Sprint Promises ‘Exciting’ Android Announcements at CTIA


There was no question Sprint’s CTIA showing would be chock full of new Android devices for the carrier, but Sprint has gone ahead and confirmed the matter via a Twitter post late this afternoon. First asking “How much do you love Android?”, the tweet  goes on to say the curators of the nation’s only 4G WiMAX network are “looking forward to an exciting week of announcements at CTIA.” The hash tag #AndroidUnlimited suggests this will be the banner under which they will tout their new lineup of smartphones that should include the Nexus S 4G, the HTC EVO 3D,and  an HTC Flyer with 4G radio at the very least. We may even see a WiMAX XOOM tablet and Motorola Atrix announced for the network, though recent rumors leave no suggestion as to when those may be unveiled.

[via Electronista]

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  1. Here comes Richard!

  2. This is going to be on grand turn out. Let all the haters after me on this site say whatever they want. Sprint has STEPPED THERE GAME UP and will have the best devices on the market on the best network. KINDA FUNNY HOW A 4G XOOM TABLET WILL EXIST ON SPRINT but on Verizon NO LTE TABLET EXIST…. Didn’t XOOM come out on that network first???? Nothing else needs to be said HTC EVO2/3D will make that Thunderdud on Verizon LOOK ANCIENT… It’s one HAPPY TIME

  3. @Sxnook321 LOL

    Anyway, about time Sprint. Oh, and you need to back it up this time.

  4. Oh, the grammar/spelling Nazis would have a hayday with Richard…
    In other news, I hope the EVO coming out won’t be 3D. Just everything from the old EVO upgraded and sexified.

  5. lol@Sxnook321. If only the site had a point system.

  6. lmao@Sxnook321 dont invite the troll, also people remember to not feed the troll or refer to it by it’s name

  7. EVO 2 is gonna suck lol

  8. ofcourse dick Yarrell is here slurping sprint. lol best network? hey fag, verizon LTE say hello u stupid clown. Now sit in your moms basement and jerk off to the live steam if the Evo 3D u loser virgin.

  9. Unless they’re announcing the HTC pyramid, then GTFO. The htc shooter is just a rip off of the pyramid. Sprint blows. PYRAMID ftw

  10. @Spanki…It is highly doutful my friend that device will be the best on the market for 2011 guaranteed…These will be the best devices in 2011..1. Evo2, 2. Atrix4g. 3. Lg optimus 2x, Lg optimus 3d, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Stealth, Nuexus S4g, Then everyone else my friend

  11. sounds like they’ll get Nexus S

  12. Rich you for got the pyramid

  13. Did i mention the pyramid?

  14. Well I’m looking forward to the Evo 3D, soon as the specs are confirmed and it WILL be known as a beast then I’ll he grabbing one on day one.

  15. T-Mobile here… Looking at that Pyramid…

  16. sxnook knows whats up

  17. Lol I hope Keller is kidding. Saying it’s a rip off of the pyramid is like saying the verizon iphone is a rip off of the at&t iPhone.

  18. Everyone check this out I am amased at this possibility read into this….

  19. WOW. It’s amazing how many people love being taken by Verizon and ATT. Sprint isnt going away. Get use to it folks.

  20. A little late to the game there Sprint. Everyone else has already released better phones.

  21. The Evo 4G set a huge standard for high-end smartphones back in june. Since then, every smartphone released seems to follow in its spec-prints. Best phone I ever owned…and I fully expect the new Evo 2/3D to take a cue from its predecessor and turn some heads at CTIA. Go sprint go!

  22. Sprint has always prevailed and will continue. Why is it Sprint can make all of its network protocols work together and continued to push the limits of network integrations of its multiple protocols and charge below its competitors price plans? Who’s being taken.

  23. Yet, there coverage is STILL subpar.

  24. Does anyone else there was a spelling error when he said “curators” in this article?

  25. Lol had I not been driving I would have been the first to say here comes Richard!! Well dick, your next week is going to be chock full of disappointment sister. The beat phone u can hope to get is a EVO 3d with the second gen snapdragon. The very same one that your ignorant ass has been ragging on while it takes you EVO to the shed. Yes dick it is true, the thunderbolt is a single core that phone, that TRULY F*CKS YOUR EVO IN THE ASS. Anywhoo, I hope your enjoying that no matter what sprint announces at cita, it will hail in comparison to phones like the atrix and droid bionic, and the new upcoming droids. Go back in your cave. Looks like not only am I getting tired of u! Everyone is!! Thank god, I have almost pulled my mission off! Until you can act like a fucking human why don’t u stay out. And enjoy your dual screened POS that you bragged so much to everyone about. You know the one that blows. Like your face. Dick.

  26. Sorry Richard, the fact that Verizon has a Lte network means you lose…. permanently….

  27. Richard, fuck you.

  28. @ ksizzle

    I dont know about this richard guy, first time reading his posts, but i agree with you 9001%

  29. The article mentioned that the Atrix and the Zoom are coming to Sprint, so I really don’t see your point. As far as 4G is concerned its great when you have coverage. But Wimax or LTE to me it makes no difference as long as 4G is fast. It is my understanding that switching from Wimax to LTE would take all of thirty minutes. I would lay money on the fact that the next phones announced by Sprint will be able to handle both the LTE and the Wimax signal. How we as Sprint customers get the fast network is irrelevant. I for one is looking forward to the EVO 3D phone. I really don’t care about 3D but only that the phone is capable of displaying great video which would mean a very fast GPU installed, which would run even faster in 2D mode. The EVO 3D appears to be the big brother of the Pymarid as the number reported by the website that displayed the results of the HTC Shooter. I sure that new screen with that great resolution will look amazing. But of course all of this is just speculation at this point we will know for sure next week.

