Mar 31st, 2011

Sony Ericsson is getting ready to unleash their Playstation-certified Android handset – the Xperia Play – and is getting the games catalog up and ready to go for when the device finally does launch. A number of PSX (Playstation 1) titles are now in the Android market but you won’t be able to do anything but look on in jealousy as most of the smartphone-toting world won’t be able to download and play them.

It shouldn’t be long before it’s launched in Europe, though, and we hear Verizon’s going to be releasing their version in the middle of April. Now excuse me while I go drool over the thought of playing Syphon Filter on my phone.[via Droid Gamers]

In directly related news, it appears Sony has gotten that PSX emulator removed from the Android market. It’s a predictable move but one I can’t really be mad at Sony for even if emulators themselves aren’t exactly illegal. The folks at PSXDroid have apparently found no ill will toward Sony because of the decision. [via Engadget]

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