Verizon Waving $35 Activation Fee on Android Tablets


With the iPad 2 on sale through Verizon minus any sort of activation fee, it sure seems like Android users were destined to get the short end of the stick. Lest the wrong message gets across, Big Red has gone ahead and decided to waive said $35 activation with the purchase of the Motorola XOOM and Samsung Galaxy Tab, as well.

A small gesture, but one of good intent. This should do just about nothing to sway buyers towards an Android alternative, but at least those set on picking up the new XOOM can have one less complaint about its already high price tag.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Note in the 1st paragraph: “…limited-time promotion.”

  2. I bet they are

  3. I just played with the xoom. I love that thing, but with the fact that I have wifi tether on my rooted DInc and usb tether, I have a very hard time paying that much more a month. I only would if I got rid of my home internet. Not going to happen though. Wifi Xoom all the way when it comes out.

  4. You mean “waiving”, not “waving” right?

  5. Verizon sucks a “Big Red” weenie.

  6. @BoneCrusher – Talking about a dogs ***** is not a topic of civilized society.

    Bet you didn’t think of it before posting.


  7. I don’t think anyone willing to pay $20 per month for 1 gb of data is worried about a 1 time $35 activation fee.

  8. I got them to waive the fee the day after the Xoom was launched! Told them they needed to do something for me seeing that I was coming over to verizon, they credited my account the 35 bucks.

  9. Wow, I’m surprised that they’re charging activation fees on a non-contract device. Its just seems odd.

    Actually I’ve never understood why they still charge activation fees. I don’t think I’ve ever paid them, as they don’t need them and the reps know that, so if you whine they just waive it. I sure as hell wouldn’t have paid it for the Xoom if I got one. On a 2 year contract, at least its a drop in the bucket compared to what you’re committing to. But with a no contract device, you may not use data for more than a month or two before deciding WiFi is fine, or you only want data in months where you go on vacation or something. In those cases, $35 is a big percentage of what you will be spending on the actual data.

  10. So you pay the $35 activation fee and get charged $20 for the 1 month data and they still have $15 credit of yours, so you probably have to use another month service or loose the $15.

  11. If the xoom had 4G, and flash, and a useable sd card, I’d get one:(

  12. @11 Bob, flash is coming Friday…4G, April-May, along with update for activating SD card. At least it is coming…

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