    On a side note lets try to treat everyone with respect, just because some one disagrees with you doesn’t make them your enemy. Also remember every time you post something it can be traced back to you. People have been fired from what on there facebook page and employers can hire people to scour the internet for all your post. Nothing is private on the net not email or text messages. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable telling people to their faces what you right in your post, then use some discretion we are all adults here. Ok I will get off my soap box now.

  30. Richard is a loser everyone knows that. Richard…You are a Loser!!!! go back into your cave you asshole.

    I don’t see the reason why people like to pay Verizon and AT&T so much money. Please stop it with the coverage bullshit. I have Sprint and I came over from T-Mobile. I never ever had an issue with either company. I moved from Seattle to NC and I used the navigation on my phone without any issues. I also never had a coverage problem. I guess there are lots of you that are really rich and don’t care about money. So go pay Verizon and AT&T your money.

    Richard they are all right about you. Your truly are a 1 inch Dick.

  31. You people are a bunch of children! U have the phones u like on the network u like. It doesn’t matter if one phone is a month newer than the other. Discrimination because of someones carrier or cell phone isn’t real!

  32. Bring on the Evo2, though I will probably get the Nexus 4G. Best of all I can use Sprint 4G in my house. Verizon’s LTE coverage is a freaking joke.

  33. I didn’t notice how stupid Richard is until just two days ago.

    When did Richard start being a troll on this website and is he only pro-sprint or does he also like other companies such as HTC?

  34. Also, I’m switching to Sprint within a few months from T-mobile.

    I know that Sprint has a bigger 4G coverage area than T-mobile’s 4G, but how does the wall penetration of the two 4G networks compare, as some people have claimed that Sprints 4G is useless when you go inside any building?

  35. im not sure where you guys get that Verizon is so expensive, i’m currently on at&t and tried looking at all other choices because of at&t’s 2gb data cap (im on family plan btw) and the only one that really comes out cheaper is tmobile but they seem to have 0 coverage in my area based on their own map. Sprint would be cheaper IF they didnt force all extra lines on their family data plan to be 20 (i only need 2 lines with data out of 5) + Sprints laughable premium data fee, so Verizon ends up the cheapest for my needs and even if they were equal Verizon’s superior coverage makes the choice a no brainer. So im not sure why anyone argues for one company or another since the choice has to be catered to the individual. Even at&t can be pretty cheap if you can live with the caps and can rely on wifi

  36. The Targa will be the beast this year no matter which carrier gets it.

  37. @ccrulessing, preach elsewhere. FU, Richard has always been a dick & welcome, newbie. Now, freaking fire me azz wipe, lol! Freedom of Speach, byatch!

  38. I’m switching to Sprint within a few months from T-mobile.

    I know that Sprint has a bigger 4G coverage area than T-mobile’s 4G, but how does the wall penetration of the two 4G networks compare, as some people have claimed that Sprints 4G is useless when you go inside any building?

  39. Who is this Richard guy? I don’t see any comments by him…

    Anyway, I would have preferred a top-of-the-line dual-core Sprint phone *without* 3-D… what am I supposed to record in 3-D? I barely record 2-D video! Just give me good stats and a LANYARD HOLE!!!

  40. Sorry have to break it to some folks but the EVO 3D is the HTC pyramid. Sprint used their allowance from bringing the EVO out last year, to invest in more awesome phones and a new network. It will be dual core snap dragon. Soon as I’m available for upgrade its mines buhahahaha!

  41. At least Sprint is not capping data. I personally think Richard is right. Looks like a bunch of haters here, lol.

  42. The Evo2 is going to be the phone of the yea like the Evo1. It’s only real contender for the next 9 months is going to be the iPhone5 while every other android phone maker plays catch up.

  43. What a beautiful family…. HTC Evo 3D, HTC Thunderbolt and HTC Pyramid…

  44. I want to thank all the Phandroid Animals on this site you are so special to me I get a kick out of all this everyday thanks for sharing your love for me your making me FAMOUS I appreciate that so much.. Now @SammyS you are truly a new ASSHOLE.. @John Clavis.. The same old same old with you.. @Wrceuro what a real PENIS you are you must come from some BACKWOODS YOU COUNTRY BUM GO FUCK A DUCK.. @

  45. @someone.. your a new JERK on this site go play with yourself.. @Ksizzle9.. your the BIGGEST DICK WEED ON THIS WHOLE FORUM ONE DAY I WILL BITCH SLAP YOU. YOUR A COWARD AND A IPHONE4 LOSSER PUNK… @NIsme… same thing with you also ksizzle9 can take his crappy droid bionic with its 512ram and sholve it up your monkey ass.. @Daniel.. Go kick rocks in the lake near your house you bum… Everyone listen up if you are on verzion go hump yourself the thunderbolt is nothing more than a EVO4g KNOCK OFF with a locked bootloader guess verizon is up to it’s old tricks just at&t.. No 4g toggle so it just stays on to drain your little 1300mil amp battery on the Thunderdud guess that’s how verizon handles LTE.. Your thunderdud is garbage just like the iphone4 flunkies.. @Sxnook321.. I will give you a pass cause I know your just following behind the other rectums on this page today but don’t play yourself cause if need be i will pimp slap you to… Sprint/Htc will rule android again in 2011 and the htc Evo3d will lead us into the summer of 2011 being on top. Why does the Thunderdud and the Droid Bionic have android 2.2 froyo brand new devices launching with old os While every new announced device on sprint will have 2.3.3ginerbread with one update need to ice cream 2.4 later in the summer. I bet my current evo 4g gets gingerbread before the Thunderdud does. We all know verizon and at&t SUCKS ON UPDATES… Now all SPRINT HATERS GO SNIFF DOG SHIT

