Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Update Killing Nexus One Battery Life?


As if some disagreements with Google Voice weren’t enough, the list of complaints against the Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update for the Nexus One continues to grow. A significant number of users are reporting that the update to Gingerbread is leaving their Nexus One drained of battery life. While idle power consumption running Froyo amounted to about 2 percent on average, some are reporting that Gingerbread is registering power usage of 40 percent and above. One user claims his Nexus One ran through 40 percent of its battery over night sitting idle on his nightstand.

The issue seems to be related to how the phone and OS are handling idle services while the phone is sleeping with its screen off. While turning these services such as Wi-Fi on and off seemed to have no effect, setting Wi-Fi to never sleep actually conserved battery life versus setting Wi-Fi to sleep when the phone sleeps.

There is a thread going over at the Google Code site as Issue 15057, but other than a few workarounds being discussed no solution has been found. Any N1 users experiencing less than stellar battery performance since moving up to Gingerbread?

[via Google Code]

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  1. I’m running Gingerbread on my Nexus One and the battery life seems fine to me. No different than with Froyo.

  2. I believe my battery life has improved. However, my Microsoft Outlook e-mails aren’t being pushed to my phone. I’ve reset my server settings, turned my phone on and off and refreshed my inbox–no success. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

  3. I’ve only noticed that enabling GPS drains more battery in 2.3.3 than in Froyo.. the same otherwise.

  4. I’ve been running the CyanogenMod 7 for a few weeks, and also ran Stock 2.3.3 a couple of days.

    In both cases I did notice a small degradation of battery life, but nothing to write home about. After a typical day, with moderate use, the battery would be at about 40-50% instead of 60% (so maybe 0.5% to 1% additional drainage per hour).

    Not overly problematic… It’d be better if battery life improved, but I’m still sleeping well at night

  5. Batterylife is exactly the same on my Nexus One.

    Froyo: 106 hours standby with regular use (~1-2 hours/day)
    Gingerbread: 104 hours standby with regular use (~1-2 hours/day)

  6. I noticed a big battery drain the first few days after installing Gingerbread. It seems to have fixed itself, though; I haven’t had the problem recently.

  7. Haven’t noticed this. There are a few issues, but noticed since I updated to 2.3.3 the UI is much smoother, anyone else see this improvement? Still have major issue with phone storage full when it’s not!

  8. mine is same as it was with froyo

  9. My battery life seems about the same even though I am playing with it more since the update. Get about 12 hours of use out of it. Lots of web browsing.

    Gingerbread on Nexus One ATT bands. Flash running. WiFi/GPS/Bluetooth enabled. Seidio 1600mAh battery.

  10. Actuality my battery life seems better now

  11. I’ve always gotten the best battery life when I set it to performance mode.

  12. @lattelady I agree with the memory issue

  13. My battery life is significantly better now… and it’s not just my imagination. I bought a spare that I keep with me for when I travel and haven’t had to use it since the update.

  14. Only issue I have is that the battery goes down to 15% and then just dies. It no longer goes below so my dead phone threshold is now 15%

  15. I noticed battery improvement for me. From 36 hours per battery up to 41 hours per. I DO have my wifi set to stay on when the screen is off. Mainly for syncing my music app over night.

  16. i read a rumor that the thunderbolt may be shipped with gingerbread. i also read a rumor that the thunderbolt was delayed due to battery issues. anyone else see a ‘rumored’ connection here? either way, the waiting game continues on the thunder-front.

  17. Unlike other people reporting no change, or some improvement after 2.3.3, the battery life on my N1 has tanked. On several occasions since the upgrade I’ve taken my phone out of my pocket to use it and been surprised that it’s off.

    Thinking that maybe the phone was turned off by some weird pressing of buttons while in my pocket, I’ve turned it on only to see a rapidly blinking red power indicator and then the phone turns itself off.

    I’ve always been close to a power source, so I haven’t really checked on reasons, but I can imagine that folks depending on the usual battery life might be caught unawares in the middle of a work-day/activity where they are not close to a power source and end up without phone communication.

    Perhaps the problem only affects a subset of N1s, but it’s definitely there.

  18. I’ve noticed a significant decrease in battery life since 2.3.3 with no new apps installed. I thought it was just me, but now by evening my battery indicator is yellow or red with just normal usage. Something is going wrong.

  19. I am going to go out on a limb and say it is the stock modem. If you are rooted you should be able to swap out your modem. A friend of mine has a Vibrant running official Froyo and her battery life is terrible. She has the ka6 modem. She told me when she turns on wifi the battery barely moves, when she turns it off the battery drains badly. I am running Ka5 on my Vibrant, my wife is running Ka7 on hers and we both get at least 30 hours off of a single charge….

  20. Better battery life for me. With Froyo, the phone dropped about 15% over night. Now, with Gingerbread, it’s more like 4-5%.

  21. Mine seems to drain faster. And it’s a dev phone and not my main phone. It has no sim card. It just sits in a bag until I need it. And it seems to be draining a lot quicker doing nothing than it did before.

