Google Voice Update for Honeycomb In the Works, For Now Tablet Users Left in the Dark


Because the Motorola XOOM doesn’t send and receive calls in the traditional sense, it might not be too surprising that a version of Google Voice enabled for Honeycomb devices was not available from the get-go. But for those who want the same sort of access to their voicemail offered on their Android smartphones and desktop computers, there have been quite a few left disappointed by Voice not working properly on the tablet.

In a Google support thread, it was confirmed that Voice is not compatible with Honeycomb at the moment, but a Honeycomb version was promised for the future. That version is currently in the works.

We suppose we could contrive some sort of conspiracy keeping a service that enables some phone-like features off of a 3G tablet being sold by a wireless carrier, but we’ll save that for those of you in the comments. Anyone feeling the hurt of no Google Voice on their XOOM?

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. I don’t really see how an inability to use google voice from a tablet for what I’m sure will be a very short period of time inconveniences anyone in the slightest. But maybe that’s just me.

  2. Does anyone else think this is simply a technical deficiency and not an intentional disabling of the call features? There are many youtube videos showing european galaxy tab models making phone calls, a motorola xoom making a normal call to a Google voice line ring before it returns a no calls error.

    It seems that if GVoice and calls are not ready from the get-go then they probably intend to keep it that way for a while – otherwise why go to the trouble to disable it in the first place? The android “smartphone” OS has always had call capability – until now.

    Carriers are just milking the anxious this year. It’s all just as well because typing on these is still atrocious – and perhaps BlindType and Snapkeys will get their App sometime soon.

  3. it would be nice to have the Google voice app for checking voice mail and sending and receiving text. But as a standby you could always login to the Google voice webpage to do that.

  4. its great motorola release a beta product

  5. not really feeling the hurt at the moment since my xoom and my droid x never really are more than 5 feet away from each other at the moment.

  6. I smell VOIP support coming… First no more gizmo5, then this, and eventually SIP service straight to Google Voice. I can’t wait.

  7. What is the likelihood of Google Voice incorporating caller ID for phone numbers not stored in your contacts? I used to have YouMail back when I had a BBerry, and it was a very nice feature…

  8. ‘will’ wrote: “eventually SIP service straight to Google Voice. I can’t wait”

    I think it will be jabber, not SIP. And it will probably take a 2-core CPU system to run the codecs and Jabber. My G1 groans under codec load, even with the special codecs in CSipSimple.

    Every hour or so I check that the SIP icon is still in my G1, showing that the Gizmo SIP gateway is still answering… hopefully the Honeycomb announcements will be made before the Gizmo sipphone gateway goes down.

    In any case – if you read the Gizmo closure announcement carefully, it is talking about Web Clients going offline, nowhere does it mention the Gizmo SIP gateway.

    I can always live in hope…

  9. Just as a fyi, I am able to receive google voice calls on my xoom. I forward Google voice to gizmo5 then gizmo5 to Google talk. There is a big delay but when people call my Google voice number my xoom rings and I can talk to people through Google talk.

  10. I’m sure the smart folks over at XDA will have this working in no time…

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