  46. How nice, a virtual barfight in our beloved phandroid joint.

  47. Richard, how old are you? 12? Literally speaking. Because first, you spelled “there”, the correct term, sir, is “their”. There’s also another word that sounds like “there”, and “their”, this word is “they’re”. Just a quick grammar lesson. Fyi, your teacher’s must’ve sucked. I’m only 14 and I know how to spell better then you… LOL.

  48. OMFG!!!!! LOL. Richard, umadbro?

  49. Sweet! Its about time Sprint gets some new stuff. The Epic and Evo are two of the best android phones. And with more high-end androids and 4G and affordable data plans, Sprint is becoming a top contender.

  50. by the way coolstorybro. You should try being this rageful child on /b/, and get trolled, hard.
    Anyway, I must go, it’s tiem(meant to spell it this way) to go read some caterday threads and pony threads. LMFAO..

  51. Omfg @ 36. Richard Yarrell – Dude, your grammar sucks. No one is ever, EVER, going to take you seriously. Learn to spell, be more mature, and maybe, just maybe someone will take you seriously. I’m OCD about grammar, and when I read what you post on the comments, it’s sad. And how butthurt/mad you are is hilarious. Keep on trollin’.

  52. Lol richard is hilarious, i got a new reason to come on here and check out comments. Keep it coming guys *grabs popcorn* ha ha.

  53. Is it Tuesday yet?

  54. The original evo was NOT the “phone of the year”.

  55. Richard, it is painfully evident you have mental problems. Keep it up, and somone will take a trip down to the bowery soup kitchen, walk in on you peeling potatoes, and stick that pos evo up your ass. Douchebag

  56. dick, if your going to call me a LOSER at least learn how to spell it. Over on engadgetthwy are saying the evo 3d is lining up to have a single core 1.2ghz processor, that puts it on par with the droid 2 global. Good luck rich, I hope sprint does good, but your welcome to jump off a cliff.

  57. EVO really was a great phone. Why can’t we all just get along??? I do like Zack giving grammer lessons to the lesser intelectual “Sprint Haters”. Cause they are dumb. But i digress. Sprint rules! I like how they waited for everyone else to drop their trash then brings out the next evolution of the phone. Can’t wait till CTIA… SPRINT!!! The End.

  58. It appears as though Richard has drank too much of the yellow Koolaid, that or he lives directly under a Sprint tower, so he has coverage. Its too bad that his IP address cannot be banned from this site. What should be normal discussions have turned into childish arguments because people express their opinions of Sprint, based off of their actual experiences.

    Sprint may have some good phones, but the truth is in black and white, on the coverage map- Sprint does not have good coverage all over, like AT&T and Verizon do. I for one am using an Evo now, but have horrible service where I live (1 bar usually) and cannot wait to leave and get on a carrier that has coverage where I live.

  59. #ksizzle9

    Sorry to bust up your lies but the evo2 is not single core, its a dual core snapdragon @ 1.2 MHz with the adreno 220 gpu that has already been benchmarked and is a straight beast. Hate all you want but atleast be factual.

  60. @Nlsme

    So in your universe, what phone was more significant than the Evo in 2010? If you say droid anything, you should be slapped. Short of the iPhone, the Evo was THE phone of 2010. Lots of good phones on all carriers, yes, but the Evo started the super-phone arms race, and had high enough visibility to get even apple addicts to pay attention to what was happening with android.

  61. Evo 3D specs speculation:
    4.3-inch 3D QHD capacitive 960 x 540 px display
    1730 mAh battery
    4GB internal memory with 8 GB SD card, expandable to 32 GB
    1 GB RAM
    3rd Gen MSM8260 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU
    Adreno 220 GPU
    Android 2.3
    Dual 5 MP rear cameras (3D)
    1.3 MP Front camera
    records 2D @ 1080p, 3D @ 720p
    Dimensions = 5.0 x 2.6 x .48 inches
    DNLA support and HDMI port

  62. Richard, Fuck you. Again.

  63. @Zack… Guess he thinks he’s President Regan or something??? What a JOKE what about all the comments after me that was attacking me guess you didn’t see any of those but you come on here and single me out… Guess not only do I know your just another problem here as all the others are but now someone objective can see it. And your new here anyway SO GO BACK TO WHERE EVER YOU WAS and stop hoping on the boat This ship has sailed we don’t need ANYMORE ASSES TRYING TO BOARD… Go buy a clue

  64. @SIGINT… The htc Evo3d has the Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor MSM8660 much better than the one you listed… That MSM 8260 will end up being in the Htc Pyramid for tmobile this summer… Htc saved the best for Sprint. We will team up to ward off these VERIZON ASSWAD’S just look at all these JERK’s come out the woodwork i hope they are loving there thunderdud with all it’s problems that verizon is keeping under the covers.. Glad we don’t have to worry about all that stuff. Htc Evo 3D will rule android in 2011 just like sprint

  65. Richard- The Evo has plenty of problems- go look at the troubleshooting forum and check it out for yourself. You must be blindsided by the Evo so much that you cant think things through and see the obvious- Sprint has the Evo, which was a hot phone when it came out, but other carriers are coming out with more advanced devices- deal with it. Its only a phone!

