New OTA Update Bringing FRG83G to the Motorola Droid for Verizon Starting Today


I am sure fellow Motorola Droid owners would much rather here news of an update bringing our handsets up to Gingerbread, but with no word on whether or not the phone that kicked things up a notch for Android will ever receive an upgrade to the latest version of the OS we may just have to settle for an update to Android 2.2.2, which has begun rolling out today. The update is labeled as FRG83G, the build of Froyo that was last seen on the Nexus One before it received its calling to Android 2.3.3.

FRG83G is a small 3.4MB download that once installed will fix a text messaging bug that resulted in the phone displaying a message other than the one selected and in some cases sending messages to the wrong recipient. Nothing major, but certainly nothing to complain about.

Now the questions is: could this be the final update the Motorola Droid receives? Or is it still destined for bigger and better things?

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  1. CM 7 rules!

  2. still no milestone update (to 2.2 at all). disgrace.

  3. Wow I like how Verizon gets Droid updates out but the can’t update there fascinates

  4. Honestly who cares about this update? Peter Alfonso released GPA13 and it’s awesome.

  5. Motorola is worse than Samsung. Still no Android 2.2 on ANY Motorola device (including the Milestone) in Canada. Their first one will be the Atrix.

  6. I could be wrong, but I believe it’s 2.2.3 that fixes the text message bug…

  7. And all of us… the “happy” Milestone users get even more to complain about. Screw you Motorola. I’m going with other brands!

  8. Motorola isnt worse than Samsung, they are just like Samsung.
    Samsung phones are updated good overseas, but not so good in the US.
    Motorola is the opposite.
    If you want updates in a timely manner for your phone, get a Nexus phone or some phone by HTC. or get a high end Motorola phone in the US, or get a Samsung phone overseas.
    See, you just gotta know how to work the update merry go round…

  9. this is why an unlocked bootloader is so important, thanks to a skilled and talented community, gingerbread has been available in various roms. I have Verizon, and love my OG Droid, but if the Bionic comes out locked like most of motorolas last several phones, ill have to go with another manufacturer….

  10. I wish they would fix the WiFi so it actually worked on non-broadcasting corporate systems. This is a major problem that started with the 2.2 upgrade and amazingly still have not fixed.

  11. Liquid Gingerbread v1.31 is awesome!!

    @abe: I agree completely. I’m not going to buy another Moto device if it has a locked bootloader. Maybe they have learned their lesson and are testing the waters with the Xoom.

  12. Rooted also and couldn’t be happier.
    Running GingerBread on the old girl thanks to Peter Alfonso and Project Elite!

  13. But will this update make the OG Droid’s performance suck just a little less? Ever since the last OTA update, my Droid’s performance has SUCKED. And don’t tell me all the things to do to fix it, because none of them work, and I’ve read a ton of posts on every message board that I’m not alone. My Droid worked fine and had perfectly adequate performance when I got it, and it is just unbearable now and there’s not a damn thing that will fix it. Trust me, I’ve tried it all. I’m just holding on till the Thunderbolt comes out and then I’m chucking this thing in a lake.

  14. I second Matt. Bugless Beast Rocks. I’m also running Pete’s 1Ghz_LV Kernel and I can’t remember my phone ever running any better.

  15. So, I got an update this morning (3/15), but my Android Version is showing 2.2.1 with a build number of FRG83D. What’s up with that?

  16. @RandyB:
    My Droid performance sucked too after the 2.2 update, but installing the free version of LaunchPro fixed it completely (as well as adding some other cool stuff). Highly recommended.

  17. Still dont have the OTA update. really want 2.3.3 don’t want to go to Alfonso until i know for sure I won’t get that anyway

  18. Got the update and it made a world of difference for me.

    The last OTA update made my droid slow and sluggish. This one seems to fix all that. Snappy back to home screen. Snappy app launch. Overall, very happy.

  19. Yeah I just got it today too. Much better. Still looking for Gingerbread though, however the increased performance will be enough for now

  20. 2.2.2 did NOTHING on my original Droid to improve performance. It still sucks. It can sometimes take 30 seconds before the icons on my home screen reappear after exiting an application. Ever since 2.2 my Droid has performed like an old 286 PC running Windows 2000. I’m sick of it.

  21. this update deleted my contact information, ya im kinda pissed. thanks verizon for your complete and utter incompetence

  22. have to backup contact first before update…

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