Sprint, you sign a contract and you have 30 days to take your phone to the normal places you go to try it out… FREE… If it doesn’t perform well, CANCEL!

    Verizon isn’t much more expensive anymore. Sprint charges $109.99 for their everything single plan – Verizon is $119.98… That’s not “saving” anything anymore. And for those that are propping Sprint service up on the “Free TV and Navigation” platform, forget it since it’s included with the newer versions of Android for free anyways.

    The deal is, people need to go with the carrier that treats them the best. If Verizon gives you a good deal, then stick with them – if their coverage is good. If not, shop around. You don’t go back to the same restaurant that serves crap food every night… Why would you go back to the same cell provider that does the same?

    A term fee is a $200 charger on Sprint – or about what you can sell an EVO, EPIC or other advanced device for… The $350 on Verizon is a bit stiffer, but still not out of the realm of selling an off-contract Thunderbolt or Droid X for. The bottom line is, if you aren’t happy with your carrier, move… If you are, then enjoy.

    1. Your whole argument is based on price. Marketing 101, if you compete on price you are not competing. Besides, price will not stop someone who has just spent $600 on a phone.

      1. Yes it will, I saved $200 a month for 4 phones when I left Verizon. Yes Verizon had great service, but at what $ does that start to be irrelevant. Even though I am a dedicated tech guy, always having the latest gadget or phone, my wallet is not as continually open to routine service bills. My 4G is plenty fast enough at 4 Mbps that I get here in Raleigh, NC.

        1. That’s what I’m talking about… Family plans used to be so much cheaper on Sprint – and they still can be – just not as cheap. Your savings are slashed by $50 a month now with the Premium Data charge… So when your contract is up, you can look at the new VZW plans and see if there’s a better deal for you or not.

          I just shopped for plans with my brother (he’s a VZW user) and he has 5 lines, Voice/Text only, but wanted data. The old Sprint pricing was $130+$60 for about $215 after taxes… VZW pricing was $90+$30+$150 for about $310 after taxes… Now add the $50 charge to Sprint, and the 8% discount Verizon offered him as a ‘small business’ user and you get a number that is much closer…

          Sprint = $275 – Verizon = $285

          That’s pretty darn close for him, and honestly, I’d outfit the family with Thunderbolts and enjoy that $30 unlimited data before it’s gone. I do love my Evo and Sprint is great here, but nationwide, VZW still has the best 3G coverage.

          1. Very good point. I will be dropping a line or two and that may narrow the gap also. Will have to wait and see. The new EVO 3D looks awesome!

            Mark Collins

            —– Reply message —–

      2. It’s not really based on price – it’s based on service for price – which is exactly what WE pay for. You might say that competing on price is a bad idea, but we are talking about service. Sprint is cheaper, yes, but is it $10 a month cheaper, $20 a month cheaper, or more?

        If I go out for a hamburger, I don’t want to spend $15 for a McDonald’s style burger. I don’t feel too bad about spending $15 for a burger and fries at a place like Red Robin… Why? Because at Red Robin they bring it to me on a plate, and refill my drink and give me fries for free.

        It’s not about competing on price, but competing on price for the service you offer. Sprint has great coverage – where they have coverage – and offers a better value. Verizon offers a larger coverage area – but is slightly more expensive.

        My point was that if you are living in an area where your Sprint coverage is lacking, then move back to Verizon – you really aren’t saving any money staying to Sprint anymore… And if you are on Verizon and having issues, then try out Sprint – they give you 30 days to play before you have to decide on keeping the service or not.

        And for anyone that pays full tilt boogy for a phone, even retail is just plain silly. Try asking for discounts, upgrades and freebies, Verizon never charged me full device price and Sprint actually gave me an Evo for free on launch day to make up for the Moment they sold me.

    2. uh sorry…Sprint’s $69.99 everything plan with the $10 surcharge IS an UNLIMITED EVERYTHING single plan…

      The only way you can use up your 450 minutes is by calling landlines…

      WhoTF spends 450 minutes talking to somebody on a landline these days? LMFAO!!

      Try again buddy!