  66. I expect lots of mass wrist cutting among Verizon fans, after they look at the Evo-3D and truly realize how far behind the curve the Thunderbolt is. Your flagship phone is nothing more than a tweaked version of what Sprint had 9 months ago. Kinda sad really.

  67. How the hell do you idiots diss Sprint coverage and have Verizon? You do realize with Sprint plans you can roam on the Verizon network for free? Its the same f’ing coverage.

    I live in an area without “4g” coverage, but my Evo picks up a 4g radio and the internet is super fast. Sprint is testing it in alot of areas, just because its not “official” yet doesn’t mean its not there. My large town/small city has about ~125k people, and we’re seeing 4G WIMAX coverage, so you’ll be suprised where it pops up.

  68. PS, enjoy having capped data and throttling for top users on other carriers, I love tethering on Sprint for mobile browsing on my laptop, works great not having any restrictions :)

  69. How can you possibly say that the new EVO will be better than the atrix?? You idiot fucktard moron?? The tegra in the atrix is far better than any qualcomm and that is a PROVEN FACT! I will not cut my wrist over anything that sprint announces bc at the end of the day I’d rather have a flip phone on VZW and have service than have a super phone on sprint and pay $10 extra for there subpar wannabee 4g bullshit ass service. Goddamn Richard, cOme to Knoxville, bring sigint and I’ll shove both of your POS phones up each others ass.

  70. Obviously ksizzle9 has not checked a single review of the structure, otherwise he wouldn’t even be typing that nonsense. Check the web, the early benchmarks on this HTC shootero were ethe same and better in some categories than the tegra. I know it sucks to hear news like this lol

  71. SIGINT, Fuck you.

  72. You people are ruining this forum. Really. All of you should shut the hell up with the dumbass forum tough guy comments. If you like Verizon..great, if you like sprint ..fantastic. Were talking about fucking cell phones.. not a reason to be so disrespectful to one another. Grow up.

  73. Og droid sold more then the evo, and, when you say short, you cant then say ” the phone”. Your a douchebag that cant look at a fucking map. Sprints NETWORK is shit. The evo would have done better on another network. I know 4 people with inc, 1 with an evo. Plus, for how long was the evo the ONLY choice for sprint. According to you, the flop of the epic, means it is STILL the only real option. You got it made allright. Tool. Keep SPECULATING.

  74. Look every one who doesn’t like sprint should really go check out the Verizon posts on here because as i remember its about sprint so why hate ? Anyways i really hope they changed alot more thing on the Nexus S as i need to be able to put a 32g sd card in there and i hope its dual core but i doubt they made too many changes to the phone besides making it 4g but the phone is a hit anyways it doesn’t need dual core because it already plays games so well and streams so well the dual core would be the icing on the cake but go EVO 2 i have a rooted evo running destroyer rom 2.3.3 its the best phone i ever owned period LONG LIVE SPRINT now wheres my 4g at ?

    p.s. soon TMObile will join the family next and finally have the funding to complete its network sprint world conquest virgin mobile ,boost mobile ,Nextel

  75. Yes, the miraculous second coming of the almighty savior EVO. All the righteous Evo fanboys shall be redeemed when the Evo 2 comes to us. Join me in a chorus of I’ll text away(to the tune of I’ll fly away) all shall rejoice in the kingdom of sprint.

  76. @richard

    Damn dude i thought apple fanboys were bad but you blow them out of the water in various ways including your stupidity. Who cares if you have a great phone with no coverage. And so much for 4g when you cant use it in a building. But guess you really have no life since all you do is bash other people on a forum hiding behind a keyboard. I always get a good laugh when I come look at your comments lol

  77. Whats up with all this talk of 4g not being able to use it inside ? thats nonsense fools you can use it inside a building just because some people had problems doesn’t mean everyone did.

  78. I can’t wait for the Epic 2 to be announced. once you’ve had Super AMOLED, it’s hard to go with anything else.

  79. Not only is all of this EVO hardware is the best shot stupid, but it never was the king of hardware on a phone. The king of hardware is the galaxy s line. What’s sad is that even when the new EVO comes out, it still WILL NOT match the GPU of the galaxy s line, don’t believe me check something that measures your FPS, the galaxy phones will STAY AT 60fps where as it’s a struggle for the new snapdragons to get more than 35fps…. Not torching the raping that the tegra 2 phones will give it. I’ll be the first one to say that sprint will let loose some nice phones next week. But, step into reality dick, it WON’T TOUCH THE ATRIX, and for your ignorance in thinking the atrix will be the 3rd beat phone out you should be slapped. I don’t even own a atrix but, I’ve played with one and can PROMISE you that it’s by a lOngshot the most

  80. I’m not new, I’ve been on Phandroid since about last August.
    Your grammar still sucks. English class anyone? =]
    I didn’t hop on either. Phandroid is not a ship. It’s a community, where if I’m not mistaken anyone can be a part of. FYI, take your own advice. I’m sure many of us would appreciate it greatly.

