Samsung Galaxy S II Visits the FCC with North American 3G, i708 Development Phone Makes an Appearance as Well


Even though we have no word of when the Samsung Galaxy S II might hit North American shores, a recent FCC filing is as good an indication as ever of the inevitable launch of the Android 2.3 smartphone. The filing shows the handset with support for the 850MHz and 1900MHz North American 3G bands, making the phone compatible with AT&T in the US and Bell, TELUS, and Rogers in Canada.

We can’t be certain the phone will ever land in its current state in the US, as carriers in North America received unique versions of the original Galaxy S. If we had to guess, we’d most likely expect this filing to be for a phone destined for a Canadian carrier, but without any confirmation we can only speculate.

One thing seems certain: we probably won’t be seeing this phone until late summer or early fall. A user manual included in the listing is off-limits until September 6th and upcoming phones like the Samsung Stealth and Samsung Infuse 4G leave little room for a North American launch in the imminent future.

Along with the Galaxy S II, there is a curious listing for a phone with the model number Samsung i708. Most intriguing about this filing is the inclusion of cellular radios covering GSM frequencies for HSPA as well as CDMA and EVDO. The label says the phone is not for sale, but development only, meaning we may never see something with such a wide-range of radio power released to the general public. Still, a completely universal smartphone is an interesting notion.

[via Electronista]

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  1. I thought the Galaxy S2 was supposed to be quad-band UMTS 850/900/1900/2100, which would be that it would work on most carriers worldwide.

  2. wow September!? i was hoping June dude. what a bummer =/

  3. You had better be wrong about that date. I’ve been holding out for this phone.

  4. just wait a little longer guys, it’ll be worth it.

  5. @ Brian I’m with you lol! It feels like I’ve been chasing this phone across fantasy land and every once in a while it pops out from behind a tree, throws an acorn at my head, giggles, and runs away..

  6. Well the september date seems feasible given the fact that the last galaxy s line launched last fall, or atleast I know that the epic 4g (my current phone) didn’t launch until the end of august; so that would put the galaxy s2 at around a one year refresh.

  7. Samsung is really conceeding a lot of dual core sales to Motorolla on all carriers. Quad core tegra phones are supposed to be out in late 2011.

  8. If they don’t take care of the current update, or lack there of verizon, problems on the Galaxy S line I don’t think they’re going to have a lot of people waiting to get this phone. Samsung’s support people are repeating the same line to thousands of people and we’re all being pushed over the line now, many are already vowing to never purchase from again. At least release the source code so we can get some better ROMs.

  9. *Please* let it be destined for Canada! I’ve been salivating over this phone since the first hands-on videos from MWC hit the net in mid-February. Barring any terrible news when actual reviews of working models hit the blogs, I’ll wait as long as till Christmas for the Galaxy S II.

  10. I’m waiting for the SGS2 to launch… But it’s going to be in September?!!?!?… Fml, Nexus S here I come..

  11. Can we get a fucking date for the Infuse please? Shit.

  12. Guys Guys.. it’ll be here calm down lol.

  13. man sept. for gs2. that’s sucks. finally samsung infuse mention! lol.

  14. The September date makes me angry. You won’t like me when i’m angry…

  15. All I can say to anyone planning on buying a carrier locked Samsung Android phone….Good Luck, you’re going to need it with Samsung’s track record. I have crappy Galaxy S line phone and don’t even use it anymore it’s so crappy.

  16. I’m so happy with my Galaxy S, all my friends have one. All the other phones struggle so hard with games including htc and motorola. My SGS rules over all of them. Cant wait to get the new version. Should blow everything out of the water! Thanks Sammy!

  17. Yeah, I love my galaxy s. I can attest that the games rock on it while all my friends crap evo and desire can’t run jack. I can’t wait for the new Galaxy S2!!! Bring it already!!!

  18. well ive been waiting since this time last yr for dual core to come out, might as well wait a couple more months until this monster is availible. amoled, thin chassis, dual core its the perfect package. Even though the exynos didnt benchmark as high as the tegra 2 optimus it will be enough to satisisfy my needs. Hopefully they will have tegra 2 in this thing when it does roll out. One thing to also consider is the htc pyrmaid and what it has to offer.

  19. You know, all this update madness would end if there was even one OEM to make it an issue. Who will be first to say: “Unlike those other guys, we have the best update record.”

  20. Guys this is just an approximation I think it will follow the original galaxy s release a month after march so around may we will get it

  21. Actually, this article is incorrect. It didnt specify if the 3G band is 1800/1900 or 1700/1900, Which really would make a difference. Cuz just having the info that its 850/1900 would mean its compatible with either ATT or T-Mo

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