  22. My battery has been draining much faster!. Prior to the update I could go to bed after a full days use and the phone would still have juice into the middle of the next day. Now I’ve woken up to my phone dead!
    My Phone was fully charged at about 4:30 am this morning — late night working. I used it for about 10 minutes and when I got up before noon (about 6 hours later), the battery icon was at half and when I checked my battery status, it said “Android OS” had used 52% of my battery and stated the CPU was used for almost 3 hours! WTF?! I was sleeping.
    Prior to 2.3.3, my screen was always the biggest battery drain. Anyways, I hope this gets fixed, but while Google is at it, can I get my ball to change color for once? :)

  23. Mine is significantly better. On Froyo, after tethering for 2 class periods, I wouldn’t be able to make it home at the end of the day. On Gingerbread, I get 16 strong hours even while tethering for 2.5 hours. Made a big difference for me.

  24. My N1 seems to hold battery better now than before update. One thing they have done is that they seem to have combined “Android OS” and “Android system” into one in the battery usage chart. This makes it look like Android OS is taking more % than before.

    I too have the a problem with MS exchange emails after update. :(

  25. I’ve got two Nexus Ones. One is the stock version sold as a the ‘unlocked’ version of the T-Mobile phone.. I use it on the AT&T network in Edge mode. And the other is the AT&T version that works on AT&T’s 3G network.

    Curious… the stock ulocked version has a run-away android OS cosuming roughly 65% to 70% of the battery life even in standby. My AT&T version however works as normal with the stand-by process being the highest consumer of battery life.

    Average battery life now under 2.3.3 on the stock phone is about 10 – 12 hours, while the other phone is 4+ days in standby.

  26. I think I have better Battery life (but nothing really substantial). I sure, however, that overall performance is noticeably improved.

  27. My battery life has improved with gingerbread. I even load up faster and charge my battery faster.

  28. I just got Gingerbread overnight last night, and it’s running well so far. My battery life really seems to be improved–I’ve used my phone much more than usual today yet have a lot of % left over.

    However, I must say that I hate the new color scheme. It’s aweful, and in some places it just doesn’t work. The status bar icons are individually smaller, and their design is just a big downgrade from before.

  29. I can’t even get through work without my N1 dying when before it could go until I went to bed. Now, when just leaving my phone on my desk during work and not even touching it, it’s dead by 3pm. I bought a new battery on Ebay thinking that was the problem. It’s not here yet but I hope it fixes the problem; otherwise it’s going to be terrible waiting for Google to send out a fix.

    Looking at my new battery usage page on Gingerbread, my WiFi almost never sleeps, the phone is almost always awake, and the OS is using 40% of the battery, even if I haven’t touched the phone for 5 hours!!

    Please fix it soon, Google!

  30. I haven’t been noticing any power issues, but my vertical position of my app drawer is seemingly “stuck” near the top of the drawer. Flicking works, but touching any icon moves it immediately back.

    I’m using launcher pro… I cant remember if that should matter or not.

  31. no problem with my nexus one…..in fact battery life improved…maybe some of them must have worn out batteries already

  32. my nexus one ….worked better and faster….

  33. Honestly, 40% overnight is my regular experience on Froyo. It continues now with Gingerbread. That’s why I purchase another battery and charger, not to mention charging throughout the day. It’s the only way I’d survive. But yeah last night went to bed with close to 80%, this morning had like 47%. Just idle.

  34. Battery life is the same for me on my Nexus One with Gingerbread. No significant change either way.

  35. Is it possible that it’s the battery stats needing to readjust after the update? I know when I flash a new ROM sometimes my battery life is a bit crummy the first few charge cycles

    I usually calibrate my battery stats and go on my merry way. I wonder if this is related.

  36. My Nexus One was upgraded to gingerbread yesterday and my battery life is drastically lower. It has drained 60% since this morning when it was fully charged and it has been idle the entire day. Is it actually draining the battery or is the software that displays the battery meter just not doing a good job?

  37. I’ve been running the latest CM7 (2.3.3) on my CDMA Hero for about a week and I’ve been usually my battery is at ~20% by the end of the day, as opposed to ~40% with 2.3.2 builds. At least now I know its an OS bug and I can stop trying to figure out which app has been draining my battery.

  38. The N1 we have has taken a MAJOR battery hit. My wife has it now, but on Froyo she would last two days with at least 4 hours of talk time in there and who knows how many txt messages. She just recieved the GB update last week and so far her battery makes barely makes it through one day, and I mean 8am unplug to 10pm plug leaving about 15% battery. Also she is seeing the 15% issue. She will receive one warning that her battery is is at 20% and 10 min later the phone just dies. It is really bad, but this weekend I am going to root it and install 2.3.3 again and do a factory reset. I hope that helps.

  39. Just installed 2.3.3 on stock T-Mobile Nexus One. No other changes. Battery life much worse than before.

  40. Oh and the other issue is her txt messaging keeps locking up, and as much as she txt’s I hear about it. So I’m hoping that a reinstall works.