  81. Not only is all of this EVO hardware is the best shot stupid, but it never was the king of hardware on a phone. The king of hardware is the galaxy s line. What’s sad is that even when the new EVO comes out, it still WILL NOT match the GPU of the galaxy s line, don’t believe me check something that measures your FPS, the galaxy phones will STAY AT 60fps where as it’s a struggle for the new snapdragons to get more than 35fps…. Not torching the raping that the tegra 2 phones will give it. I’ll be the first one to say that sprint will let loose some nice phones next week. But, step into reality dick, it WON’T TOUCH THE ATRIX, and for your ignorance in thinking the atrix will be the 3rd beat phone out you should be slapped. I don’t even own a atrix but, I’ve played with one and can PROMISE you that it’s by a lOngshot the most powerful android phOne made. And calling me an iPhone fanboy?? Fucking idiot you are. Why do you have the iPhone so bad? Because it has better GPU, screen, cameras, build quality than your EVO? If I love iPhone so much why Ian I on here constantly praising the beauty and power of android phones? Why do I own a bolt?(that’s better than ur phone!) why will I be getting the first tegra 2 with a unlocked bootloader that I can find? How do I know so much about android? Why Dino refuse to buy apple?(exception MacBook) as you can tell I’m not the only person on this site that hates the thought of having to read a wonderful article and then see your comment?? I hate anything that is sprint related now because it’s an open invitatiOn for your mouth to gobright back on the head of Dan Hesse’s cock. Do us all a favor and go take a nape on the dotted yellow line at a highway that is convenient for you. Please!

  82. My phone service is the best and has offers the best phones.
    No mine is.
    No mine is.
    No mine is.



  83. @62.The order of the Evo Whitnessess

    Don’t bite my style! I am the vessel through which the voice of the Father is heard! Goddamnit!

  84. Lol he said he’s buying the first tegra2 with an unlocked bootloader but he just bought the thunderbolt that has a locked bootloader, lol

  85. every time phandroid posts something about either sprint, or in something related to apple, the posts in the comments are too funny. so many trolls lurking here.

    but on topic, i can’t wait for the evo 3d. if it’s as awesome spec wise as predicted, i will gladly take best buy up on their buy back program and give them back my shift so i can get the evo 3d. hopefully this thing doesn’t cost an arm and a leg off contract.

  86. From everything I’ve seen, it looks like the EVO 3D will be a 3G phone… There’s been no mention of of any 4F tech going into the EVO 3D.

  87. @swaze

    The thunderbolt’s bootloader isnt locked.

  88. .Spanki wrote – “EVO 2 is gonna suck”

    How you figure that when EVO “1” is still kicking your ass? -grin- #HatersGonnaHate

  89. Haha…it was the Tmobile excuse makers that would plug their ears and scream whenever a Sprint article posted here. But now that Sprint is prepping to take over Tmobile, they’ve all cowered into their 3rd tier corner.

    Now it would appear that it is the Verizon apologists who squeal like stuck pigs (that pay a ‘GRIP’ for Data). -grin – #HatersGonnaHate

  90. I’m so glad that I am a sprint gold member I can’t wait to see what will be waiting for me come June I’ve had the same evo since launch day and love it. I played with a thunderbolt my cousin has and hope that the new HTC phone will be even better

  91. wheres the like button ? when you need it

  92. Is “Premium Data” extra?????????????????

  93. not likely. I fucking hate Sprint and their fake 4G service and my shitty EVO with not enough battery life for me to look at minor porn while I’m jacking off on the toilet.

  94. @brian

    Too bad you have to pay a premium for 4g Verizon kept same prices as 3g data

  95. Brian, Sprint sucks. Verizon Rules. You gott nothhin.

  96. SwazeDahustla: I will def not be a dick to you, because your name isnt richard, but in all you have read on here i dont thing this was mentioned, the Tbolt, doesnt have a locked bootloader, actually the HTC phones are about as far from being locked up as one could get, any and every HTC phone has and will continue to have the largest development community, the Most widely distributed abundance of ROMS, and everything else that you could think of, not to mention this bitch will likely overclock to 1.8ghz+. SO if you meant to say unlocked you were right.

  97. OK swazedahustla: screw it, you are in the same boat as Richard Yarnell, i dont need to read the reviews, the early nothing. you look at the early benchmarks test, the tegra kills it you idiot. i will post it for all of you sprint guys. dont worry, next post.


    in case none of you(swazedahusta, richard, sigint) these threee to be exact, cannot read the label of the URL its self, it reads BENCHMARK SHOWS HTC PYRAMIDS DUAL CORE CANT BEST TEGRA. THIS INCLUDES THE ONE THAT MIGHT BE IN YOUR NEW EVO, SO…… SUCK IT LONG, AND SUCK IT HARD. but what do you know swaze? you thought the bolt has a locked bootloader, i should have let you slide, i didnt know you were this ignorant. and before you say anything about grammar, realize that i dont need to properly punctuate a ass chewing.

  99. I feel like every time Sprint nearly looses me as a customer, they pull me back in with something great.

  100. *lose dammit

  101. Wow. This thread is nuts. It seems like alot of arguments are based on service issues being whos the best and who can “eat my balls”. Well, its always going to be a losing argument depending on area/region. If everybody lived in the same area sure, then it would be much more easy to figure out who is the best. Everyone should just go with the carrier who has a combination of the best coverage in your area, best plans according to your needs, and most desired phone for your needs too. And screw the rest. But when it comes to who has the best phones, hell, im not even going there, but, the hardware will never lie. Benchmark this and that, whos dishing out updates fastest, which phone turns into a pussy..yadayada…anyways, im on sprint. Its the best coverage/phones/plans in my area. And i will say this…im sick of my freakin epic runing 2.1.1…

  102. “Your a douchebag that cant look at a fucking map. Sprints NETWORK is shit”

    Its “you’re”, might go back to middle school.

