HTC Thunderbolt Gets Root


We’re not too surprised that this stuff happens so quickly anymore, but just a day after its launch the HTC Thunderbolt has gotten permanent root. Details are a bit scarce, but devs at XDA say they’re waiting for a working recovery before they release the method. This process shouldn’t take too long so be on the lookout for instructions in this thread and let us know when they get around to posting them. [Thanks, Incredible!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. What took them so long? Also First!!

  2. Why root your phone? I thought for free WiFi tether but the mobile hotspot app works free without root so besides being able to uninstall system apps n overclock ur device what else can you do with a rooted phone had Droid for a year enlighten me please

  3. Good deal! My tb should be here around 2pm.

  4. This is why I will continue to stick to HTC.

  5. I’ll wait for the OneClick root… or even better, maybe they’ll make a OneClick root that will also get rid of the bloatware in 1-click…

  6. I’d wait for CM7 support before I’d buy it :) Will prob. save another $100.

  7. @Ryan with root access you can remove the bloatware that comes on every phone.

  8. @Ryan also, the wifi tether is not free forever, only till may 15. Then $20 for 2gb is the rumored price.

  9. what is root? i’m new to the android family and i’m learning as i go.

  10. These new snapdragons have some serous OC ability I’m pretty sure that I’ve read that the MyTouch 4g can get all the way up to 1.8-1.9ghz, that is reason enough, plus you can’t get free tethering on the phone i assure you. But why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of those blazing LTE speeds that are faster than wifi?

  11. See, the fact that whoever it is at xda won’t release it until they’re confident in a stable, working recovery makes me like xda even more. I know phones are practically unbrickable now, but they know that people will ignore warnings and manage it anyway. They’re making the world a better place.

  12. (closes hippy tag)

  13. Awesome! Something I tipped gets posted!

  14. @Ryan

    Root is useful for:
    -Removing bloatware apps that are in the /system folder (cannot be uninstalled via Market).
    -Backup apps/data (i.e. TitaniumBackup) to SDcard so you can keep settings between ROM swaps.
    -Overclocking/performance/battery savings modifications
    -Forever free tethering
    -Lots of customization options
    -List goes on

    Indeed the myTouch 4G and Inspire have hit near 2GHz and the T-Bolt should as well.

    However, LTE is not faster than WiFi-necessarily – WiFi is basically as fast as your connection. If you have a service faster than 15Mbps like an Optimum Online Boost subscriber does, then WiFi will still defeat LTE in every respect (speed, latency, and battery usage) but public WiFi may be crappy (due to slower internet) so in those cases you would want LTE for sure.


    Hell yeah. XDA is the shit.

  15. Waiting on the Bionic.

  16. that phone is fast!!! wow lte is really fast aswell!!!

  17. Has anyone else had horrible battery performance with their Thunderbolt? I can’t get mine to stay charged for more than about 5 hours.

  18. My Thunderbolt is working great! I’ve been on it all day without charging. Battery is about 50%. Looking forward to getting rid of the extra apps that I won’t be using though…bloatware!!!

  19. I’ve had to charge mine at least 3 times today but that’s probably because I can’t put it down.

  20. I am new to this as well, did anyone have problems with their preinstalled games not working? I can’t buy them I tried and it keeps telling me that it cant connect? Verizon can’t fix or help with a 3rd party app, so anyone know what to do? I hate the preinstalled apps. I want them off my phone.

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