With iPad 2 Set for March 11th Launch, Don’t Expect the HTC Thunderbolt this Week [Captain Obvious]


February 14th, February 24th, March 3rd, March 4th, and March 10th. What do all of these dates have in common? At one point or another, they were rumored as the release date for the HTC Thunderbolt for Verizon. Four out of five of the dates listed have come and gone with no 4G LTE handset to be seen. You can scratch the fifth off the list as well, for obvious reasons. What obvious reasons? The release of the iPad 2 slated for March 11th. Would Verizon really release both Apple’s newest tablet and their first 4G LTE handset on back to back days? Not impossible, but extremely unlikely.

If the logic of the whole thing is a bit too hard to grasp, perhaps this leaked graphic obtained by DroidLife will make things easier to comprehend. The iPad 2 clearly comes before the Thunderbolt. So go ahead and close your eyes and point to some other day on the calendar. Whatever day you land on is about just as good a guess as any for when we will see the Thunderbolt.

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  1. hahahahaha stupid thunderbolt.
    what a fail you are, getting people all excited, then shutting them down.

  2. HTC is flying standby while Apple is being boarded in advance to first class with champagne and caviar waiting. So ridiculous. I WANT A 4G PHONE FROM VERIZON…NOT A TABLET. Release the damn thing already!!!

  3. See, way, way way back in November, and even December, I wanted this phone. When I heard about the Q2 Release of the Droid Bionic, my skepticism began about the tbolt. With all of these delays, and my contract already being up, I’m hanging onto the OG Droid I just got until we get a phone that is goddamned perfect.

  4. @dork
    Agree 100% typical verizon by the time they announce a release date all of the other lte phones will be announced to like the bionic and who would take this outdated phone over a bionic. smh

  5. @Dork
    idk since Verizon has not actually said any dates i can’t get mad at them, since technically they were all rumors. even if evidence was there.

  6. And here I am getting about 8mb download speed on my Sprint/Clear 4G connection since last August.

  7. Aztec, Verizon set up a preorder and release at Best Buy. They didn’t pull that out of their asses. Verizon reps are there regularly.

  8. @SIGNT – Good luck maintaining that connection if Sprint decides to walk away from clearwire.

  9. Honestly what is the point? this is a stop-gap phone anyway, and now it is too late. what we really want is the galaxy S2 or bionic!
    This phone is a fail already. why is verizon lagging so bad with this phone and the bionic? AT&T has the incredible, and the atrix. verizon has sold its soul to steve jobs.

  10. @ Aztec

    I can get mad when they show the phone at CES in early Jan, start advertising the phone on television/internet about 3-4 weeks ago, let their 3rd party retailer (Best Buy) release a bunch of teasers and start accepting pre-orders on Feb 6th. Verizon is Lucy and we are Charlie Brown getting the football pulled away at the last second.

  11. @MT, if Sprint dumps Wimax, I’ll get Sprint LTE. Either way, I wont have been kept hostage by 3G and kept waiting for an outdated LTE phone like Verizon users.

  12. Verizon needs to stop drinking the Apple coo-lade and release this Fn phone!!!

  13. @sigint
    yeah but you will have to wait until they roll out LTE which could be months or more and your EVO or other current wimax phone wouldnt work with LTE

  14. @chris….Lets see. WiMax on Evo or LTE? Well, EVo will work if sprint moves to LTE. Sprint already stated it will work. Software update to evo(or any 4g device) and modem change at sites for sprints LTE network. Thats what they have said…..so…..LTE and Evo, good to go.

  15. I agree with aztec, I don’t see why ppl get so upset when all dates given for a release were just rumors. Never once did Verizon say it would arrive on a certain date. It has already been noted about battery issues. So wouldn’t you rather have a phone with no issues and.wait until its fixed, or have a phone with issues. I don’t know. that’s just my opinion…

  16. I gave up and got an incredible over the weekend. Don’t know why I waited this long. I don’t live in a 4G area and at $300, I have no idea how the thunderbolt could be better then the incredible I got for $50.