  41. on the contrary, im getting noticeably improved battery life

  42. I’ve seen remarkably better battery life. I can now get through a day without looking for my charger.

  43. #31: Ugh, I still have the pre 3/1 AOSP Android 2.3.2 on my Sprint HTC Hero.

    I wonder if I could expect the same battery drain you’re getting if I flash the latest. Maybe I will hold off for now.

  44. I am running Cyanogenmod 7 RC1 – I’ve actually noticed an improvement in battery life. I’ve read this could be down to the fact that the colour scheme is a lot darker, black taking less power to display….

  45. Battery life is pretty bad now. Used to go 12-15 hours and be in the teens. Now after 7 hours it’s in the teens.

  46. Nope no battery drain what so ever. It’s the same as its always been to me.

    Though one bug.. sometimes the keyboard will vanish. and have to reboot phone to get it back.

  47. I’m on hour 36 after the OTA on my AT&T Nexus One, and if anything, battery life seems a bit better.

    I do like the new color scheme, which is very classy, but the icons ARE too small, and should be a bit brighter.

  48. I haven’t had any problems with the battery performance since I upgraded my Nexus One to 2.3.3. The only problem I’ve had is that the phone locks up when in the desktop dock twice when it has never happened prior to the Gingerbread update.

  49. Battery life is slightly better and my wifi issues have finally been resolved. People seem to forget that the N1 is a little over a year old which is roughly how long the batteries last. This could be an explanation for people experiencing battery issues.

  50. My Nexus One seems to be getting much better battery life on Gingerbread than it did on Froyo.

  51. Battery life on my nexus one with gingerbread is better than ever. with froyo by noon my phone would be at 50% now I don’t even have to charge it until I go to sleep.

  52. my battery life is better – N1 2.3.3

  53. My N1 battery life is as good or better than before.

  54. Let’s face it the battery life has always been sh*t! I love my nexus but it does annoy me when I can’t too far away from a charger. I noticed just this morning my phone was almost flat after 4 hours. To be fair it was after heavy usage so I can’t really compare since upgrading to 2.3.3.

    I’m looking to moving to the Samsung galaxy s II.

  55. This must be having the OPPOSITE effect on my Nexus One. If anything i think gingerbread improved my battery life.

  56. My battery life is very poor now, only 10 hours today before it died and I was trying to be careful.

  57. Forget the battery! My GPS is hardly working – there is another thread on Google over that. Out for a walk at lunch cardiotrainer,maps,GPS status and c:Geo couldn’t lock on outside away from buildings on a cloud free day..most of the time it wasn’t even trying…

  58. My timing is weird. I just had my N1 replaced due to the failing power switch issue. When the new refurbished phone arrived, during boot up I got Gingerbread – WOOT! So I thought. It’s killing my battery within hours of charging. The phone is actually hot from the discharge. I thought I got a lemon phone on the exchange, but now I’m rethinking that issue and believe it might be Gingerbread.

  59. WORSE Sorry, just wanted to stand out from all the “mine’s okay” :o) When I get home from work now, my battery is under 30%, where is used to still have anywhere from 50-70% depending on usage. I’m not a heavy user and I don’t have a ton of apps, I used Task Killer. So yeah, mine’s in need of help.

  60. I’m having improved battery life and functionality overall. I love having Gingerbread, it’s like having a brand new device! It feels so snappy!!!

  61. Set Wifi sleep mode to never to fix the battery drain…

  62. perhaps it’s not just the nexus one. My nexus S gets horrible bettery life. My x10i lasts for 2 days on a charge and my nexus S barely lasts 10-12 hours.

  63. Are the people seeing the Nexus One issues running on an Edge network or 3g? The Nexus One power issues I’ve seen have been mostly when running on edge networks.

  64. This is absolutely a problem on my Nexus One. I’m on AT&T 3G. Phone on FroYo generally would make it 24+ hours depending on use. Since Gingerbread, I’m lucky to get through the daylight hours.

  65. I am glad that this story was published, because I thought I was the only one experiencing this. My N1 is no longer my daily use phone. Therefore, before the Gbread update, my battery would last for several days on a single charge. Now, it will go 24 hours tops on a charge. This update is definitely draining the battery, somehow.

  66. I’ve lost at least 24 hours in battery life and it dies when it gets to 15%

  67. Nexus S here. I too used to have problems. Go to Google Maps and disable Latitude and check-in. It helped me.

  68. No problems on my N1 other than the exchange activesync push stopped working.. think it’s related to the security settings.

    @jmax and others

    Just delete and re-add the account to your phone and it should work again; did it for me.

  69. My battery life has decreased with the recent update and while the phone is idling it uses up 13%, a little more than what Froyo did.

  70. Much better now :)

  71. has anyone had problems with there phone not coming on? A friend of mine Nexus one doesnt even come on anymore. It will take a charge, but no matter what you do it doesnt turn on.

