Mar 30th, 2011

Ok, Samsung, how many different Galaxy S variants can you REALLY make? Not enough, apparently, as the folks at Samsung Hub have learned that the Korean manufacturer is set to introduce a Samsung Galaxy S Plus. It’s said that this device’s design will be similar to that of the original Galaxy S but will have a metallic back plate instead of a plastic one. (Yes, I wish their earlier models would have gotten that kind of love, too.)

Other details include a 1.4GHz processor (no word on which chipset exactly), Android 2.3 (we’ll assume TouchWiz 4.0 will sit on top of that), 8GB of internal memory, a 1650mAh battery and a 4-inch super AMOLED display. This one will only be headed to Russia for now where it’ll cost you 23,990 rubles to walk home with it. (That’s around $840 in US dollars.) Expect it to launch at the end of April.

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