GM Announces New 2010 Models to Receive OnStar Mobile Support


When it comes to app download figures, 56,000 may not seem like much. When each download is coupled with an OnStar compatible vehicle, the number seems a bit more significant. Taking the early interest in OnStar Mobile for Android as a success, the company in conjunction GM has announced a new lineup of 2010 vehicle models that will feature support for mobile interactions.

This year we can expect to see OnStar mobile support in the Cadillac DTS, Escalade, Escalade ESV and EXT, Buick Enclave and Lucerne, GMC Acadia, Yukon and Yukon XL, and the Chevrolet Avalanche, Impala, Suburban, Tahoe, and Traverse.

With the popularity of the OnStar Mobile app, Chief Marketing Officer Sam Mancuso revealed some potential new features for future iterations, including destination search, send-to-car transfers, and even a navigation mode. See the press release below for the full scoop.

Consumer Use of OnStar Mobile Apps Surges
Availability for more 2010 vehicles expected to boost downloads beyond current 56,000

DETROIT – Since being launched last year, the OnStar mobile app has been downloaded by more than 56,000 active users who have amassed 1.3 million interactions.

That number is expected to grow in coming months as OnStar today added 14 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles from 2010 that allow users to download vehicle data and more to their mobile devices.

The expanded list of 2010 model year vehicles includes the Cadillac DTS, Escalade, Escalade ESV and Escalade EXT; the Buick Enclave and Lucerne; the GMC Acadia, Yukon, and Yukon XL; and Chevrolet Avalanche, Impala, Suburban, Tahoe and Traverse.

OnStar customers are increasingly using their smart phones to remotely check fuel levels and tire pressure, start their vehicles and make sure doors are locked via OnStar’s mobile app, according to data released today from the company. Drivers of the Chevrolet Cruze and Silverado use the app most frequently.

“I think it’s safe to say we are very pleased with how drivers have not only downloaded, but interacted with our mobile app,” said Sam Mancuso, chief marketing officer, OnStar. “This overwhelming reaction has confirmed our plans to continue to enhance the mobile app, including the potential development of a destination search and send-to-car feature.”

Details on the app’s potential navigation features will be made available at a later date.

The top use of the app for all vehicles is updating vehicle data, which includes checking fuel levels, oil life, next scheduled maintenance, and other vehicle usage, status and maintenance information. Owners of the Chevrolet Volt electric car with extended-range capability take advantage of data supplied only for that vehicle, including battery charge level and electricity rate tables.

For drivers of other GM vehicles, the second- and third most-used features of the app are locking and unlocking doors remotely and remotely starting the ignition.

OnStar to host mobile app web chat today

Steve Schwinke, director, advanced systems development at OnStar, will host a web chat today from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. EDT, to discuss the availability of the mobile app for the aforementioned 2010 vehicles. The web chat will be hosted on OnStar’s Facebook page.
About OnStar

OnStar, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors, is the leading provider of connected safety and security solutions, value-added mobility services and advanced information technology. Currently available on more than 40 MY 2011 GM models, OnStar soon will be available for installation on most other vehicles already on the road through local electronics retailers, including Best Buy. OnStar safely connects its more than six million subscribers, in the U.S., Canada and China, in ways never thought possible. OnStar Stolen Vehicle Slowdown is a recipient of the 2010 Edison Award for Best New Product in the technology category. More information about OnStar can be found at

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  1. This has actually been working on 2010 models for over a week now. My wife and I downloaded it and have been using it on our 2010 Acadia and loving it! Thanks OnStar! Go Android.

  2. Sprint is the Best !!!!!

  3. ^^ hahaha.
    not to shabby. only though if i could get a vehicle with onstar.

  4. And as I posted in the market, for those of us with earlier OnStar equipped vehicles, we should at least have access to the account management features and an easy “contact OnStar” button. But if you don’t have a car with access to the whole suite, you can’t even start the app.

  5. An on star afteemarket kit is availble for cars that don’t come with it.

  6. Dropped >$50k on 2500HD last year. Even when they explicitly point out that Silverado users are some of the most active, they didn’t see fit to include the 2010 trucks in the update. There isn’t a hardware reason, given that the SUVs got the OK. BS.


  7. It will be really cool when this gets hacked! Imagine your car starting by itself in your garage, in the middle of the night! Wee-doggies.

  8. how long until its just android powering the vehicles software xD

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