Carphone Warehouse Sells 1 Million Androids and Sees 2000% Increase in Sales, Debuts Unique Ad


Carphone Warehouse – a major mobile device retailer in the United Kingdom – has announced that they’ve sold over 1 million Androids last year, a 2000% increase over the year before. Carphone Warehouse are sworn promoters of Android with their shops plagued with little green robots, and now they have a new ad to let folks sitting at home know that as well. It’s really one of the best general Android ads I’ve seen. (Though I still don’t think it tops ads from Korea – there’s nothing like a dancing green robot.) Check the video out above. [via Droid Den]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Excellent! I womder if they’ll be giving away little spongy Androids that look like this cute little CGI’s…

  2. I want a pet android!

  3. i will choose a pet android over my dog!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. so adorable haha

  5. 2000% is nice but Europe is still far behind the US. There are about 1/5th as many Android phones per capita.

  6. Very cute ad!!! I love Android!

  7. No sewn on thumbs? How civilized. Great commercial. Someone should hire the brains behind this for some more pleasant commercials here in the states.

  8. I want a pet Android too. =(

  9. I’ve seen 4 people using Android phones outside of my home. I’ve seen literally hundreds of iPhone users. Android is not selling well in Northern Ireland yet. Carphone Warehouse certainly are pushing it and have the most models.

  10. I want one of those cute little androids. Just don’t expose him to bright lights and don’t get him wet.
    But the most important rule of all, no matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs, never, never feed him after midnight.

  11. Bahaha thats because you northern irish are to busy getting fucked by the british.

  12. Aww man too bad those aren’t real…

  13. HTC Incredible S banner in the window.

  14. dancing droid at 0:20

  15. Here in the Netherlands a seller of mobile phones reported that 33% of all sold smartphones are android, against 20% iphones. Given reasons include more userfriendly and choice of phones. (Both in favor for android).

  16. But the Northern Irish are British?

  17. Keller, don’t be rude. You’re embarassing yourself.

  18. I am from northern ireland and Android devices vastly outnumber iphones in our office. I saw several Desire HDs at a playpark the other day. No I am not a pedo I had my daughter with me.

  19. Also the Nexus S is now available in Spain from “The Phone House” (At a rip off euro rate!)…

  20. I’m not surprised but I’m still pleased; this is the first push for Android as a platform that I’ve seen and it’s clearly working, so well done to CW for putting this ad out.

    It’s one thing for individual phone companies to put out ads, but when the entire platform gets a push it helps give confidence to potential Android customers.

    I want a little Android!!

  21. At the start of last year The Carphone Warehouse seemed to be iPhone focused, they had a couple of Android phones but not as a main display.

    I walked in to a store in November last year, and I was surrounded in Android goodness! The first phones you see when you walk in are Android, I’ve not even sure where the iPhones are in there anymore. (Note: This is in Brighton, and there is an Apple store about 5 min walk away)

  22. My Android toys from Dead Zebra should be coming today or tomorrow, can’t wait! Let’s face it, Andy is just too cool.

  23. Loved the commercial

  24. Pet Androids will be the new Holiday craze on ThinkGeek….

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