  17. What gets me is that Verizon is giving Best Buy a retail exclusive, so they could release the thunderbolt via retail at best buy at the same time releasing the IPAD2, the traffic for the thunderbolt would go to best buy as they promised them and ipad2 traffic would go to both. After the rush at best buy is over then Verizon could sell it in their stores, making everyone happy and keeping their agreement with BestBuy. Unless BestBuy is the one pushing back in fear of too much traffic at their retail locations.

  18. Please link to where sprint said that.

  19. Who cares at this point It’s just an Evo. HTC has run out of ideas so they’re just going to keep re-releasing the same phone with a different name. Evo, Desire, Inspire, Thunderbolt, ect are all the same damn phone. Why is anybody waiting for this phone when you can get much better phones from Samsung and Motorola right now.

  20. dont know what to do honestly. My phone died 2 weeks ago and my contract is up on wed. wait for this verizon hoopla or just get another phone because this is some bs right now.

  21. @william
    link? Because from wimax to lte is more than a software update

  22. Long Live (in theory or dreamland or something) the BlunderBolt!!

  23. A software update is all that is needed at the cell sites. You cannot update the radio in the phone to work on Lte. New handsets would be required. Look it up!

    To all my fellow gays: grindr is now in the Android Market!

  24. @signin, tell that to the sprint customers waiting for 4g. For almost a year, while being charged extra. Should be easy, considering it is a VERY large percentage of evo owners.

  25. hahahaha…thats why verizons a lie, ill stick with my atrix

  26. It’s true that Verizon never set a date, but don’t have teaser commercials marketing the product w/o giving enough info. They need to officially make a statement about battery issues or what ever if that is the hold up and stop leaving people hanging.

  27. I think Verizon is more worried about releasing the iPad 2 and Thunderbolt so close together cuz they think people wont have enough $ to buy both; however, i’m sure only a select few of people have the desire to buy a new phone and tablet at the same time.

  28. The TBolt is HTC’s equivelent of the white iPhone 4. Rumored to the max, and it never came out. :/

  29. I think you’re quoting the wrong site, PhAndroid


  30. I actually feel bad for HTC. Announcing the phone at CES and then here comes apples Verizon shoves them aside like they never existed. I know its only a phone but since the iphone Verizon has made me think twice about renewing my contract. Sure sprint isn’t as good but it would suffice for what I need. I don’t care how it works for others. Plus I could get yearly upgrade. Very tempting. I read they will announce tomorrow but somehow I doubt that. Wouldn’t want to steal apples Thunder…
    If I were HTC I would release a statement and put it on Verizon. Consumers want the phone they are begging for it. People want the ipad too…give em both so what if stores get busy. Last I checked that’s a great way to make money. Regardless of when stuff is released people are still going to come to the store for the product they want on the day its available. Some might buy both in one trip. Id like to say Verizon has failed but the truth is when the phone is released it will sell quickly. Prob better than the iphone. If so I hope its a wake up call that HTC deserves better treatment. A price would be nice too. I don’t want to preorder but I also don’t want to spend 50 extra because I didn’t. Especially where im buying 2…one for wifey. Not to mention adding a data plan for her.

  31. @Wrong

    I believe Pop Herald than Droid Life because I read Popherald’s article at around 6 o clock in the morning while I’m on the road going to the office. I think Droid Life made up the chart and based it on Popherald’s report. The site is also the first one to report that March is the release month of the thunderbolt and not February, so I’m believing them.

