Samsung Announces the New Line of Galaxy Tabs [Video]


Want to see how Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 but weren’t able to attend CTIA? No worries! They’ve uploaded video of the full announcement on YouTube for all to see. You can see the three “real life Tab users” who talk about how the Galaxy Tab fits into their lifestyle and which sizes are right for them. Get a taste of what we experienced live by hitting the play button on that video above. (It’s a 30 minute affair so grab yourself some popcorn and soda.)

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’m still unsure about tablets, but give me one of these and I’ll figure it out

  2. The Tab 10.1 is so sold on June 8.

  3. I think I’m jumping on the 10.1 wifi only as well, that’s all I want, nothing tied to a carrier.

  4. Samsung seems to be doing a fine job of announcing products. I just wonder why they are having a hard time releasing their announced products. Do far we haven’t seen anything significant from them in stores.
    No sgs2, no infuse 3 1/2g. Where are your products samsung, I’ve been waiting on you but might have to give my $ to htc instead.

  5. Tablets are simply a stepping stone. I would take a pretty educated guess that the lines between Home PC (box’s), Laptops, Tablets, HTPC, TVs and cell phones will begin to merge into each other in a big way. Home PCs will begin to fade away and TVS will gain some serious computing power. The days of the HTPC builders is going to die faster than HD-DVD…it will be a fun 3-year ride!

  6. I purchased the wifi xoom, its 10.1 inch and I love it. I can see needs for more “mobile” tabs but I don’t personally need one of these. These Samsung tabs look SLICK!

  7. Question about this… couldn’t I just pick up the WiFi version and tether HSPA+ to it with my phone?

    1. Sure.

  8. Thot they were they wernt gonna add touch wiz

    1. Unfortunately they did… samsung has got some nerve.
      Oh yea sent from my moto atrix after selling that piece of crap i9000

  9. If i never wanted updates Samsung would be my first choice,Ill stick with the Xoom

  10. Yet another fake iPad….

    1. I hope not. That would be an insult…to Andriod tablets.

  11. So by that logic, every car that isn’t a Model (T) or better yet Model (A) is a fake car? Or every video game console is fake if it doesn’t say Pong on it? Jeez sure hate all these fake non wood planes these days they suck. Well im off to watch my picture box, i fell sorry for all of you with your fake tvs. :D

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