Mar 4th, 2011

As if some disagreements with Google Voice weren’t enough, the list of complaints against the Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update for the Nexus One continues to grow. A significant number of users are reporting that the update to Gingerbread is leaving their Nexus One drained of battery life. While idle power consumption running Froyo amounted to about 2 percent on average, some are reporting that Gingerbread is registering power usage of 40 percent and above. One user claims his Nexus One ran through 40 percent of its battery over night sitting idle on his nightstand.

The issue seems to be related to how the phone and OS are handling idle services while the phone is sleeping with its screen off. While turning these services such as Wi-Fi on and off seemed to have no effect, setting Wi-Fi to never sleep actually conserved battery life versus setting Wi-Fi to sleep when the phone sleeps.

There is a thread going over at the Google Code site as Issue 15057, but other than a few workarounds being discussed no solution has been found. Any N1 users experiencing less than stellar battery performance since moving up to Gingerbread?

[via Google Code]

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