    Sprint users can roam on Verizon’s network all day, for free. Its the same CDMA coverage.

  103. Tomas, your right. It comes down to each persons own judgement. Thing is, verizon best sprint in more then twice the amount of peoples judgement. Sprints network is subpar. The perfect carrier would involve verizons network, and tmobiles plans. Sprint doesnt bring anything to the table.

  104. Indeed verizon may have the largest footprint of the networks. And sprint has been spotty in many different ways. But in my area i have been on verizon, us cellular, and now sprint. Us C has givin me the best signal anywhere i go, but there phones have been lacking. Verizon was next best in signal and the phones where great but the price was to high. Now with sprint, at times i get pissed about not having a great signal in some random spots, but im damn happy that my epic and plan is at a great price. Altho, the lack of update still pisses me off

  105. Price. Ive been with verizon. They did give me better coverage while in really weird spots at random job sites. But they where more expensive. But agian i really think its a pissing contest thats hard to win. If verizon gave me the unlimited everything package that sprint is right now, id switch back. Also packaged with the right phone, hell yeah. Hmm, maybe we’re all just phone and carrier sluts. With massive tech ego’s and love to play the my dick is bigger than yours game. If anyone has to agree on something, it should be that the times when are in right now and the future to see, is somthing great as far as phones and personal tech is. Lets just crack a beer and wait for the next big thing.

  106. Yeah like the other guy said Verizon 4g is the same as Verizons 3g…but yet Richard and the other guys on Sprint pay more for 4g…& 4g they don’t even have at that. Now at some point Verizon may charge more but…I hope not…however unlimited 4g may become a thing of the past and if this is so, Better to be with someone you know will have coverage…y0

  107. People care too much about what others thing of “their” carrier… to be honest.. THEY ALL SUCK. Even my beloved sprint who I’ve been with since 2004 suck BIG TIME. I purchased my EVO last year and yes, its a very nice amazing phone that has one of the worst batteries I’ve ever had in any type of device. Even running a “task manager” and what not, it just drains so fast. I still have my EVO, and I do love it even though its battery can go fuck itself. But to be honest, each carrier has pros and cons.. some are more obvious than others and while specs and service names and what not can help in a pissing contest, it all comes down to each persons very own experience with a service provider.

    But it sure is funny to see how people go back and forth defending something that really is not even worth defending… what do you get out of defending “your” service provider? you pay them money and they don’t pay you.. yet you cus and fuss and curse everyone and anyone who bad mouths “your” service provider..

    why not just we all agree that SPRINT, VERIZON, AT&T, METRO PCS, TMOBILE they all can go fuck them selves. Because they are just fucking their customers over nasty….

  108. Sorry to you guys not named Richard, sigint, I’m just super tires of them. Sprint is obviously a good carrier or it wouldn’t be the 3rd largest. I just have to talk smack since Richard ALWAYS rags anything not sprint or EVO related. On the bright side Richard: did you see where your very own phandroid wrote the arrive that CLEARLY STATES: snapdragon dual core CAN NOT BEST TEGRA?

  109. Richard, Zack was right. No one can take you seriously when you have so many grammar and spelling mistakes. Case in point: “And your new here anyway SO GO BACK TO WHERE EVER YOU WAS and stop hoping on the boat”. 1) No period to mark end of sentence. 2) “your” should have been “you’re” 2)”Was” should be “were”. 3) “hoping” in the singular form is hope, so what you meant to put was “hopping”. And this is all just from ONE sentence. Imagine the mistakes I could find if I looked through all of your comments. I think we really all could take you more seriously if you checked what you’re writing. And what does Reagan Have to do with grammar/spelling? Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to say an english teacher/professor?
    In the Motorola Zoom post, your very own comment (17 specifically) told someone else to “DON’T FEED THE VERIZON TROLLS”. Why don’t you take some of your own medicine? Because here you are, again, ignorantly doing just that. Comment’s like “We will team up to ward off these VERIZON ASSWAD’S” and all of your negative comments about the Thunderbolt ARE feeding the “Verizon trolls” as you put it. If you’re gonna keep posting, at least say things that pertain to Sprint only. Say nothing about Verizon, T Mobile, or AT&T. That WILL fuel other’s anger towards you. Just some friendly words of advice if you want to be taken seriously and not have people coming at you all the time.

  110. Idk why ppl hate sprint so much and call their coverage bullshit I never had a problem with mine to be honest no drop calls or anything only thing that pisses me off is there isn’t 4g everywhere but then there isn’t ANY CARRIER who have perfect 4g yet so stop acting like they do sprint is my carrier but some areas I miss T-Mobile and wish I had a chance to try Verizon but bill wise I dnt think I wanna pay that much just give each carrier their props hell we are arguing about which carrier has the best phone shit they are all android and we ain’t getting paid to argue about it so shut up and be amazed at another phone that’s gonna bring something new to the table its sprint turn to bring something good out lol

