Leaked Logo for the Nexus S 4G Further Confirms Sprint’s CTIA Announcements


While we can say with some certainty that the a WiMAX-enabled Nexus S 4G will make it’s way to Sprint in coming months, a freshly leaked logo said to be that of the device in question seems to solidify the device in the carrier’s lineup. Word is that this bad boy will be unleashed next Tuesday at Sprint’s CTIA press conference, and we’ll be there to get a first look at the Nexus S 4G (and any other devices) the carrier has up their sleeve.

[via Engadget]

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  1. CAN’T WAIT!!!

  2. Can’t wait.. :)

  3. no front facing camera… no interest. next… (like maybe a Galaxy S2)

  4. lol why do all of the single-core phones keep getting released on carriers when they’re so outdated now??? i don’t understand at all.

  5. Danboy… Not everyone needs a $700 Dual-Core processor phone. 1GHZ Hummingbird works fine, for most.

  6. re: Logan. The price points are pretty damn close between the dual core phones and single core. On release, Evo was 300 on 1 year contract, so is the Atrix.

  7. @ john my nexus S definetly has a front facing camera. also the tegras gpu is only a hair faster than the hummingbirds and stock on the nexus S is smoother than blur on the atrix.

  8. @danboy also, android is not yet optimized for dual cores, so right now, dual cores are useless

  9. I love how you post a comment bashing single core phones as ancient tech. What you need to realize is the importance of a dev phone with 4g speeds. Ffc? Personal preference anyways. I had an evo for a while and hardly ever used it. Wake up and realize every device released isn’t going to fit your personal needs. Get the one that does and shut up.

  10. Nexus S really isnt all that to get hyped about… Sprint Users should shift gears to the Evo 3

  11. I’m with Sxnook. I’m excited to have a stock Android phone for Sprint, but the EVO 3D should definitely be taking the show.

  12. I openly applaud all our network devices and welcome the Nexus S 4g to the Sprint family. We all know the New Htc Evo2/3d will be our flagship device the ONLY FOUR DEVICES WITH ANDROID 2.3.3GINERBREAD will be the Nexus S the Nexus S 4g and the Htc Evo2 as well as the Nexus one. Where is everyone else?????

  13. I too applaud Sprint. It is good to see more cell carriers embracing a phone which has no bloatware, all features enabled out of the box, not branded to any specific carrier and not made by Apple.
    To anybody who thinks that single-core phones are outdated, get your heads out of your asses. It maybe the case in a year, but it is def not the case now. First off, the words “Nexus” and “outdated” just do not go together. It will be updated for at least 2 years and thereby RELEVANT for at least 2 years. Furthermore, there are only two dual-core phones on the market, the Atrix and the Optimus 2X. Atrix is crap. Despite the dual-core, it is slower than the Nexus S (and nearly every HTC phone) because of how retarded BLUR is. Optimus 2X looks promising but I am sure that LG will find a way to mess it up. So yes, right now, single-core devices like the Nexus S and Inspire/Thunderbolt are still very relevant and probably a better purchase than any of the dual-cores on the markets.

  14. @Ace Curry….Your right there will be good single core devices out there can’t nothing away from that my friend

  15. The big ? hanging over Sprint is how long will WiMax be around before they replace it with LTE? And what about all those folks who purchased WiMax smartphones? Do they get free upgrade to LTE phones?

  16. @ Pedro…I do not think that Sprint owes any one a free upgrade, but I would like to see them offer a early upgrade to all of us (I’m one of them) that bought the Evo and are not eligible for an upgrade due to the change in Sprints premier rules. Free would be awesome, but simple upgrade even if not eligible would be nice.

  17. Now that is last years hardware.

  18. Last years tech as you put it is pretty much equal or better then your precious evo 3d if the benchmarks hold true and the evo 3d is the htc shooter.

    Not bashing the evo yet as we really don’t know enough at this point to judge. Hell we don’t even know if the nexus 4g will have the same specs as the original. point is it really doesn’t do much good to be trashing or boasting phones we know nothing about.

  19. Time for the magical moment when I abandon the piss poor Verizon ship.

  20. Verizon needs one.

  21. I really don’t see the point for a dual core phone. I have the EVO and it does everything that I need. I play games on my PS3, when I actually have time. I like my phone to be reliable, get me the information that I need and have a nice battery life. I don’t think Google would have wanted someone to build a phone for them that would not be able to handle the new OS that are coming out. It’s going to be a hard decision either way. LG,EVO,Nexus,Atrix hmmmmmm

  22. Bad boy, lol. More like choir boy. Big friggin deal. Phones with all these specs and more have been available since last November (MyTouch 4g a true bad boy). I agree a dual core is no big deal and my phone is fast as I need it to be with no lag whatsoever. The only benefit I see in dual core (if it’s true) is better battery life and i’m always looking for that. If I was on Sprint I would have no interest in this phone with the Evo and Epic available.