  32. Wrong source indeed, I believe PopHerald’s march 16 than Droidlife. I think Droid life just got the idea from popherald because they also knew that it’s a credible site. I started believing on popherald when they said that thunderbolt will not arrive in february and will arrive in march and true because I think they have a super credible source named “Tippy”

  33. @droid
    preorder or not you wouldnt be paying anymore. the $50 would just get applied toward the purchase you would still be paying the same price since you had to put down $50 to get the preorder or you could walk in and get it for same price without paying $50 down

  34. OK….enough, leaks are fun, 3G is old, but Verizon just has no clue how to build hype and buzz. They have a great back end, but best does not always win. Their claim to fame is now, OLD TECHNOLOGY, Can’t get a release right if they tried…know how to start the buzz, but fall short in delivery. By the time they wake up, Sprint may become a real force and all the mistakes at AT&T make them smart and the real winner. Too bad Verizon…you have the ball, I guess the coach never told you how to shoot.

  35. When I went to my VZW store in Feb they said the release date they had was March 30th

  36. At this point we might as well wait a few more months until there will be multiple 4G options for Verizon….I know I’m going to! Besides, as quickly as phones are progressing do you really want to be stuck with a phone that is already a bit outdated before it is even released?

  37. @JD
    Same I’m going to wait and check out the bionic because if im getting locked into a contract even for a year it better be able to last the year and with future os’s being made to utilize dual core that seems like the safest bet

  38. @Billy BlunderBolt! Love it. Seriously. I was superpumped about this device, and I don’t exactly blame Verizon for all the extra hype, since they never technically offered a release date. But they obviously thought it would be released before now, with all the “Available Soon[er than expected]” comments. My AT&T contract was up at the end of January and I was waiting around for this thing. Seriously, we’re close enough to a Droid Bionic release that I won’t even bother with the Blunderbolt. What’s another couple of months?

    Yeah, I would prefer SenseUI, but it’s not a big deal. So, whether Verizon “officially” screwed up or not, their blunders screwed over HTC (unless I break my iPhone 3G before Bionic is available, in which case I’ll fall back on the BlunderBolt).

  39. That graffic is a 1 1/2 months old outlining the next four steps Verizon is taking in 2011. Being in their financial division, no date has ever been given by Verizon yet. Only rumors. Gotta love people getting upset over rumors. Ill be getting the T-bolt when its released to replace my Incredible. When its ready, ill be ready.

  40. i say kill mr.jobs

  41. The panda said march 17 like back in january so ill believe the panda

  42. @M
    Do you mean 4g? because the thunderbolt is 4g not 3g

  43. This delay for this phone has been ridiculous! And to think Best Buy has now been holding hostage $50 of consumers personal funds for over a month now without being able to deliver the product! There has got to be some legal implications that could be rearing it’s ugly head regarding this situation.

  44. If the Thunderbolt doesn’t get released in March I think Best Buy and HTC should double team Verizon. It’s being advertised on tv so handsets should be in the inventory or at least a warehouse somewhere just waiting to be stocked on shelves. Product that’s not being moved off shelves is just burning up capital.

  45. @Rob C And while they double team Verizon in that warehouse, I hope they play some saxophone music.

  46. All this MUMBO JUMBO BEING STATED BY THE ABOVE PEOPLE @MT..@chris..@NIsme…@Rollo…It’s pretty clear that SPRINT has crossed there T’S and dotted the I’s otherwise they would not be announcing the Nexus S4g, the Htc Evo2/3d, and the Htc Evo View…as well as holding an event 2.5hrs long…It’s funny how people bash but quietly look at there profolio…Evo2,Nexus S, Evo4g, Evo shift4g, Epic4g, Blackberry playboox, Evo View, Galaxy Tab..THERE IS NO CARRIER TODAY WITH A BETTER LINEUP OF ALL AROUND DEVICES….NOBODY……CASE CLOSED….HATERS need to join us or STEP TO LEFT…

  47. Galaxy S2 I hope its a 4.5 screen or Bionic I hope its webtop & 1gb when these come out my contract been up since nov 2010. I want a 4g phone can a brother just dream a little lol…

  48. Just brand (V) kissing Apple and Jobs A@@ by holding the T-Bolt back so as not to interfere with the fruit-phone sales!! Baaah!

