Google Maps Update to 5.3 Brings Location History Dashboard, “Home” Check-Ins, and More


Another update has arrived for Google Maps on Android and location-based features are at the top of the short list of changes. Your Location History dashboard you might be familiar with if you are a Google Latitude user can now be accessed directly within Maps. Location History gives you a nice statistical view of where you are spending your time and how much time you are spending there. Speaking of where you have been, you can now check in at “home” using Google Maps. Set “home” to an address at your discretion, whether it be the actual place you live or the corner bar you might as well live in.

Google Maps 5.3, which also adds in the ability to edit and add your own categories for Places ratings, is now available in the Android Market.

Android Market Link: Google Maps

[via Google]

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  1. I’ve been waiting for this ever since latitude came out. Yesss!

  2. Anyone else having issues with the navigation after updating.

  3. How do I set home or work?

    1. please send me the apk of google maps 5.3 because i cannot find on the market an this address [email protected] please

  4. please can someone to send me the update 5.3 of google maps because i cannot find on the market send on this address please [email protected] please guys please

  5. ahh, big brother has a nice warm friendly face…

  6. All you players of the world lookout—don’t let your girl see your phone:)

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