Verizon Offering HTC Thunderbolt for $149.99 to Some


Just a heads up: Some existing Verizon customers have been receiving an email offering the new HTC Thunderbolt for a low $149.99 after a two-year contract and $100 instant rebate. If you are in the market for a Thunderbolt and near the end of your current Verizon contract, chances are you fall within the range eligible for the discount. You can’t find it online, but a sales number (800-437-6132) should get you what you are looking for.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Some of these discounts even on launch phones really make you wonder what Verizon’s profit margins are like.

  2. They should be giving away these phones free. You know they dont pay retail for these devices and they got you by the EGGS for the 24 month contract. They are making plenty of money.

  3. Just like every other business, no matter how big the discount, they are still making a profit. In this case the profit comes from locking you into a contract.

  4. I received the e-mail on Monday having bought the phone on the prior Thursday. VZW’s loyalty department is crediting me the difference.

  5. Its pretty simple really. If they didnt make a decent amount of money they wouldnt sell it

  6. The 2-year contract needs to die. Especially since all new phones are practically outdated in 6 months.

  7. “They should be giving away these phones free.”
    Why would they do that when people are willing to pay for them? If people stop paying, they will reduce the price or give them away. Supply/Demand.

  8. Just called, that number is their sales and promotion department. She said she has heard about the promo email from several people, but they absolutely do not have any offer for the Thunderbolt for $149.99 through Verizon. She said it must be an authorized retailer making the offer. Has anyone actually bought this directly from Verizon for 149.99?

  9. @Sean meet @wingdo

  10. I’m currently on a beat to hell original Droid, and my “new every 2” is up on 7/1. I called Verizon and they said on 7/1 I could get the Thunderbolt for $100, but it would be $250 if I did it today. I told them I wanted to upgrade today, for $100, and they needed to make that happen. They put me on hold for 2 minutes and then came back and said okay. It shows up on Friday. $100. So calling and pushing works if you’re getting close to your upgrade date.

  11. The only thing I envy about this phone is the kickstand…other than that, whomp whomp.

  12. Obviously its not selling like they had hoped. And why would it with better phones coming soon.

  13. So I just got off the phone with Verizon. I told them I wanted to return my Thunderbolt because I’m seeing $100 off everywhere.

    They checked their systems repeatedly and saw nothing indicating that there’s any sort of offer directly from Verizon for $100 off the phone.

    So, even though I’ve told them I’m returning the phone, they’d rather have me do that then offer any sort of credit.

    So, screw it. I’m returning the phone. I feel cheated after paying $249 from Verizon for it and now they are offering it for $100 less.


  14. No qHD screen, no dual core, slightly updated GPU, terrible battery life. I’ll wait.

  15. See.. thats the one thing i hate about tmob.. they do the opposite of this! New customers get these awesome discounts while their loyal existing customers get stuck with the minimal new contract discounts.

  16. @Craig. Big Red is not selling the Thunderbolt for 149.99 the list price is 249.99, however certain folks still have a 100.00 new every 2 discount they have not used. Remember beleive half of what you read and none of what you hear, unless facts support it.

  17. “HTC Talks About How They Were Inspired to Make the HTC Thunderbolt”
    by Quentyn Kennemer on March 18th, 2011

    I was guessing in the comments back in QK’s article above that the specs on this device was a “Swing and a Miss” and that it would be in the $99 or 2 for discount bin in less than 60 days…

    It’s almost there in less than a week…
    Poor HTC…I don’t care how little QComm charges you for their processors…you need to introduce yourself to NVIDA. Please!

  18. @Craig, not everyone is getting the offer in e-mail. Even the article says “Some existing Verizon customers have been receiving an email offering ……” I was also one of the lucky ones to get the offer late last year of $20 off a month on my plan.

  19. People dismissing this phone for some purported ‘better and greater” device is silly.

    I’ve seen videos with dual core; they’re not any faster to the human eye in rendering things in comparison to this Tbolt. qHD screen…blah blah blah. Really?

    The Evo still holds its own against anything Android, to this date. The Tbolt has a fantastic screen, its newer generation processor is fast, regardless of 4G, and it freakin flies. Go ahead and wait on something better, cuz as soon as you do something even better will come along. Choice is a good thing…but in the meantime, I’m ALREADY on 4G. cya

  20. It is only for the Chicago region.

  21. Why don’t you just add the e-mail that was sent to the article jeez

  22. Too bad not a dual core phone. Not worth it.

  23. The phone is ok…but the real problem is HTC releases this phone knowing it does NOT sync with MS Exchange 2010. I had one for 3 days and without a calendar function that works it was just a big heavy brick. If you are a business user, wait for another product. I believe this was the same problem with the HTC Evo when it was released (except it was a problem with Exchange 2007). Anyone remember when the Droid X came out and Verizon started GIVING Touchdown away?! These phones are released way too soon! They need to work or they are useless.

  24. Sprint/Htc Mr. Hesse and Mr. Chou the masterminds behind the granddaddy of 4g the Htc Evo 4g. Thunderdud owners wish that device was as successful as the original Evo 4g. The thunderdud i mentioned over 1month ago should’ve sold for 99.00 dollars retail. All this had was 2 major tweaks that the Evo 4g didn’t one was 256more ram, and new version of htc sense otherwise it was nothing more. And in light of all the problems they have had with this device that verizon has never advertised nor even address there customers on these issues I would stay clear from this device. Problems have existed not only with battery which on android we all deal with one way or another, but with switching issues from 4g/Lte to 3g, skype problems before launch which customers knew nothing of, missing toggle switches, locked bootloader, texting bug, email/exchange issues. Honestly they know it’s been a disaster and honestly that’s how it started from day one a total disaster. Never one time has verizon stood up addressed these problems with there customer base whatever help has existed came from android forum members creating work arounds on all these issues in an attempt to keep verizon customers happy. Guess when you get to big you could care less. This definitely ain’t no Evo 4g, nor is Verizon anywhere close to sprint customer support wise…Enjoy..

  25. Verizon better start blowing out those Thunderbolts before the Evo3D drops…

  26. checking my e-mail…

  27. damn!

  28. Signit, fuck you. Eat a dick. And the., after those 2 things. Kill yourself

  29. People who haven’t upgraded with the new every two in while are eligble for the $100 upgrade. The rest of us are SOL. I only received the $30 online only.

  30. Hey wingdo… was the email you received from Verizon?

  31. verizon only offers the 149$ price for people who ar ethe account holder and who have had thier phone the full two years and who get the 100 $ every two years i called and thats what i was told

  32. Verizon says its for the Chicago area only!

    1. Anyone else scored one for 150?

  33. I tried calling that number (800-437-6132) but they had never heard of such an email offer and the best they could do was $249 for a two year agreement. Bummer.

  34. With my employer discount I can get the Thunderbolt for $199 on a 2 year or $229 on a 1 year contract. Pretty sweet. I should probably take the plunge.

    1. That 1 year for 229 is off the chain. I would jump on that for sure!!

  35. Through all this I have to feel sorry for Richard, having such a “dud” of a phone kicking the @$$ off of anything currently offered by Sprint.

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