  49. You can have all the great phone you want. Those phone wont mean anything if you have a shitty network

  50. yea sprint is a garbo network

  51. This thunderbolt will be toast when they announce this new Htc Evo 3D. By the time the TB releases people will want something else. The Thunderbolt is already outdated compared to what’s about to drop in the next 4 months. Verizon is to late in the game. I don’t know why they giving apple all the attention!!

  52. @richard
    I never said anything about sprints android lineup you dumbass we were talking about if they lose wimax damn hop off the sprint teet and actually read the posts before you try and call someone a hater. smh

  53. I’ve been with Sprint for 2 years now and with all honesty I can say its been anything but garbage. The entire 2 years I’ve had 1 dropped call and have had no data problems at all and I’m paying $30 less a month then I was with Verizon. I don’t have anything bad to say about Verizon they were ok just more expensive for me.

  54. I’m starting to think this is the Verizon Nexus 1 all over again. Didn’t they also play the same game with the Inc.?

  55. Funny that Best Buy has a card board display setup for the Thunderbolt and no phone yet to put on it for the last week and a half…lol Just go get the EVO on Sprint. Mine work’s like a charm and is root ready for all your free tether and custom ROM needs. No need to wait!


  56. Wanted this when I was at CES in January but now I’m over the hype and wait. Onto the Bionic and its dual-core cpu!

  57. Crossed t’s and dotted i’s? Thats why wimax is failing huh? Best lineup? They have 2 phones, dumbass.

  58. ^I thought Nexus S was on T Mobile…
    Unless Richard is using the recent T Mo and Sprint merger rumor to say Sprint has the Nexus S.

  59. And the Playbook isnt exclusive to Sprint…
    Yea sometimes I think Richard just drinks a Big Gulp full of coffee and Red Bull, wait about 1/2 hour for it to start working and comes and posts on here..

  60. It is anticipated that Sprint will be releasing the Nexus S and the EVO 3D. Although it is rumor, seems to make sense and several sites have made this speculation. I know it still doesn’t make it true, but everyone is announcing new phones and these seem somewhat logical, although I was surprised by the Nexus S.

    My coverage on Sprint has been great. I live in Charleston SC and have been using Sprint for about 3 years. I used Verizon previously and I never had a problem with Verizon either. In my neck of the woods, Sprint and Verizon are the preferred providers. I think both are excellent providers and wouldn’t blame anyone for using either.

    I have given up on trying to hold providers accountable to dates of release. That said, I would be upset if I had put a deposit down on a phone and it not be released on time. Thus, when consumers put a deposit down, did Best Buy provide a specific date of delivery. If so, I would simply get my money back and wait to make an informed decision when the phone is released to see if it is still a value buy or if other phones and providers have a better deal and capabilities. If Best Buy did not provide a specific date of release, you probably should be mad at yourself for believing any rumors or commercials you have seen on TV. Not to be insulting, but before you put money down as a deposit, don’t you usually get a date that the product or service will be provided?

    So my hope is that anyone with a deposit has something in writing that states the terms of the delivery of service and/or product. Moreover, I hope the deposit is refundable. If neither of these are true, I would have to say that the people who put a deposit down are held hostage and probably should be mad, but they should also consider curbing their urge to be the first person with a new toy, by putting a deposit down on something that has a scheduled delivery that is based on TV commercials that did not specify a date and rumors that idiots like me post online.

  61. There was no big hoopla whatsoever when the first iPad came to Verizon. So if they are thinking there will be one this time I think they are in for another rude Apple/Verizon awakening. After that maybe they will be in high gear to get the Thunderbolt out the door. But its also possible they realize that the Thunderbolt is a bit under specced to make a big scene. Otherwise I think they would be breaking their necks to get the first 4G phone out the door. Or it could very well be Jobs pulling the strings of Verizon now.

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