Motorola XOOM OTA Going Out Tonight to Add Adobe Flash 10.2 Support


Motorola’s just tweeted that the Motorola XOOM will be getting an over-the-air upgrade tonight to add the pieces required for the Adobe Flash Player 10.2 debut that is scheduled to come out soon. Many were upset that the Honeycomb tablet didn’t ship with the feature. We were originally promised that users would only have to wait a few weeks for the update, though, which doesn’t sound so bad in retrospect. Expect to see the update within the next week or two if their earlier promise holds true. [Thanks to all who sent this in!]

[Update]: There seems to have been some confusion: this is NOT Flash itself, folks. My title is a tad misleading, but by “Flash 10.2 Support”  I meant that they’re prepping the tablet for a later update as I alluded to in the actual content of my post. Sorry for the confusion.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. omg yes

  2. finally I’ve been waiting for this for so long i hope it holds true

  3. ipad can f itself!! haha~~

  4. Adding ENHANCEMENT THAT SUPPORTS the upcoming flash 10.2 is not the same as ADDING ADOBE FLASH 10.2. Am I missing something, Am I misinterpreting something? I have a XOOM and I really hope I’m wrong.

  5. Haha, this makes me happy. Its still not Flash yet, but any movement is good. It was beginning to feel like it would never get Flash, 4G, or SD Card support. I know its only been two weeks, but thats forever when you’re addicted to tech like crack!

  6. This is a ho hum update according to the details. You avoid a bug no one is aware of (daylight savings) and get some update to support the flash release which is not included. This will be a good test run to see how the update works but I doubt you will notice any change.

  7. Porn! Finally! This is the only reason I bought the zoom instead of the iPad.

  8. DroidCEO… The Xoom has only been out a few weeks…

  9. Also: This is NOT Flash. Just an update for Flash to work when available.

  10. @josefromhershey

    I agree with you. Technically it doesn’t say anything about adding flash itself, in fact it clearly says “…to support incoming Adobe Flash Player 10.2”
    If that isn’t enough to say that it isn’t coming now but will be coming I don’t know what is…
    One must read things accurately.

  11. Maybe they’ll fix the bloody wifi problems with this patch.

  12. I never said this was the flash update, folks.

  13. your title is way misleading…

  14. Though I can see where my title can be misleading.

  15. @Quentyn Kennemer
    I guess is the way the tittle is written!

  16. Now they need to find a way that people don’t need to return there xoom’s inorder to get 4g??? ONLY VERIZON AND MOTOROLA CAN ”F” UP ANDROID FIRST HONEYCOMB TABLET….. PISS ON VERIZON AND MOTOROLA

  17. @ Quentyn Kennemer
    Some people sure are easily mislead someitmes. But then again it happens to the best of us. Thanks for everything. My favorite site that i obsessively check :)

  18. @ Quentyn Kennemer
    Hey what ever happened to the competitions you guys used to have.
    I miss winning those :)

  19. This makes perfect sense. They update the device with some changes that will enhance the upcoming flash release, which will be released through the market.

    Like the rest of you….I am hoping the actual flash release will folks shortly.

  20. @Aztec My ass needs kissing when you are done with Quentyns

  21. @Richard, the 4G upgrade involves changes to hardware and software. There’s no way they’ll offer an option to do this at home. No-one is forcing anyone to upgrade. You can choose not to and have the same speeds as other tablets like the iPad. Motorola and Verizon have always advertised it as a free, optional upgrade and never implied that it was software-only so not point complaining about it.

  22. Flash or no flash. I’m really starting to consider the ipad or ipad2 over any honeycomb device only because of Netflix.

    I know there are ways around getting Netflix on android but I don’t want to pay more.

    Where is our damn Netflix!!!!! Will the xoom even be able to support the Netflix app if they ever do decide to release one?

  23. Personally, netflix streaming sucks for me – has always sucked for me and will always suck for me. The movie selection just is horrible. I actually pay for Hulu Plus because the options I get on that are at least desirable as far as content I wish to watch.

    I agree that a movie service is sorely needed for Android in general. While playon works, its just a stop-gap solution for a problem that only Netflix or Amazon can solve. Apparently it all revolves around DRM management – or lack thereof in Android.

    That being said – my Xoom was not updated last night. Pity.

  24. Adobe just blogged that Flash Player 10.2 is available now for Honeycomb as well as Froyo and Gingerbread:
    Note that Flash Player 10.2 for Android 2.x is a final release, while for Honeycomb the player is a beta release.

  25. Sorry, not available just yet, it’s an announcement that it will be available March 18th from the Android Market.

  26. From my understanding the Trega 2 processor in the Xoom will be accepted by Netflix. It’s more secure than other chipsets for whatever reason.

  27. Agree with above poster… just bought a used 1st Gen iPad for $300… at least in can do Netflix (which has worked flawless on my blu-ray, roku, & ipod touches.) Android tablets are either too crappy or too expensive… and STILL can’t play netflix. I know my wife’s OG droid, and likely my DroidX will never see Netflix either… not to mention video playback while decent, is still choppy on on my DroidX compared to same exact video playing on my 1st Gen iPod. Sad… I’m a big android fan, and don’t care too much for apple. Yeah the iPads missing some stuff I’d really like (GPS on wifi only version!!!) But @ the price point they are actually delivering a compelling experience… so, buying iPad1 at a discount, saving my money, and giving Android Tablets another year to try again.

  28. OTA, how does that work if I did not activate 3g?

  29. People should google flash 10.2 apk. I know I am enjoying the results! Flash is awesome on zoom!!!

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