  72. I too am getting about 40% usage from the os. It is almost on par with display usage.

  73. Slightly better or the same for me. Smoother UI. Gingerbread rocks on my N1.

  74. I’ve got a T-Mo N1 and it’s battery life has gone down the crapper since the update. I’m lucky to get 12 hours now when I just never had to think about it before. My Android OS process is eating about 45%.

  75. Yes, Gingerbread killed my battery life. Before it lasted at least two days. Now it’s about 14 hours light use. Hope there is a fix soon.

  76. I have either the same battery life, or slightly better with my AT&T Nexus One with Gingerbread. Typically, I keep the thing plugged into my laptop when at my desk at work, and at night I also typically have it plugged in. But I’ve definitely gone all day before without having a chance to plug it into anything until I got home late from work, and still had a good 30% or so of battery life left. This includes a couple hours of the day with full GPS going (via cardiotrainer app monitoring my walks to and from work).

    Overall, I’ve been very pleased with Gingerbread. My Nexus One seems to be a little snappier and definitely more stable since the upgrade. For what it’s worth, I also did not suffer from the Google Voice issue.

    Just my 2c.

  77. It’s hard to tell the difference, it is highly dependent on phone usage (as a computer) during the day, but it usually makes it fine from 9AM to 2AM (18 hours) when it goes to dock charging at night, and if I push it more than 3 hours during the day, it dies before going to charging dock with or without Gingerbread.
    Froyo did make a better difference in increasing battery standby time.

  78. Noticed big drain on my N1. No new apps added. After normal day of use battery is 30% when it was mid 50s before. Noticing a LOT more app crashes, too.

  79. It’s strange that I haven’t read of such complaints from custom ROMS, like CM8, on other handsets.

  80. My Nexus One running Android 2.3.3 seems to have about the same battery life as it did running 2.2.2. Since I received the OTA update to 2.3.3 I have noticed text to speech issues like it will not finish reading sentences and it reads 1 word and quitting on occasion.

    My power usage
    Android OS 2 percent
    Phone Idle 22 percent

  81. When I first updated it was fine for a couple days. Then it was terrible for a few days. I powered down my phone and it seems to have been fine ever since. Also it was listing the android os as the biggest battery drain at (I believe) over 40%. Since rebooting it has remained under 10%.

  82. I have noticed amazing improvement in my battery life. Surprised to hear others are having a different experience.

  83. Since I updated to GB my battery life on my T-Mo Stock N1 SUCKS!

  84. My battery life is about the same if not alittle better.

  85. My battery life has been the same if not better.

  86. Not me. Very noticeable difference in battery life. I will see if I can figure out what the difference is tomorrow. Phone was fully charged this morning, dead before I got home. Just a couple of short calls. :(

  87. My battery life seems to be a little worse, what kills me the most is that the keyboard keeps messing up and freezing, and I it has takes up more of my presious internal memory, also when killing apps with advanced task killer its hard to stay at 200m when with froyo I was consistantly around 250 really thinking of going back to 2.2

  88. My battery lifetime is definitely worse. The Android OS is using 40% of the battery power. Before, battery usage was dominated by the display. This is an unmodified, unlocked Nexus One on AT&T.

  89. What radio are you all using?

  90. Over air Gingerbread update on stock N1 direct from Google.

    Went to bed on 35% battery on Gingerbread, woke up with dead phone.

    This was previously no problems for the old Froyo N1.

  91. Seems comparable to me

  92. With Froyo (Android 2.2) my Nexus One could keep running for just over 3 days max or about 2 days with normal usage. Now with Gingerbread (2.3.3) I have to charge it every night as the battery is left out of juice after about 16 hours. Android OS reports much higher usage than before and I don’t believe it’s because it’s now “Android OS + Android System”.

    I can’t understand how some other people are reporting the same battery life as before or in some cases better…. It’s MUCH worse in my case.

    Hope Google does something about it soon, Gingerbread looks and feels great other than that…

  93. Yep, my Nexus One battery runs out in a few hours now since I installed the Gingerbread update. That’s why I Google “gingerbread android battery” which led here. Android isn’t like this underground thing anymore. They need to be more careful with updates.

  94. My battery life seems fine. T-Mo version.

  95. Battery life has improved since the update.

  96. I’m on Gingerbread, and haven’t seen a hit on the battery… but I’m on CM7 RC1, which is 2.3.2.

  97. I’m having the same problem – battery life much worse with Gingerbread whan Froyo. Would last 2 days – now 24hr or less – with 63% being used by Android OS.

  98. I’ve been running the official GB just fine on my N1, with no complaints on battery life. I did however remove all task killers and watchdog type programs, because I wanted to give GB a chance to proove itself. In the end, my phone feels more efficient and the battery life, if anything has improved. I’m always on wifi as well.

  99. It may sound crazy but my battery life appears to last longer even on full brightness. However I am experiencing severe glitches as of lately

  100. I did not notice any real difference in battery life on Gingerbread. But my battery life is better than ever by switching WiFi to Always on. Huge improvement!

