Sprint Offering $125 Credit to Those Who Port Their Numbers


Sprint’s offering a pretty decent deal for those who want to switch to their network by porting their number. If you do so, you’ll get a $125 credit after 60 days (which – depending on your plan – could cover you for about a month in a half). If you haven’t been able to justify paying that hefty early termination fee to switch, then perhaps this’ll help make the transition smoother. Note that you must request the credit after you’ve subscribed. The deal lasts until April 16th so get on it soon if you’re interested. [via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. That’s still not good enough for me, they have to actually get service here first ;)

  2. Where are you located?

  3. hmm… tempting

  4. IT’S ABOUT TIME SOMEBODY DOES THIS!! If I was interested in moving to a new carrier then this would most definitely speed up my decision.

  5. Ditto with Mike C. I’d switch if they had decent service here. Living in the Midwest, Sprint is AWFUL. The best part is if you call into their customer service and tell them there is no 3G in the area, they will tell you there is. The Map on their website even shows no 3G. Idiots.

    Sorry, but I have to stick with Big Red where I don’t have any dropped calls and can get my 3G speeds.

  6. Tmobile is also doing this, but its $150!

  7. Make sure you buy the phone from a Sprint store, online or telesales….no BB or RS…THATS THE RESTRICTION

  8. Tmobile is offering that? I havent heard of anything about it…..

  9. Can’t wait until the other carriers offer this so I can ditch Sprint!

  10. If you live in the Detroit metro area I wouldn’t go anywhere near Sprint. No problems with voice service or text but the data is a complete joke.3g is horrible, I’ve been getting speeds around 0.15 Mbps. And there is no word of Sprint bringing wimax here.9th largest metro area in the country and no 4g. All the other carriers are here so Sprint is losing thousands of customers. Probably why you see this offer.

  11. Yes, great way to aquire new customers I am sure many will leave and find there way to sprint. NO OTHER CARRIER IS OFFERING OR DOING THIS. Here in Newyork sprint is a heavy hitter excellent service.

  12. Sprint has horrible coverage compared to Verizon. I would like to leave verizon but would loose the great coverage and it’s not worth it.

  13. HERE in New York, sprint is a joke.

  14. @NIsme… Your the JOKE in Newyork

  15. Sprint customer in Plymouth, MN (Minneapolis suburbs) avg 2Mbps on 3G and over 6Mbps on 4G. Service is great. Only complaint is how they nickle-and-dime you. Latest attempts are the addition of a $10/mo “smartphone fee” and the removal of Sprint Premier upgrades unless you’ve been there over 10 years. I’m about ready to start shopping around…

  16. @Kevin…How loose is your verizon coverage?

  17. Good deal for those thinking about switching to Sprint. I get great service from them here in the Central Florida area.

  18. Anybody that has seen the videos you put up on youtube would disagree with you. And, I know, those “views” are a significant portion of your income.

  19. Believe what you want, but T-Mobile is ALSO doing this. We are giving 150 if you port over and get a smartphone, and 50 if you get a phone first (feature/dumb) phone. Not going to post the image from streamline….but call care if you don’t believe me. I’ve done it for two customers since last week. go Sprint and go T-mobile for BOTH doing something like this.

  20. @NIsme… LOSSER….

  21. Richard please, please, for the love of God, LEARN HOW TO SPELL AND TURN OFF CAPS LOCK!!! NO ONE CARES how much you think Sprint is better than EVERYBODY! We get it you LOVE your EVO but please, i’m getting so tired of coming to Phandroid and seeing…SPRINT RULES EVO RULES, EVERYBODY ELSE SUCKS! The Evo isn’t the top phone anymore! It is a great phone but not THE BEST EVER!

    Now, that is a really great offer by Spring and it really does need the publicity because, even if Sprint acquires T-Mobile, it will STILL BE DEAD LAST behind AT&T and VERIZON!

    Dang dude, i’m only 17 and figured out you’re an arrogant idiot!

  22. *Sprint* in second paragraph

  23. I’d like for another carrier to do this so that I have even more incentive to LEAVE Sprint. I’m in Madison, Wisconsin and they are horrible! Waiting for the Bionic to land, then sorry Sprint, I’m out!

  24. lol Jim thats funny…and the same to Teeder…this just goes to show that-that ranting fanboy (whos name I wont type here) is wrong. I see somany people complain about how bad Sprint is…and many of the comments on here show me even more so that Sprints signal needs some heavy beefing up ( more twoers in more places) And like that other guy said, becuase of this-allll these new post about Sprint doing such cool things-shows you that their poor signal in many places is heading people right on out the door to Verizon or one of the other guys that gets a good signal in their area… also this 4g drama they are going through…does not help them…and thats the bottom line the end.

    its cheaper then alot of other cariers…
    who cares its 10$ more for ” data ” its still cheaper and it unlimited…
    they have alot to offer in the 69.99 plan….
    the sprint coverage map might be different then on the operating system…
    where i live i got a LG optimus. and i love it… and i live in 3g area… my bro has the Evo and he does live in a 4g area and u do see a diference…

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