HTC Thunderbolt Source Code Released


Though some complaints have arisen in the Android developer community that HTC doesn’t open source the code for their new handsets fast enough (the argument is that according to the GPLv2, source should be released at the same time as the new device), the kernel for the still fresh Thunderbolt has come online. Now those wishing to cook up some custom goodies for the first 4G LTE phone for Verizon have the 87MB of code they need to craft ROMs. It might not be much for the average man, but those that enjoy the labors of those like the CyanogenMod team should be happy access to the source has been granted.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Now the devs can really get to work!!

  2. damn that shit was fast. samsung take notes

    1. A few days after the Nexus S was released, Samsung released the sourcecode.
      That was faster than HTC.
      And with the Hero?
      It took a long long time.
      HTC take notes

      1. vibrant took how long LOL. but yea agreed alot of companies need to just get on the bandwagon and jump on this format. release phone and within a few weeks dump the code. than move on to the next thing which should be updating there devices to the newest version of android if its in reason. (G1 your time has passed old friend. You DONT need Gingerbread and beyond LOL)

      2. Where is that Fascinate source code?

      3. oh im sure that had nothing to do with it being a nexus class phone…

        1. Agreed. Samsung may have made it for Google, but it’s Google’s phone, NOT Samsung’s. Google isn’t going to let anyone screw around with their baby. While I still think it was stupid to basically make a dev phone with no removable memory, it’s still a Nexus, NOT a Galaxy.

  3. Who cares this phone is shitty

    1. ha hater much?

    2. Dude… I’ve got the Thunderbolt and it absolutely rocks. Everything about it. I mean everything. I liked my original Droid but this…. this is amazing.

      1. I hear the battery could use some work, especially with 4G LTE…any opinion on that since you have a Thunderbolt?

    3. i got $5 says he uses a moto

      1. EDIT: I put this post in the wrong place.

    4. Explain how it is “shitty”. Have you ever used one? Do you know anything about chip sets and their architecture? Or are you just trolling? If your argument is that “It’s an EVO with an LTE radio”. Then drop back and punt, because you know nothing about the aforementioned and are simply repeating what others have said, or worse, you’re ((shudder)) a fanboy. If you have a valid reason WHY it is “shitty” then qualify it with something instead of trolling.

  4. Cool! Now the real fun begins! *rubs hands together* Looking forward to seeing how far it can be overclocked and it looks like it is going to have a lot of dev support. Sadly, probably one of the last non-encrypted vzw phones, and I hope I am proven wrong, but that’s the way it looks like it’s going. Time will tell.

  5. Every day I am getting closer and closer to pulling the trigger and ditching my OG Droid I’ve had since day one and get a T-bolt. Part of me wants to hold out as long as I can for the best phone available before Verizon changes the data plans. But with so much developer support behind the T-bolt I might just have to get it. I wish Verizon would put in LTE in the Kansas City area though. It’s a major metro area and no love. Smaller towns are getting LTE love, I don’t get it. Just because it’s Sprint’s home town doesn’t mean Sprint should have the better network there.

  6. The Bolt… the younger brother of the Evo. I said it before and I’ll say it again, the Evo is the originator

    1. The Evo wishes it was the Thunderbolt. Don’t be jealous.
      It’s much more like the brother of the Desire HD.

  7. Thunderdud

  8. can we put a functiion call in there: BatteryLife.extend()?

  9. Please GIVE US A BREAK WITH THIS THUNDERDUD STUFF….This device COULD NEVER BE THE EVO’S LITTLE BROTHER that has been rewarded to the HTC EVO SHIFT 4G….Nothing on Verizon will ever be better than ANYTHING ON SPRINT…We owned the best smartphone device on the market in 2010 in the Htc Evo 4g and on March 22nd the HTC EVO 3D will be the best device on android in 201. The thunderdud has had SO MANY PROBLEMS ON VERIZON which verizon will never advertise just to make it look like this device is good. Who takes out a sim card in there device to shut off LTE which drains the battery crazy much worse than wimax ever will. Htc SAVED THE BEST FOR SPRINT AND ALWAYS WILL…The thunderdud is nothing but an INSPIRE 4G nothing more than that…See how the HTC EVO 3D LOOKS the thunderdud WISH IT COULD BE LIKE THAT.

    1. There is a code to switch the phone from constantly scanning for 4g. Why would anyone take the simcard out to do this?

  10. Richard is a dud, and a troll

  11. Plzzzz come to sprint!!

  12. Test!!!

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  14. Test!!!

  15. Test!!!

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