  23. @Danboy

    Lets play name the devices with dual core processors but wait thats pointless because 99.5% of android devices don’t have them. And just because a new fad came along that you want to follow doesn’t make a device outdated, to this day the Nexus S runs smoother than any dual core device out now.


    Why because its not all”super” because it doesn’t have a 4.3inch screen or dual core? thats pretty retarded in that same right why is the Evo still getting hyped up then? Its because they perform better than all these new devices. Nexus S gets its hype because it performs and is supported better than any other android

  24. @Pedro
    As you can see with iDEN, Sprint doesn’t just cut anything over and screw over the users. By the time Wimax goes dark or is removed from the Sprint lineup there wont be many Wimax Sprint phones out there because most will have gone LTE before then. I can see Sprint keeping Clear Wimax on lease until maybe 2016. The last Wimax device will be sold in 2013, while all LTE phones roll out the same year, with Wimax going dark 3 years later.

  25. I lol at everything Richard ever says.

  26. This phone wasnt impressive LAST year, still isnt.

  27. I’m the only one with the true dualcore and 4g. I give the thumbs up to release my shit!

  28. @ Misme It’s not a bad phone. It’s just your choice in a phone :P
    I think 4G, Google updates, Hummingbird CPU, PowerVRSGX40 is a good GPU as well, it’ll probably keep up with the SGS2 & Tegra 2 devices, because if the PowerVR(in Galaxy S and new OMAP processors, I think they’re dual core as well) can keep up with the GeForce GPU(in Tegra 2 devices), the SGS2 GPU is about roughly the same as the GeForce GPU. Get it? So they’re all basically the same… And I don’t notice much a difference in Dual-Core from Single-Core processors. Plus with two cores, and 1 Gig of RAM, going to two cores, wouldn’t it eat as much as RAM as one? So you’d still end up with left over ram at about 512 Megs… But I’m not completely sure.

  29. @Zack,
    The Nexus S is a sleeper. Most don’t know, or refuse to know that it actually is a high performance phone. Compared to the Atrix and Optimus 2X the Nexus S does a solid job of being competitive or surpassing dual core phones in terms of performance.

  30. @nick, How long before you think Android will be optimized for cell phones. If you buy a single core phone today for the same price as a dual core phone you are stuck with it til you can afford to pay for another device. Furthermore once Android is optimized for dual core there is a high chance that many game apps will be written just for dual core (oops my mistake, that is already happening, is called TEGRA 2 ZONE)…then you will feel betrayed because you got a phone that can’t take full advantage of all experiences available…so I will not have that problem as I will buy the best available, not to mention it is always nice to have features that those FANBOYS wish they had!

  31. Richard, Fuck you.

  32. When sprint switches to LTE or if they switch at all because sprint owns 49 percent of clearwire your phones will still work all it will take is a simple update to your phones don’t worry about it and i really see sprint keeping clearwire around and providing Wiimax and LTE but its just my guess.


  33. It will have TouchWiz installed.

  34. No it wont its a NEXUS S there will be no google branded phone running TouchWiz where did you get this info Phone dog?

  35. It’d be nice to see TMO get the Nexus S in 4G.
    I had the Nexus S and returned it after a week.
    Same day got a MyTouch 4G off Craigslist.
    MT4G is a way better phone.


  36. too bad sprint is a piece of shit, just like me or else this would be newsworthy. SPrint is so shitty right now they need to merge with Tmobile just to stay competitive. I’d go with verizon and sell my shitty evo if it didn’t smell like burned ass hair. Hey, when mommy comes in while I’m watching RedTube, I have to hide my phone somewhere! Damn it tickles my asshole when it vibrates. *brrrrmmmmm* Take a visual picture out that.. a bear with a phone in his ass *brrrrmmmm*

  37. I just wish the nexus s came with an sd card slot.

  38. Or at least a decent amount of memory.

  39. What is that? Times New Roman on that 4G logo? Boring….

  40. I am looking forward to Sprint’s new phones. I have had nothing but a great experience with them. I have my Hero rooted and am going to keep it until I am eligible to upgrade to a dual core later this year. I don’t understand why Richard has to be so disgustingly unpleasant- maybe it’s time for his meds:).

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