  101. I have a UK Vodafone Nexus One, which I had to ‘unlock’ by reinstalling the OS from scratch through all the updates until 2.3.3
    I suffered terribly from the severe battery drain issue, with Android OS and Display massively hogging the battery usage. After reading about the workaround ‘fix’ of setting Wi-Fi sleep mode to ‘Never’ this immediately made a difference. I also read about calibrating the battery, so I let the battery completely drain (100% dead), then did a full re-charge with the phone switched off. So far, I have 25 hours uptime with mild use, and my battery is at 55%. Google need to sort out the Wi-Fi issue, but the actions I carried out have temporarily fixed the battery drain issue for me.

  102. Why here so many liers?? When you leave comments, you should have N1 2.3.3. I DONT KNOW if these people from 2.3.3 programmer or related. Why you said battery saving or not changed?

    If you really have 2.3.3 Nexus one, you will find you need to charge your N1 each day. With 2.2, you only charge every other day.

    Besides, 2.3.3 stops many programs which run in 2.2 perfect.So I think these software need to be updated.

  103. My battery life actually seems to be a little bit better but I’ve been having a lot of glitchy things going on with apps freezing for a couple seconds, which has never happened before. Also, the keyboard smilies will not show up! I do like the change but no one complain you didn’t get it yet because it’s not worth it. Froyo is more refined. Oh and I hate the new select word tool!

  104. My battery life has degraded, nothing major but definitely noticeable

  105. My N1 battery drain almost 50% when in sleep mode, and I didn’t even have wifi mode turn on..

  106. My battery life has sucked since the gingerbread update. I purchased the unlocked nexus one from google and used to have several days battery life with heavy useage. Since the update, I cannot even make it thru 1 day without the phone battery dying. Phone stats says android OS is consuming 40% of my battery. I wonder if there is a difference between the unlocked phones and the locked phones.

  107. My n1 is chewing much more power now. its also on Edge more. someone else suggested a link?

  108. Ditto Gingerbread gobbling battery life on my N1. Can’t make it through the day without a recharge! Not great when working and travelling!

  109. Any chance the GB update has muffed the battery calibration? That would account for the varying battery stories here AND the shuts-off-at-15% stories.

    Someone with markedly poor GB battery performance needs to run their battery all the way down, try to restart the phone several times, then recharge with the phone off overnight. See if that helps.

  110. Battery life about 70% of 2.2. Had to reinstall exchange account.

    Just annoyances, no benefits with 2.3.

  111. after upgrade to gingerbread, number of APP not working my Meradio not working. wish i can roll back to 2.2.2

  112. My battery life is the same as before but the UI(mainly home screen) got horribly sluggish after the update! Also the system keeps bugging me about full storage even though it’s not!

  113. Gingerbread is draining my battery. Before upgrading the battery use to last about 14-16 hours, now it barely lasts 8 hours. Two nights ago I fully charged before going to bed at midnight and when I woke up around 6 am the phone was having only 30% battery charge. When I check the appilcations batteru usage it says that the OS is using 40-60% of the battery charge.

    I hope Google to addres this issue soon. So much wait for draining my battery :(

  114. Is it possible to rollback to Froyo? How can I do that?

  115. Battery took a hit on my stock Nexus One on T-Mobile. Android OS consistently reports over 40% battery usage.

  116. My battery life has completely nosedived since updating to GB on my stock N1. Dropped from 100% to under 80% just being idle for a few hours.

  117. I actually noticed this about two days ago, by 8 PM my battery is almost dead, i get maybe 10 hours instead of my usual 12-14. Also, i have been experiencing reboot issues with the Nexus S on 2.3.3

  118. Gingerbread is killing battery on my N1. Just last night Android OS reported 76%, 5h cpu time usage and killed my phone after 23h of pure standby (no single call made, no fiddling whatsoever). On Froyo, it could stay this way up to 5 days… I’m considering rooting my N1 and put some CM or similar in hope that it would be better…

  119. I dun like gingerbread. Always force close(or empty black screen) when I open message, contacts, android market etc etc . Internet disconnection everytime. Downloaded application doesn’t work well anymore. I am getting more more frustrated using nexus one now. Keyboard sucks.. slow/lag..

  120. 2.3.3 unlocked on t-mobile is sucking battery life. My phone is dead right now actually. It’s been this way since OS update.

  121. Only 40% during the night? Be glad, my Captivate on 2.2 goes dead from a full charge before I wake up and I’ve tried 3 batteries and every work around known. Other than that I love it.

  122. battery life seems to be roughly similar to froyo, w/ 1 major exception of gps and music. For example, I had my N1 plugged into my truck audio for 10 min’s and the battery went from 80+% to dead….it used to run for hours

  123. I’m running Gingerbread on my Nexus One and the battery life seems fine to me. No different than with Froyo.

  124. My GN1 is running out of battery much fater also after I installed the Gingerbread update a few days ago. Help!

  125. My N1 battery is being drained like never before since the Gingerbread update!! I love the new features but my battery is horrible now =(
    ALSO* my live wallpaper and some ringtones change when I restart my phone GRRRRRRR!!

