Pandora Subpoenaed in Investigation of Android and Apple Privacy Concerns


Apparently there is an investigation into Android and Apple app privacy concerns being conducted by a federal grand jury, according to the company behind Pandora. Panora Media Inc. was subpoenaed to take part in the investigation, which is looking into how companies and app makers are using the customer information provided to them. Little else was revealed, though Pandora does not believe they are being specifically targeted; similar subpoenas were issued to companies throughout the industry.

[via Reuters]

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  1. oh no! what will happen if companies knew i like the Biebs! those will be awkward emails to show up on my phone

    1. umm you just told the entire world that you like Justin Bieber.

    2. you fail

  2. Pandora isn’t alone but they are being targeted because they have been caught utilizing MEIDs tied to user’s email addresses, names, and geo locations. So I think it’s warranted since why would the maker of a streaming radio app need to know any of that except if they are selling it to ad nets?

  3. Jonathan, they probably need it to uniquely identify your phone, so a paying Pandora One user can’t share his/her account info with the world so everyone could get access to Pandora One for free.

  4. Privacy is simply an illusion in the modern age of the silicon chip! None of us were even born in an era where privacy was legitimate!

  5. Good for them and hope they go to jail. I emailed them voicing my concerns 6 months ago and they basically told me to fuck off. They as me if I wanted to close my account. Which to me is admitting your were selling my email address, my home address, my telephone number which is how i registered on their site. Arrogance would be an understatement when they responded to my email.

    I hope a class action lawsuit becomes of this investigation. My name would be first on the list.

    They were ass holes.

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