    3. btw…that’s a $40 difference

      UNLIMITED DATA vs. capped data
      UNLIMITED ANY MOBILE TO ANY MOBILE vs. free to call on verizon
      UNLIMITED TEXT/EMAIL vs. yeah, you gotta pay extra for that too

      so to sum it all up:
      1. basically, pretty much, for all intents and purposes, unless you can produce someone who talks on their cellphone to a landline for 450 minutes…UNLIMITED CALLING
      2. UNLIMITED DATA…with no cap

      Sprint = $79.99
      Verizon = shoot it’s $89.99 just for unlimited talk and text and NO data…


    4. How are you paying 109.99 a month? it’s 69.99 and ten dollars more with the premium charge. Unless you have the hot spot service. with Verizon you’d have to pay another 20 dollars a month so that would be 139.99 a month. A thirty dollar monthly difference is pretty steep. I’m happy with my Sprint service. I’m on a family plan right now with four other phones and it’s only about 50-60 dollars a month for my line alone.

  25. Sprint seems to spend a lot of time trying to point out other companies’ false claims. WHy don;t they spend this time and money on simply making their own network better? We would all be happier then, no?

  26. Serously who cares? I never use 4G because of battery life. 3G streams Pandora just fine, no skipping, no lag. Not like im tethering my phone to my xbox 360, Is that even possible? What are you guys smoking that you need that much internet speed? Its a Phone! Atleast we arent stuck on WAP pages. Get real.

  27. yarrellray, that commercial was amazing especially the part when he said everything was unlimited, and while he was saying that a disclaimer popped around 15 seconds saying “on the sprint network”. I’m just saying you should have picked a better promo for your arguement.Verizon may be more but the network is larger and will only get better as time goes on. WiMax will die soon because sprint realized they couldn’t piggy back on verizon anymore because they are using LTE so they are switching so they can continue to do so. Most of your devices aren’t out yet, verizon has more than one LTE device out and your best come back is a phone with a 3D camera which has nothing to do with phone speed. Wow I’m proud of you for carrying yourself for so long with such weak points. Very Proud. Have funh with your 3D phone that as soon as you send me that awesome 3D picture from your EVO 3D to someone’s EVO that show to them in 2D. WE’RE # 3 WE’RE # 3 WERE #3…….. Wait why did everyone stop listening to him

    1. wait.. lol. the evo 3d is coming with a Dual Core 1.2 Ghz proccessor (Speed?) with the snappiest version of HTC Sense, (The Best Android UI, besides Stock). AND,, Neither I, nor any of my friends with VZW get 4g, and my phone (EPIC)( is much faster,, much much faster, that their Droids, Droid X’s and Droid Incredibles/.. lol

  28. had an Evo.
    never had WiMax coverage in a 4g rollout city (charlotte, nc), and never at work in a warehouse.
    whenever i used the Toggle–it froze the phone for several minutes.
    now have a Thunderbolt, consistently get 9Down and 5up (highest is 38 down)
    and have full LTE in my warehouse.

    LTE>Wimax in Charlotte.

    1. You need to stop… Man it goes on and on with these fanboys on Verizon… Nice try

  29. I love Sprint, but I would’nt be surprised if these speed test results turn out to be correct.

  30. God you guys are pathetic. My network is better than your network. Oh yeah, well I can get 5000 mbps download speeds.
    Well your paying more than I do.
    So what, my friends, friends aunt has Sprint and she gets 52 dropped calls a day.
    Who cares, your data is gonna be throttled more than mine and you won’t have wimax 12
    Whatever, the Samsung Galaxy 42 coming in 8 years will blow the EVO IMAX 10g away.

    1. Reading comments around here will rot your brain. Someone with even the slightest clue seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

    2. all phones services have problems at certain areas..i dropped verizon.cause upstate ny..i got dropped calls 3 times daily..really///but really 52 drop calls?really?

    3. This made me LOL. Thanks!

  31. I have found both networks work pretty good.

  32. It’s the building penetration, stupid.

    1. It’s the frequency that determines building penetration stupid. Not protocols and standards.

  33. Why is LTE better than WiMAX? (Note: I’m really pushing this in the direction of LTE Advanced vs. WiMAX 2, because as of now, those are the only technologies approved by the ITU as 4G.)

    A disclaimer given by Wiki:

    “The following table should be treated with caution because it only shows peak rates which are potentially very misleading. In addition, the comparisons listed are not normalized by physical channel size (i.e., spectrum used to achieve the listed peak rates); this obfuscates spectral efficiency and net through-put capabilities of the different wireless technologies listed below.”

