Brick-Salvaging Motorola Atrix 4G System Boot File Leaks


The Motorola Atrix 4G has proven to be a rather tricky beast when it comes to digging deep into its software and emerging on the other side with a still functional handset. While the code hasn’t been completely cracked, the process of hacking the newest Android smartphone for AT&T has no doubt left a few users with mere paperweights. Luckily for owners of bricked Atrix phones, the System Boot File (SBF) for the device has leaked onto the internet. Sure, you will still need to know your stuff to leverage the SBF and coax a dead handset back to life, but it provides a bit of a security blanket for those afraid to take the plunge. See the source link below for download mirrors.

[via BriefMobile]

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  1. Might not be brick salvaging yet. No one has successfully flashed it at the moment.

    But it’s still awesome to get the leak. We’ll see if a more seasoned Moto Dev can tell all us Atrix noobies what we’re doing wrong.

  2. Sad to see Steve Jobs’ wannabee at ATT & Motorola

  3. This is exactly why I pledge not to buy any Motorola phone until they stop encrypting the bootloader, I’ll stick with HTC’s awesome phones.

    I hate Motorola’s business strageties, where they lock down the phone without really updating it so then you keep buying new phones instead of using Cyanogen.

  4. Just having an SBF file is by no means a security blanket. If you’ve sufficiently corrupted the phone it can truly be a brick, not recoverable.

  5. Just stay the hell away from Motorola, cuz just about every android owner will want to root their phone someday.

  6. Everybody who’s under 14 years old maybe wants to root their phone. Adults need their phones for work so buggy half assed buggy roms like CM are out of the question. I guess if you use your phone as a toy then the Atrix isn’t for you, but the Atrix is still faster than any other phone rooted or not.

  7. If you can reveive a bricked phone then its not a bricked phone.. Remember, theres a reason its called a brick. Otherwise lets just call it a software induced coma.

  8. IllYo, we call it a soft brick.

  9. There is no such thing as bricking a unix based phone by changing the software. You may not have the tools to put it back the way that you want it. But the hardware will not be damaged by the software. At least there is no way to do that yet. If you think your phone is bricked and you cannot resolve it, be patient and keep watching this site, a solution will surface soon. :) save the daylight.

  10. @snapper fishes – everybody who’s 12 years old but some people use their phone for work not as a toy like you do and we need are phones to be reliable. That’s why hokey roms like CM are bug ridden crap.

  11. Bricking a device doesn’t really exist anyway. No device is ever truly bricked. When the device is first made, it is as near as bricked as it gets. Somebody must put the OS/Boot loader onto it. It can only be classed as bricked when you don’t have to tools/software/files to fix it. But nothing is ever truly bricked, unless there is a hardware fault.

  12. @FunBob, @Astridax — Wrong. Your theory doesn’t hold up to real world experience. It is absolutely possible to brick a phone. Phone developers do it all the time.

  13. that’s great news for Motorola Atrix users! Those who’ve been messing around with their brand new Tegra-equipped devices and have managed to turn them into bricks may have a second chance. A system boot file for the Motorola Atrix 4G has been leaked on various Russian forums that may allow Atrix users to restore their phones from a hard brick.I have read below article its in very detailed about this good news with all instructions and validiate download mirror ..


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