  126. I have to say having put everything to full blast for this past weekend, I’m seeing a remarkably BETTER battery life than before.

    My vertical app drawer still doesn’t work though, fair trade I guess.

  127. During the day, I feel the battery Life is about the same, but here’s the weird thing:

    From 100% Charged, my Battery can’t last the whole night until the morning. After around 10 hours and 30 minutes of sleep time, my battery runs out. That’s is weird and horrible thing.

    When I Run the Batery status setting, to check what has consumed so much battery, I see in the first place, “Android System” at around 60% Battery consumption.

    My Phone is a NexusOne and I never flashed anything on It besides the OTAs.

  128. Many ppl might not be experiencing this, but also many fanboys may be blinding themselves to the issue, and not noticing their SleepTime Battery use is astronomical.

    Fanboyism is bad! Test your phones befora saying It’s better just because google released a new Version of the OS.

    My NexusOne Battery is now crappy as hell when I’m not using the phone(figures). I want the idle time to be an idle time! It should last 290 hours max as advertised in the NexusOne Google Page, and not only 10 Hours and half! I run my phone with very few background services.

  129. The battery life on my N1 seems the same, my issues with the update all relate to the glitches. In a text or email the emoticons will first not appear. Also, randomly when u go to text or email the keyboard slides up ….but no keys! Much screen freezing as well, and a new glitch as of yesterday…i have a pattern lock on my phone and When i went to use it and entered my pattern, it wasn’t registering my touch! anyone else with these issues?

  130. Battery life seems BETTER on 2.3, not worse.

  131. My battery life is down at least 50% with this new upgrade. What’s up with this?

  132. who gave this shit fone europeon award…i updated my gs to gingerbread and now i have to carry with me my charger..drains in 1 hour…1 hour life time man i should,nt have bought this shit

  133. Stock N1 here with AT&T radio. Running Gingerbread 2.3.3, build number GRI40 since the day it was available through Phandroid. With moderate use, my battery is comparable or better than when the phone was on Froyo (OTA updates). Phone has been on battery power for about 20 hours now (almost all standby with gMail checks every few minutes) and I’m at 73% remaining on the battery.

    Cell standby: 31%
    Phone Idle: 29%
    Display: 21%
    Android OS: 10%
    Wi-Fi: 7%
    Voice calls: 2%
    Gmail: 2%

    I did have to revert my gMail back to 2.3.3 because 2.3.4 was NOT syncing any new messages. I don’t seem to recall a drastic difference in battery life with the 2.3.4 gMail, but I know that gMail 2.3.3 does sync correctly.

  134. My phone was dead by 4 o’clock this afternoon after being off the charger at 7am and barely being used at all!!!

  135. Battery life of my Nexus One goes much worse after it got upgraded to Gingerbread 2.3.3. 60% of battery were always used by “Android OS”. I am not 100% sure yet, but it seems the Wi-Fi sleep policy does not work well…

  136. my Nexus One battery life went from bad to worse with 2.3.3 — really the only drawback on this phone (that and the mail client).

  137. Yes I have a stock n1 and battery life has plummeted since 2.3.3 update. Will try the always on wifi tonight to see if it makes a difference

  138. it drains battery much faster! I am quite surprised, before the update it only used 5 to 10% (i use autokiller memory) when i was sleeping, but now it uses 30%! why is this?

  139. YES!
    Looking at battery life Display used to be the biggest consumer. Now Android OS shows 56% and I can barely get through the day without recharging… WAAAAY worse :(((

  140. An update from the other night…. After charging my phone because it was dead after just 7 hours with next to no use, I turned off the screen animations (which automatically turned on with the 2.3.3 update) and my phone is 100% back to normal!!!!
    I’m so happy you have no idea.

    I have an unlocked Nexus 1 released on T-mobile and for those of you who are having problems, I know it seems obvious, but give it a try.

  141. I updated to Gingerbread a few days ago and am experiencing horrendous battery life. 25% of battery life used while phone is idle. I can barely get through a day without charging. Very upset with this upgrade.

  142. Same problem here too. After the GB update, my phone (with the big seido battery) will only last for 24 hour tops! It used to be good for almost 36 hours.

  143. I have had Gingerbread on my N1 (TMobile) for about a week now and the battery life is drastically lower. With Froyo I could get a solid day of calls, downloads, emails, etc. Now I’m lucky if I make it to 5pm. And, the biggest change is the overnight idle. 40-50% loss overnight with everything turned off except sync. There is a problem for sure.

  144. My battery life is much much worse with 2.3.3
    Before the upgrade I could go for days (2-4) without charging. Now I have to charge it every night. I don’t use my phone that much so it spends most of it’s time with the screen off in my pocket. I also noticed that the Android OS is by far the biggest consumer of power.

  145. My battery life dropped a lot with 2.3.3.
    Android OS uses 30-40% of battery on standby!
    I used to have 3-4 days, now one day.
    Can someone please teach me how to fall back on Froyo?

