TeleNav Offers Free Turn-By-Turn App for Verizon Customers


Just as the HTC Thunderbolt has been launched, TeleNav has announced that their turn-by-turn navigation application is free for all big red customers to download. Folks on other carriers need not fret as you likely already have some form of TeleNav preinstalled on your device. (If you haven’t rooted and flashed a custom ROM, that is.) Here is a list of features you can expect:

  • Turn-by-turn 3D navigation with spoken driving directionsby a person, not a robot
  • Choose the best route for you using Multiple Route Suggestions, which suggests up to 3 different routes to your destination
  • Customize your route to avoid toll roads or traffic congestion
  • Lost or need to find a specific type of place near you? You can use Navigation by TeleNav to do a local search a database of over 22 million local business, restaurants, landmarks, and more

The free version is a bit stripped compared to the premium version, though. If you pay, you’ll get helpful features such as routing around heavy traffic, red light camera and speed trap alerts, lane assist and much more. Thankfully, that version is now half-off from its usual $39.99 price point until March 31st. (That’s a yearly recurring charge, by the way.) Find the Free and Premium versions in the Android market now. [Telenav]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Google Maps Navigation works perfectly fine for me and it FREE!! :)

  2. who wants the TELENAV crap, google navigation ftw

  3. I just downloaded and its only the free version. You don’t get the traffic features or any of the other advanced features that Google navigation offers for free.

  4. Google maps ftw!

  5. Am i missing something or is the permission “Services that cost you money, Directly call phone numbers” seem fishy? Maybe i just dont know what i am talking about but why would nav need to call phone numbers?

  6. All I see is Google Maps/Navigation with a poor UI and a voice that has to long of a pause between words. Oh, they added movie and weather info? I still see NO reason to pay them even $0.99

  7. Does this install the maps on your phone for off line use, or is it a streaming map service like Googles?

  8. Looks at TeleNav asking 40 bucks a year for their service normally, looks back at Google Maps Navigation.

    …HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good one TeleNav…wait, you’re serious? *SIGH*

  9. Well thank you but I am happy with my google navigation!!

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