Cobra’s iRadar and PhoneLynx for Android [Video]


Cobra came to CTIA with the Android versions of their iRadar and PhoneLynx applications. We’ve been waiting for these for a long time so it was refreshing to see them on hand. As I like to describe it, iRadar helps keep you out of jail. It’s a police scanner at heart, but will help you in many other ways. Instead of the usual speed trap warnings iRadar will alert you of any other problem areas, will alert you if the speed limit changes, lets you know which stop lights have cameras and a lot more.

The app itself will be a free download but you’ll need the in-car unit to go with it – that’ll cost you $130. (Best Buy has the iRadar on sale here.) It’s a sensible investment, though, if you’re the type who tends to run into the law on the road more often than not. (Another alternative would be to not speed and learn how to drive properly.)

PhoneLynx from Cobra is a bit less exciting but no less useful. PhoneLynx uses a bridge between your cell phone and your landline that’ll allow you to make phone calls with your mobile number using your home phone. It’s useful for folks who need to charge their phones and can’t be tied down to one area when talking on it. You don’t need an actual landline connection to use this which is great if you’re like me and use your mobile phone as your main line.

Another use case the rep provided was talking to someone and using your phone at the same time to send them an email or an image. It’s not an issue for users on GSM phones or certain CDMA phones (like the HTC Thunderbolt), but there still exists a large group of people who could use something like this around the house. PhoneLynx is currently on sale and in the Android market today. The video is above. For your reference, the PhoneLynx coverage is in the beginning while the iRadar bit is found at the 1:20 mark. [Cobra]

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  1. Cobra=garbage. If your buying a laser/radar detector get Beltronics, Escort or Valentine.

  2. So this thing saves where cops are and reports them to other users? Thats the only way I would buy it…but then would I need a device for that or just the app? What if someone 10 miles in front of me had the device and I just had the app…that would be cool if it did…

  3. LOL to “Another alternative would be to not speed and learn how to drive properly.”

  4. sounds like a neat idea but i dont know how well it would really work out. have to check out a demo unit in store or something

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