  146. Yes, The same pattern of usage the day before and the day after the update, I definitely have noticed a drop in battery life.

  147. Battery life horrible now, light use only and drained in 12 hours, making on-call life a challenge. Trying the idea to turn off animations.

  148. Battery completely gone. After several attempts fully charged Nexus 1 in the evening will be without power by morning most of the days. Had to switch to different phone :(

  149. 145.

    My battery life dropped a lot with 2.3.3.
    Android OS uses 30-40% of battery on standby!
    I used to have at least a day, but few hours battery dropped tremendously.
    Can someone please teach me how to fall back on Froyo?

  150. Do check the GPS is turned off, somehow Gingerbread 2.3.3
    enables the GPS on my N1.

    I also turned off Latitude in Google Map for good measure.

    Now my battery life seems to be back to normal,
    otherwise my N1 can’t even last through the day.
    On Froyo, it can last at least 1.5 days with normal use.

  151. My battery life is much worse, now charging everyday, sometimes twice a day if i am busy. It was bad before, everyother day. I also have Blackberry 9700, that can go 5 days, so i really notice the difference.

  152. I’m having HUGE battery problems with my Nexus one since the gingerbread update as well. The services I keep on are wifi, gps, sync, and medium brightness (the same settings I used in froyo). Further, I noticed this issue before hearing about it — there’s a legitimate concern. We just need to nail down the precise cause.

  153. I am experiencing extremely high battery usage with gingerbread on my nexus one. The android OS uses around 64% of battery while idle!!!

  154. *Much* worse battery life with gingerbread on my N1. I could actually go close to 2 days w/o charging, now I’m hurting by about 12 hours.

    I’ve tried turning off GPS and Bluetooth, no effect.

    Phone says 70% of battery drain is Android OS.

  155. Turning off the GPS and Latitude in Google Map solves it for me.

    I’m back to battery usage level as with Froyo.

  156. My battery is draining fast with Gingerbread on my N1. Before I could go a couple of days without charging. Now I am charging nightly. I checked to see if any extra services were running, and it is the normal OS services.

  157. Battery has dropped drastically since the update to gingerbread. The main thing that I’m seeing in the Battery Usage is that the Display is consuming the majority of my battery life.Data…off…wifi…off….everything on the power control…off….display still consuming 60% of my battery with everything off but the power…lol.

  158. Battery life on Google Nexus One is MUCH WORSE since update to 2.3.3 Build # GRI40.

    I discovered this thread after searching for “Google Nexus One Battery usage after update” and it appears we’re not the only ones having the issue.

    Used to be good for several days on a charge but since the update have to charge every day or phone shuts off due to lack of battery.

    Battery usage reports:
    Voice Calls 55%
    Android OS 24%
    Cell Standy 8%
    Phone Idle 7%
    Display 4%

    Randy (for Nancy)

  159. My battery life on my nexus one is considerably shorter!! Noticed right after the update. And my calendars will not sync anymore. WHICH ABSOLUTELY SUCKS BECAUSE I NEED IT TO SYNC WITH MY GIRL’S ACCOUNT!! VERY ANNOYING UPDATE!!! I would like to go back to the old version.

  160. I am getting more battery life after gingerbread update. I had battery drain problem after 2.2 update but i fixed that by factory reset my phone. If anyone had battery problem I think factory reset ay fix the problem. But be careful about existing data and apps may lost while factory reset.

  161. Same exact problem, Gingerbread using nearly 40% more under idle conditions, phone cant make it from a full charge any more than 10hrs 100% on idle..

  162. Yes, the OS is killing my battery, 50 % consumpsion now. This sucks

  163. I have noticed a big drop in batter performance.

    I was doing a search for a new N1 battery because of it and found this thread.

    The Gingerbread update is MUCH better though, kinda like getting a new phone.

    I have to charge my phone multiple times during the day.

  164. 40% off in sleeping mode every 8 hours..

  165. Had the same thing and found a solution in another thread.
    I removed all the wi-fi networks and added them again. Now Android OS power consumption is back to normal…

  166. Poor battery life is the only complaint I’ve had with GB… I noticed it withing one day of the upgrade… I posted on Nexus One Forum – as did several other members… but somehow (as in this thread), some people have no adverse battery condition (this I dont understand).

    With Froyo I could go 3/4 of the day or more before battery shows 1/2… now with GB (same usage) I cant get through 1/2 day for bat is half drained.

  167. Besides the battery problem reported, the Gingerbread update has cause malfunction of my Nexus One Bluetooth. I can no longer connect to my previously configured and paired Bluetooth devices. I have tried everything and it simply will not connect! Does anyone have a solution?

  168. Since I downloaded ginger my battery life stopped living…without using my nexus just in a 1/2 day I have no battery. While before that,was lasting for about 2 days!!

  169. My battery life definitely improved. No adverse issues at all. Maybe I’m just lucky…But NB Wifi and bluetooth are off unless specifically required and GPS and sync are always enabled.

