DROID Incredible S With Verizon Branding Pictured


Before Mobile World Congress, there was a large-looking HTC phone with Verizon branding and no one knew what it was. Later pictures told of a battery door with those same racing line contours found on the HTC DROID Incredible – a phone that was rumored to have a bigger brother coming.

MWC came and HTC announced the Incredible S, a European version of a phone we expected to hit Verizon. Today, more pictures have surfaced all but confirming the inevitable. The picture itself doesn’t show much, though I’m wondering how the phone’s time could be incriminating to whoever leaked the photo as it’s warped out.

We’d beg for a release date and pricing, but Verizon has yet to bring out two other HTC phones we know will be hitting the carrier – the Merge and the Thunderbolt. (HTC says that one’s release date will be announced “soon”, by the way.) [Android Spin]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Release date will be 1st of April, oh no wait 15th, oh no 1st of May, or maybe June? It could be also the 1st, 5th, 9th or 14th of July. Let’s ask Best buy or Verizon reps…

  2. Another HTC phone with a 1GHz Snapdragon what a surprise. HTC only knows how to make one phone with a dozen different names. I used to like HTC but they’ve fallen way behind the competition. If it wasn’t for the developement community they would be screwed.

  3. What’s the need for this phone and the thunderbolt on verizon? If 4g costs extra than yes a 3g only phone makes sense but since it appears that 4g wouldn’t cost extra per month, why have two phones with otherwise identical specs?

  4. Whatever comes first, this or ThunderBolt, is what I’m getting.
    (anyone know where I can find a side-to-side of these two phones?)

  5. Verizon should b changing to tiered data plans soon; therefore, making 4g phones bad for heavy data users.

  6. Come on HTC what happen to tegra2

  7. Boo! No optical trackpad. I’ll stick with my original Incredible for the time being.

  8. I’m with Alex on this one. I can’t see how a phone without optical track pad can be the successor to the Inc. It’s so freaking handy.

  9. Seen pictures of an “Incredible 2” with a nice big trackball.
    Who knows?

  10. When will we get to an Eris 2 its the best smartphone

  11. Should be a solid upgrade, especially if u have an evo. Lol

  12. Why is the software time, date, and carrier name on the drag bar blurred out?

  13. HTC has lost their way with overpriced and outdated hardware that’s late to market. It’s going to be a bad year for HTC unless they get their act together.

  14. What is with all the ‘S’ named phones from different manufacturers? Galaxy S, Optimus S, Nexus S, Wildfire S,Desire S, Incredible S. Am I missing something, what does the S mean?

  15. @BNicks: Seksee?

  16. Im sticking with my Droid Incredible. I think its b.s that we are forced to have to pay for 4g and run a phone without duel core. This Inc. Runs just fine.

  17. No one is forcing you pay for 4g without dual core. Just don’t buy it. Why to people make hardware personal? Just don’t fucking buy it. If I weren’t so jewy, I’d buy you your next 4g phone. Alas, I live with my mother and my allowance is limited.

  18. OH yeah.. I use Sprint, and while they claim it is 4g, it’s really not. So don’t feel grass is greener on my lawn. My EVO sucks and actually my grass is burned from having to use the bathroom outside. My mom won’t let me use the bathroom when she’s home.

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