Next Update to Angry Birds Seasons Previewed, Birds Get the Luck of the Irish


Maybe saying these birds have any sort of luck is a bit of a stretch, but they sure have enough pent up rage to hold their own in any drunken Irish bar brawl. In case you weren’t aware, Angry Birds Seasons will receive yet another update this month to coincide with the St. Patrick’s Dat holiday. Four leaf clovers, pots of gold, and pigs dressed up as leprechauns are what you can expect. Rovio has posted up a preview video of the new adventure, you can check it yourself below.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Cool! I look forward to it and Rio!

  2. More birds is a good thing! Kudos to the AB devs. Still the best game out there…

  3. How do they choose which holidays get used? Dammit I want an Arbor Day version of Angry Birds!

  4. Yay! and also cant wait paid verison…. no more ads!!!

  5. @Roy – Root your phone, install ADFREE and presto, no more ads.


  6. I want me gold!

  7. I can see Angry birds turning into farmville real quick!

  8. Yeah, they’re always after me lucky charms.

  9. Play on Airplane Mode – no drop-in ads.

  10. Cool game, but as soon as they starting doing stupid stuff like putting ads ON TOP of the game play field to force accidental ad clicks I lost interest. There are so many other games on the market that don’t do that crap, why would I care about this game?

  11. Gaming on touchscreens sucks period end of conversation.

  12. Because Angry Birds owns your soul.

  13. xperia play ftw

  14. @ jasron – yeah, they could definitely make some interesting ones. For Columbus Day, they could – wait, that’s just wrong on too many levels…

  15. They will probably keep cranking out different levels until people get bored. Hopefully they have some cool ideas planned.

    Earth day could be creative…

  16. Finally released today, happy Saint Patrick’s Day

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