  111. @ Zack, Richard Yarrell is a 46 year-old man who is the result of severe inbreeding. His parents are fraternal twins. New York City has a program called “reachout”, where they give phones to the homeless, insane, and differently-abled (where he falls in that Venn diagran, I’m not sure – probably a lot of overlapping. He is obviously retarded, he thinks youtube pays him when people look at his videos. When he gets into an argument with someone, he invariably loses, yet is convinced he won. Hell, I’ve broken his dopey ass down so far, if it was a street fight, he would have been lying on the ground broken and bleeding to death, and as a comeback, he gets up and hits himself in the face with a sledgehammer, and thinks that it is somehow a victory blow for him. He thinks he is famous and well-connected (really, I’ve seen posts of his where he was going to “hook people up in the entertainment business” so that “they too could be famous and successful”). He is over 35 years older than you, spells and talks like someone 10 years younger than you, and rants about Sprint/EVO like they are living things. He acftually thinks Verizon is owned by Satan. I suppose being a Bowery soup-kitchen worker doesn’t have much to aspire to, so he makes these fantasies up to make himself feel better about what he is. To be clear; there is nothing wrong with working in a soup kitchen – but you shouldn’t act like you are a movie-star, or Dan Hesse’s right-hand man. He always refers to Sprint and their R&D as “we” or “us”. He doesn’t even know how to work his own EVO, one of the three videos that I did see of him (before I realized that this is one fucked up individual, not some goofy kid) was shot sideways.
    I wanted to ignore him, but, apparently after I started the “Mad High Priest of the Church of EVO” thing, and pointed out his tragic youtube videos – which, according to him, pays him well, or in his own words “I make out like a phat rat on every view”…yeah, okay, I’m sure youtube pays hundereds for each view of an insane middle-aged retarded person walking down the street taking videos – a guy to stupid to work his own phone so that the video isn’t sideways. Fuck him, I wanted to ignore him, if he wants to flame me, then fine, I have off for the next few weeks,so if an unarmed man wants to get into a mental battle with me, that’s fine. I’ve already inspired other people to flame him even further – without any encouragement, not that anyone needs any; I just throw out the ammo. (Church of EVO, the sad videos, etc.)What is even funnier is that if you call him out on one of his ridiculous insults – fuck a duck, bum, ‘losser’, dweeb(dweeb?! is this 1984 and he is 8?!), this list goes on…he’ll stop using that word for awhile and try to find something else. I noticed that recently, he started using “jargon” (in the wrong places and in the wrond context, but it’s a new word for him, congratulations Richard! You’re pushing 50, and just learned the word ‘jargon’! Now, you just have to use it correctly in a sentence.) Since people are more interested in seeing how stupid this dumbfuck can make himself look on any given day, fine. If I see my name when glossing over his posts, I’m going to flame the hell out of him. If he REALLY wants to push it, I’ll post his personal information. Be it here, or any of the other forums he hangs out in. He is too stupid to realize when he’s lost, when he’s beaten, and when he should keep his mouth shut. But, he is going to find out very soon just how real this can get if he wants to push it. This can go outside of the forums if you want to get personal fuckface. Go ahead Richard, post something mindless, we’re all looking forward to it! Don’t be surpirsed if you push someone too far one day, and you walk out of your shitty little alley to find a fully loaded Sig stuck in your ear. Then, the reality that your NOT Superman, and your little EVO isn’t a magical shield will set in even into your empty head with great alacrity.
    Yes, I just went there.

  112. I get 4g everywhere with my T-Mobile G2 and I’m in New Orleans.
    Let me put all of u who are being trolls in your place okay and I’m going to make a good point.

    #1. T-Mobile is great for there High speed services not so much Coverage. They have great coverage in some places and bad coverage here and there.
    #2. Sprint is good for UNLIMITED data use for cheap prices and they’re startin to pick their phone line up back in it’s place again and their coverage is spotty
    #3. Verizon is great for their line up of phones. Their superb coverage and their flaw is too much of high prices they’re ridiculous sometimes
    #4. AT&T drops calls a lot, but they’re great with coverage and have decent service and data speeds

    T-Mobile= G1, G2, Nexus One, Nexus S, & MyTouch 4G. (Soon to be released) T-Mobile G2x (LG Optimus 2X) and HTC Pyramid
    Verizon= Droid 1, Droid 2, HTC Droid Incredible, Droid X, and HTC Thunderbolt (Soon to be released Droid Bionic)
    Sprint= HTC Evo, HTC Hero , Samsung Galaxy S Epic (Soon to be Released HTC Evo 2/3D and Nexus S 4G)
    AT&T= their shitty iPhone line up, HTC Inspire, and Motorola Atrix
    They all are known for something in their time of the spotlights
    And maybe soon AT&T and Verizon will flop and maybe go down to the bottom two in the future who knows. Because T-Mobile and Sprint are on the come up they’re obviously tryin so u can’t fault them for that

  113. In other news, did you guys hear that AT&T(lol) just bought T-Mobile for $39 billion??

  114. T MOBILE IS DEAD!!!!!!!! They were just bought by AT&T….A bad company bought by an even worse company. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Now, the question is whether Sprint will still charge for “Premium Data” for these phones or extra like “Super Premium Data” fee since these phones are superior to others????

  116. The fee is for unlimited 3G/4G on the smartphones. So whether you know it or not, you are actually getting more data on 3G than you originally were supposed to get. Regardless its still cheaper than any alternative. Especially now that AT&T is about to get rid of all the incentives T Mobile had….I feel bad for T mobile users.