    Insert Wiki Table:

    Wiki’s description LTE and Advanced LTE:

    “LTE and LTE Advanced will also make use of additional spectrum and multiplexing to allow it to achieve higher data speeds. Coordinated Multi-point Transmission will also allow more system capacity to help handle the enhanced data speeds.”

    The theoritical peak data speeds of LTE Advanced and WiMAX 2 (the only 4G technologies approved by the ITU) are equal.

    Peak Download 1 Gbit/s
    Peak Upload 500 Mbit/s

    Yes the city you’re using the technology in counts for something, but if I’m comparing just technology, LTE is better (more promising) than WiMAX. Sorry Sprint fanboys.

    So for now,

    STFU fred12345 and Richard–although I love the Evo 3D. You just have been served some empirical evidence. Special thanks to Scifiballer24 for bringing this issue to light. And if you still don’t believe me please ask yourself why more companies are preparing for their LTE and not WiMAX networks?

    (Fanboy Disclaimer: I’m an AT&T, N1 user without a bias.)

    1. That’s right Fred. You suck at life.

      1. You have serious issues dude. Btw, were were these tests on non existant equipment for early stage standards done?

        LTE is not really even out yet and you are already trying to start some ridiculous pissing contest over LTE advanced….lol. Get a life!

  34. I can understand Sprint wanting to defend their tech when it gets bad publicity, but from most of the rational* Sprint users who have commented here, it would appear that Sprint is in fact fighting a loosing battle. I cannot say for certain as I’m not on Sprint, I’m just stating an observation. And I do think it a tad unfair to be versus-ing the two technologies so early. I’ll wait till the end of summer when we have a good amount of WiMAX and LTE phones on both carriers until I side with a specific technology…if I ever do. So long as my phone has a good connection and speeds that don’t have me waiting impatiently, I will be content…if I can get that from one carrier and not the other, I will stick with the one that provides the goods.

    * sprint users who have posted whom I consider not to be rational: yarrellray; fred12345

    Sorry guys, you just don’t seem to present logically organized points.

    …also I don’t appreciate being referred to as a “know-nothing”

    1. nad your rational?

  35. There’s a lot of huffing and puffing but very little focus on Sprint’s position: that the speed for Sprint’s 4G was not representative.

    I have been on Sprint a long time (works well where I am), have an EVO, but I wouldn’t argue that Verizon’s LTE isn’t faster. It is. Technology is like that. But listing Sprint’s 4G speed at around 1 meg is both inaccurate and misleading since it had to be performed in an area where Sprint’s 4G isn’t working. No, it doesn’t match LTE but I get 4 meg downloads routinely and best download was while visiting Portland (6 megs).

    The point is not that Sprint matches Verizon’s speed but that Sprint’s speed was misrepresented.

    1. I have Sprint and yes their 4G service sucks , even as early adopter I never enjoyed the 4G as it was turned on on Dec 28 in the bay area and 4 months later still doesn’t / hardly connects and if it does it barely beats my friend’s iphone on ATT 3g.

      All I wanted was at least a consistent 4G network , I didn’t care if it was 3mbps or 12 but currently only a few spots and you must be outside get a good signal so what’s the fn point soon you walk into a building it’s gone.

      I was checking out the Thunderbolt and that was consistently averaging 7-10mpbs and guess what it ACTUALLY connected to their 4G signal , something I can’t say my EVO nor my Epic do (even on a strong 4G coverage area according to sprint’s map).

      Can’t wait til my contract is up to switch, heck even Metro has faster 4G speeds in the bay area… embarrassing.

  36. Do you think they said “4G” enough times in that last paragraph?! LOL… it’s even more rediculous given the fact that none of them have actual 4G to begin with!

  37. lol. idk if the tests are inaccurate, but, on a bad day, my Epic gets 1 Down and .6 Up on 3G. i dont even live in a 4G coverage area. lol. i travel alot between Fort Smith, Ar, and OkC, OK. and i have to say,, im pretty happy with my service. and thats all that matters. lol. comments arent gonna make me change my mind about my service, because it works for me. As is with other services. Im not gonna change my mind about em just because of what Sprint fans said.. lol. ‘Theyre’ all great, and they all have ‘their’ up and downs. lol. Just pick depends on what you want, and where you live. Its all up to the customer :)
    Love Sprint
    Love Verizon
    Love ATT/T-Mobile.
    lol. best of luck to everyone on each of the services

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