Mar 8th, 2011

Beneath the harsh perception developers have regarding generating revenue on Android lie a few gems that produce tear-jerking success stories. One is that of Spacetime Studios’ – the popular Pocket Legends MMO for multiple platforms.

They profess that twice as many Android users download the game daily opposed to our iOS counterparts. (The rough numbers are 9,000 vs 3,000-4,000, if you care.) And download counts are only half the story: daily activity on Android is a lot higher than it is on iOS.

For Spacetime, that means more people will look to buy gold or other items using their real-world money. Even with the lack of a native in-app purchasing system, they are able to attract more paying customers than non-paying customers.


It’s a trend that is – unfortunately – not common in the Android market, but it gives us hope that we’ll soon reach a point where any developer can make money on Android. (Granted their app is halfway decent.)

CEO Gary Gattis says Android has definitely become their primary interest. If you haven’t seen it with their constant and timely updates, optimization for new devices, and other development, then perhaps you’ll believe them now. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but I’d venture to guess that the small amount of competition in the Android market has been a god-send for their efforts.

For users, this means more content will stream your way as they look to capitalize on a market where they seem to have found their groove. It also means more games as more studios look to emulate their success. For Spacetime, it means more money for them. That’s always a good thing. [via Computer World]