Amazon UK Has Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi Shipping March 31st


Spoiler alert: Even with its slightly lower price, the Android 2.2, 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi comes as too little/too late. With rumors giving it an April 4th release in the United States (though little has been heard to corroborate this), Amazon UK is showing the Wi-Fi only version of their original Galaxy Tab as shipping March 31st for the price of 299 GBP, 100 GBP less than the unlocked 3G version. The timing seems to match up, though no official announcement has come through from Samsung. Why it took them this long to launch the version of their original Galaxy Tab without a cellular radio is beyond us.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. You can pick up the 3G one for this price from places like Asda at the last count, hold off it.

  2. Tooooo late, Sammy!

  3. for shame sammy…

  4. Better be dirt cheap if any informed person is going to consider getting a smaller, older, less powerful, proprietary version of android over the xoom.

  5. if anyone has a tmobile account go sign in and add a line, chose the even more plus for mobile device and u can get a galaxy tab off contract for 200! i just got two, their site is messing up and it is still showing up. hopefully someone readds this before it is fixed.

    1. Cant find the ‘even more plus’ option.

    2. Can you point in the direction of this please

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