Mar 9th, 2011

While we wait around and wonder where the WiFi-only version of the Motorola XOOM is, Sam’s Club has gone ahead and put the 3G model up for sale on their website. Just as with Verizon, you can get the Honeycomb tablet for $599.99 after a two-year data contract (through Verizon). And although its listing states it has 4G, that’s not entirely true – you’ll have to send it in to Motorola for the upgrade.

Earlier reports from within the “club” put a WiFi-only version at $539.99, but no official word was ever given on that. We know it’s coming, but Motorola has yet to announce pricing and availability details. We know many of you are holding out for that version so that you aren’t subject to a two-year contract or a $799.99 MSRP without one.

We’ll remain on the lookout for details on that, but in the meantime Sam’s Club is just another retailer offering the only publicly available Honeycomb tablet. Go ahead and check their site out if you prefer to order it from them. [Android Community]

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