Sense ROM For G2 Now Available [Sense 2.1/Gingerbread]


Are you a T-Mobile G2 owner looking for Gingerbread but would rather use HTC Sense? Boy is it your lucky day: A Sense 2.1 ROM based on dumps from the ‘S’ series of HTC phones is now available for the device. The ROM is named GingerSense and was cooked up by the gracious folks from VillainRom.

There are some issues – including a broken camcorder and borked Bluetooth – but if you don’t care for those two things then the list is minor. Take a look at the full list below and if it’s to your liking, head here to download it. [via Into]

* Camcorder hangs when pressing record
* Bluetooth does not work
* HTC Hub fails to log in
* The “card” mail widget does not work
* Landscape mode in Sense is bugged (thanks to HTC for this), I would advice against using this too often
* Question mark doesn’t work on hardware keyboard

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’m pretty sure anyone who bought a G series device wouldn’t want a outdated non-stock rom

  2. @2FR35H

    How is a Sense Gingerbread ROM outdated?

  3. 2.1 is the newest version of htc Sense. Itll probably be the most current for most of this year. You must have confused 2.1 to be the android version.

  4. Like!
    But, Wouldn’t a Desire Z ROM be 100% compatible?

  5. Any sense 2.1 rom for mt4g yet? I prefer vanillla android, but I would love to try 2.1 sense out.

  6. Always cracks me up to read about rooting and roms and all the stuff that doesn’t work!

  7. @Bobert What is so funny exactly? Do you think that all custom ROMs has stuff which doesn’t work? It is people testing and reporting problems which help fix the ROM so that it works. ROMs based on stock firmware (optimizations, some features, etc) have all hardware working. And ports (ie this Gingerbread Sense port) usually take time but with a committed developer, eventually get all hardware working (and when it is completely working, it is worth it).

  8. @Bobert – asking the question “does cyanogenmod 7 work for the Inspire 4g?”

    Answer: “It will work perfectly, except for the audio.”

    Oh cool I just can’t hear the people on the other end of a phone call….

    It has been fixed but yeah it is funny. It seems the amount of work to get this stuff to work is huge and even when they get a large portion working it still may not work for the average person as a daily driver. That is why I stick with the standard stuff I wish I had time/money to have a second phone to play around with.

  9. It’s a sure thing that custom ROMs are NOT for everyone, but if you feel comfo about it, it’s very interesting and some of them are very stables (like cyanogen who just release CM7 rc2 or if you prefer android 2.3.3). As of now I’m using the Nightly Build #13 with the Honeycomb music app that just sync over the air in the cloud with Google like youre contacts, gmail etc, and a couple of addons that I enjoy as well as some sense app. and I have still to find any issues with it.but as I said if you don’t feel good or if you’re not sure about it, DON’T DO IT.

  10. I’m trying to figure out how the porting of the most bloated, ugly, and dysfunctional (as in Sense adds no functionality) rom is news worthy.

  11. @DemonWav
    Figured it out yet?
    Let me help: it’s because people are interested in it. You’re clearly not, so just move on.

  12. I like Booty-eh-eh-eh

  13. @RumpRoast…… JERK……………

  14. @demonwav – Sense: Arrows on keyboards. Best keyboard. Best cut and paste.

  15. @Richard Yarrell Move Shake Now Drop

  16. gingervillian 2.0 is what i’m waiting on…

  17. @Demonwav – ur feelings on sense have greatly become the minority now bro. Many people have realized the benefit and added value of sense. You can continue to talk down about it but your buddies that used to back you up are shadows in the night.

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