Motorola XOOM (3G) Available at Sam’s Club, No Word on WiFi-Only


While we wait around and wonder where the WiFi-only version of the Motorola XOOM is, Sam’s Club has gone ahead and put the 3G model up for sale on their website. Just as with Verizon, you can get the Honeycomb tablet for $599.99 after a two-year data contract (through Verizon). And although its listing states it has 4G, that’s not entirely true – you’ll have to send it in to Motorola for the upgrade.

Earlier reports from within the “club” put a WiFi-only version at $539.99, but no official word was ever given on that. We know it’s coming, but Motorola has yet to announce pricing and availability details. We know many of you are holding out for that version so that you aren’t subject to a two-year contract or a $799.99 MSRP without one.

We’ll remain on the lookout for details on that, but in the meantime Sam’s Club is just another retailer offering the only publicly available Honeycomb tablet. Go ahead and check their site out if you prefer to order it from them. [Android Community]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. 60 bucks off or not, the wifi model will be what it takes to get me on board. $800 is just a bit too steep for me. $600 seems like the sweet spot on this thing, especially when I consider that I paid $530 for a N1 last year…

  2. I agree with AGStumps8807…it will take the WiFi version to move $600 out of my wallet. I spent about 30 minutes playing with the XOOM at a VZW store and I have to say it was really sweet. I wonder if some of the rumors are correct and there won’t even be a WiFi only version? My issue is why on earth would anyone in their right mind buy the 3G version if they already had a 3G phone and plan with Verizon?

  3. I really don’t understand what Motorola and Verizon are trying to achieve here. How much did the promise to swap everyone’s radios add to the cost of this thing? Why didn’t they just release the WiFi first, and then the 4G version when it’s ready?
    Price is critical here — look at the competition!

  4. Just wait until the G-Slate and the Tab 10 comes out and watch things get real stupid.

  5. Tab 8.9*

  6. …and let’s not forget the Dell 10″ streak…

  7. Gee, does their listing also say it has an SD card slot? (Well, I guess it does even though it doesn’t actually work.) This is a case where you don’t save anything over going to the Verizon store, so I don’t see why Sam’s thinks it will generate sales. OTOH, selling the Wi Fi only for significantly less than MSRP as they supposedly are going to will get my feet inside the store.

  8. I can understand why their holding out on the Wifi.. It’s likly a deal made with Vzw to get the early adopters to but from Verizon. But I really do not like it, I will not be buying any tablet’s with a mobile network radio.

  9. Motorola probably has an agreement with Verison to hold any wifi only announcements for a specified time. I’ve demoed the Xoom at two different Verizon stores and the employees swear Motorola will never release a wifi only version despite evidence to the contrary.

  10. I honestly don’t understand what the hold up is on a wifi only version. I mean c’mon… how hard is it to ship basically the same exact tablet and leave out the 3g hardware components?

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