TELUS to Launch Nexus S In Late March/Early April [Update: All Canadian Carriers this Spring]


Along with the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G, TELUS had another handset up their sleeves today. The Nexus S, another Samsung-made Android smartphone. But we all know the Nexus S isn’t any old Android, it’s the successor the Nexus One and was the first handset to launch with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The phone will land on the Canadian carrier sometime towards the end of this month or in early April.

[Update: TELUS won’t be the only Canadian carrier to receive the Nexus S. Google has reached agreements with all the major players in Canada including Rogers and Bell to launch the Nexus S later this spring. thanks, djunio]

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Canada to Receive 4G Galaxy S with Newly Announced Samsung Fascinate 4G for TELUS

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  1. AT&T!

  2. I concur, if you are on AT&T, you at least deserve a decent phone.

  3. This is great! It will work with AT&T 3G bands!

  4. Will this come unlocked?

  5. unlocked? lol yeah right. Doubtful.

    But easily rootable…not sure that means it can be unlocked.

    Apparently all the big 3 Canadian carriers were going to get this phone?

  6. Will this be a vanilla Nexus S, supported and updated by Google, only with an on-contract subsidy? Or will it be a “customized” abomination like the Vodafone Nexus One that gets its updates weeks behind everyone else?

  7. I hope a 32gb version comes out here in the states. The Nexus S being limited to 16gb is the only reason i have not brought it.

  8. AT&T w/ HSPA+!! one can dream!

  9. Great! Another single core POS.

    Where’s the Galaxy S II, or the LG Optimus 2x or the Motorola Atrix?

    If you want to attract new customers, give them something attractive to get excited about! I guarantee you I will not be lured by outdated technology passed off as the latest and greatest!

    We want dual core machines with better screens (Super AMOLED PLUS) and larger batteries (the Atrix is 1950mah!) Last year’s experience proved that single core and regular Super AMOLED just ate the batteries in 4 hours!

  10. Of course it will be unlocked, it is a Nexus. And rooting has nothing to do with a carrier unlock.

  11. I would be surprised if it is unlocked. Canadian carriers have a history of screwing their clients every which way they can.

  12. Now all we need is Google Voice in Canada *fingers crossed*.

  13. @The REAL Joe Blow: Who is “we”? Some of us would prefer solid hardware with the latest patches and updates. No matter how bleeding-edge the hardware is today, it will seem old in a few months. The way to keep a phone feeling fresh is with the software. Trust me, I know: I just got Gingerbread on my year-old Nexus One, and it feels brand new again, for the third time!
    I hope lots of people buy the Nexus S and get to share the delight in this experience, over and over again.

  14. @Dave: “We” are the thousands of people who bought the Galaxy S Captivate and Vibrant who either returned them shortly after initial purchase or who lived in regret with their purchase. Look at the Official Rogers support forums, and the Samsung support forums and numerous other 3rd party sites – there are *many* “We”‘s who wish the phones were all that they were advertised to be but felt short changed

  15. @ The REAL Joe Blow: Dude, I just switched from Vibrant to the Nexus S (TMob version), and eventhough their hardwares are relatively the same (at least the processor, memory, screen…), but let me tell you that software makes all the difference! My Nexus S runs on 2.3.3, and the darn thing flies, as smooth as the iPhone4. Vibrant? 2.2, and with no hope of ever getting updated again. AND have you seen the benchmark between Nexus S, Optimus 2X and Atrix 4G? (go ahead, Google it) — The NS came out 2nd against the dualcores! So don’t categorize the NS as POS when Google holds it as their current de-facto development phone with complete optimization.

  16. I’m down with decent hardware and vanilla android.
    I’ll probably be picking up the Nexus S over waiting for some dual core behemoth that doesn’t get updated. and doesn’t have motoblur.

  17. @The REAL Joe Blow: So to summarize, then, “we” are people who bought the most powerful hardware on the market six months ago and regret it because the manufacturer-butchered software sucked. And what “we” want now is the most powerful hardware on the market with sucky manufacturer-butchered software?

  18. I can’t wait to get this phone … ! Some1 knows how much it will cost without contract ?? How much does this sell for in USA without contract ?

  19. I cant wait till this gets here as much as I love my Inspire adios there is nothing like the “pure google” vanilla android experience!

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