  170. I got the unlocked version N1 from Google store. After update to 2.3.3, the phone became unstable, hard to unlock the phone. It’s lost setting after battery drain out, the battery last less than 24 hours even idling all the time. it reports Android OS use 42%, Cell standby use 15% and Phone idle 13%.

  171. since the update,the battery life is less than eight hours. has anyone found a solution? until one is found, i have to walk with my charger. when a solution is found please let me know.

  172. Actually my Nexus One battery life has improved after getting an OTA update of Gingerbread.

  173. since 2.3.3 the battery life for both my N1 and my wife is about 1 day at most.

    In the past in battery use the Android OS was like 2-3%…now is over 60%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cell standby is 10%, phone idle 10% , and the rest under 5%…I don’t use the phone at all during the day, maybe to make 1-2 short calls of a few minutes.


  174. Workaround for battery problem:

    Go to Settings -> Wireless -> Wi-Fi -> Menu button -> Advanced -> Wi-Fi sleep policy and set it to “Never”.

  175. Exactly the same problem.


    173.Constantin wrote on March 21, 2011

    since 2.3.3 the battery life for both my N1 and my wife is about 1 day at most.

    In the past in battery use the Android OS was like 2-3%…now is over 60%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cell standby is 10%, phone idle 10% , and the rest under 5%…I don’t use the phone at all during the day, maybe to make 1-2 short calls of a few minutes.


  176. Place N1 under a pillow overnight and you could see
    how hot it will be and empty (about 50 %). Definitely
    GB2.3.3 has ah issue

  177. Gingerbread ate through a fairly full battery overnight a few times. The battery usage for Android OS was over 40%. I have been wondering if it wasn’t something about the GPS being active when the phone is sleeping since I caught the “GPS active” icon in the tray uppon waking it up (with no obvious GPS application running)

  178. 19h 40m on battery, 66% used by Android OS, around 20% battery remaining? The phone is useless now after this update.

  179. unplugged at full charge 1AM, woke up 7AM it had 38% remaining! 50% cell standby, 47% phone idle. I have good signal at home, so there’s no reason for the phone to burn through 62% of its battery in 6 hours doing nothing. 2.3.3 is a horrible update. Nexus One AT&T.

  180. I used to charge only on the weekends, now battery is flat within 24 hours, even if phone idle 100%.

  181. One workaround that worked for me is to turn off the GPS by toggling the GPS icon in the widget bar. Now my battery performs at a similar level as before Gingerbread.

  182. I usually have the phone charging at my desk, but recently (after the upgrade to 2.3.3 GRI40) had to travel a couple of times and both times battery went from 100% to dead in 15-16h while the phone was laying in my pocket. It was able to stay on battery much longer than that before. The phone info shows OS was using 50% of the battery. The battery charge graph shows a steady decline without WiFi, display, GPS, etc. being active (according to the graph). It’s a G1 w/ T-Mobile radio.

  183. I usually have the phone charging at my desk, but recently (after the upgrade to 2.3.3 GRI40) had to travel a couple of times and both times battery went from 100% to dead in 15-16h while the phone was laying in my pocket. It was able to stay on battery much longer than that before. The phone info shows OS was using 50% of the battery. The battery charge graph shows a steady decline without WiFi, display, GPS, etc. being active (according to the graph). It’s a G1 w/ T-Mobile radio.

  184. I usually have the phone charging at my desk, but recently (after the upgrade to 2.3.3 GRI40) had to travel a couple of times and both times battery went from 100% to dead in 15-16h while the phone was laying in my pocket. It was able to stay on battery much longer than that before. The phone info shows OS was using 50% of the battery. The battery charge graph shows a steady decline without WiFi, display, GPS, etc. being active (according to the graph). It’s a G1 w/ T-Mobile radio.

  185. My major beef with smart phones is the service and the battery life. Even the best battery life is mediocre. My iPhone, I have to charge twice a day. Terrible!
    Peter, Founder Koowie.com

  186. I can confirm. Nexus One battery consumption increased remarkably after upgrading to 2.3.3. Not recommended.

  187. Got an early (first batch) Nexus One. I was getting about six hour of battery time in idle after update to 2.3.3. The only change i made was to change the background picture, now the drainage is gone and i get even better battery time than before.

  188. My N1 recently got updated to Android 2.3.3 and I am seeing the battery life has been dramatically shortened. I wiped cache, removed all wi-fi networks, and set wi-fi sleep policy to never, all of them have no improvement. After applying all these “fixes”, my N1 battery usage still is: Android OS – 40%, Call standby – 15%, Phone idle – 13%, Display – 11%, Android System – 7%, Maps – 3%, Dialer – 3%, Voice calls – 2%, Google Services – 2%, and Wi-Fi – 2%.
    Is there a way to roll back to version before Android 2.3.3?

  189. My galaxy s does the same, low bat in no-time, using nothing but phone in idle.

  190. I have had this issue but my brother who has an N1 and is running the same version of Android OS is not. This makes me this it is an install problem.

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