  117. @DJ

    Ha damn dude you having a bad day? You tore into him which is hilarious because from reading all of his stupid comments i do agree with you but what you said was ruthless lol

  118. Sprint is awesome!!! I have verizon but i would rather have sprint than at&t bleh

  119. DJ I think that both you AND richard need to take your meds.

  120. @ari

    ha agree 100%

  121. Whoah… I didn’t post #93. I don’t know who did, or why the hell they would copy me, but I didn’t post that. Apparently, someone is a hell of a lot more annoyed with Dumbass than I am, but I wouldn’t post private info, or threaten people in comment threads. Posting the fact that I typed his name into Youtube is one thing – anyone can do it- actually posting someone’s private information in the hopes that it would do them actual physical harm is another – even if that person is pretty much everything #93 said. Just do me a favor in the future “DJ”, everyone flames that idiot, but don’t post under my name, in my writing style, basically claiming to be me for whatever stupid reason you had for doing that. ESPECIALLY if you’re going to basically physically threaten the guy. Yes, he is an idiot, but these are just comment threads. You don’t have to read these.

  122. @Dj… I know you did not post #93 either @ksizzle9 did it or @NIsme did it who know’s I might be wrong too that’s just what I suspect after reading the threads since I have been away since my #2 entry. Either way ”It’s pretty sad that they took the time to ”use you in an inappropriate way concerning this matter all I can say is I am sorry they would do that. Regardless of what was said, TODAY IS MONDAY AND THE NEXT DAY IS TUESDAY LIFE GOES ON. I habor nothing against you i hope you understand that. To either @ksizzle9 or @NIsme or WHOEVER WAS STUPID ENOUGH TO POST #93 BUT NOT MAN ENOUGH TO COSIGN IT ”Your evidence has been submitted. now that you are a forum tuff guy and claim to have so much information on me and decide one day to bring it out side of this thread THEN DO SO I WILL BE WAITING JUST MAKE SURE TO COME CORRECT CAUSE THERE WILL BE NO RETURN FROM YOUR MISTAKE. You selected the right person for your street fight cause you really don’t know what you will be walking into on that day in question. Just know for sure that you won’t be going back to where you came from if you knew what I do. We eat people like you up everyday and I say we because you will find out EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN ON THAT DAY. So to WHOEVER THE COWARD IS THAT COULD’NT USE THERE OWN NAME FOR THAT THREAD #93 JUST KNOW I welcome your “SO CALLED CHALLENGE ANY DAY OF THE WEEK and yes I am calling you out… YOUR MOVE…

  123. @Dj… I know you did not post #93 either @ksizzle9 did it or @NIsme did it who know’s I might be wrong too that’s just what I suspect after reading the threads since I have been away since my #2 entry. Either way ”It’s pretty sad that they took the time to ”use you in an inappropriate way concerning this matter all I can say is I am sorry they would do that. Regardless of what was said, TODAY IS MONDAY AND THE NEXT DAY IS TUESDAY LIFE GOES ON. I habor nothing against you i hope you understand that.
    I appreciate that Richard. Honestly. We’ve flamed each other in the past, and I’m damn sure we will again, but there is a BIG difference between breaking someone’s balls/calling them out and actually threatening to hurt someone physically. That crosses lines and goes way above and beyond disagreeing with someone, regardless of what your opinions are, and I’m fucking livid that someone would pretend to be me to do it. That’s cowardly as hell, and uncalled for. I don’t know that Ksizzle9 or Nlsme posted it either. What I noticed was odd was that whoever posted it must’ve used html, because there are italics and bold fonts in that post. I always use parentheses, quotes, and italics for emphasis, and I’ve never seen either of those two use html either. I really don’t know. As mentioned, tomorrow is another day.

  124. ^ I meant parentheses, quotes, and hyphens.

  125. Yeah…I was thinking about all the times I played around with Richard. to me it has always been on the game side …with a whole lot of truth but a game none the less. But dam lol to want to hurt someone over Phandroid…that’s something else.

  126. Moving on we shall. This is the first bit of sprint related news that will be going down on Tuesday… Enjoy…

  127. Well, let’s all move forward and enjoy Phandroid because it is here for all of us to enjoy. Here’s some information we all could use.

  128. Exciting like the Nexus S that has been posted for hours elsewhere?

    Why the eff does this blog even exist?

  129. ha gotta love people who try to act tough behind a keyboard. Richard if you are forty some years old why dont you just be the bigger man and let it go. Yes it was childish for someone to threaten someone but you are acting just as childish with your responses.

  130. I’m definitely not a richard fan but ksizzle and nisme are two of the biggest verizon fanboys/apologists on phandroid. It seems all they contribute is insulting richard and bashing sprint…all three should do more reading and less writing….try finding a post by any of them without sprint or verizon phones/service being either hyped or dissed….sad! Do people really need to read them calling each other names? Maybe the moderator of the forum can post a daily thread where they can bully each other? What do you think?

  131. @122

    may wanna change your name next time dont copy my name and post k thanks

  132. I’m usually very loathe to say this, but I think it needs to be said — there are some people in this comment thread who NEED TO GET LAID…

    (Myself included.)

  133. All you Verizon Fan boys… are DUMB… FIRST Verizon’s LTE.. how many cities is it in? like 2? and when you do get coverage its capped and they lower your speed when you go over their limit…

    Sprint’s $10 premium data is UNLIMITED and is in every Major city– without caps….

  134. I like how the user in post #93 likes to try and use “big words” but can’t distinguish the difference between “to” and “too”. Good job.

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